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299Nevada Central coal car

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  • Greg Maxwell
    Nov 21 4:36 PM
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      Does anyone other than myself find something wrong with the Nevada
      Central coal car drawing on page 53 of the new Nov/Dec 2007 Gazette?
      The first thing that caught my eye was the end beams. I don't have my
      NC photos close at hand but I remember the NC's Billmeyer and Smalls
      flat cars as having end beams that sat flush with the bottoms of the
      side sills with the deck coming to the end of the car on top of the
      end beams. The drawing shows the end beams sitting in notched side
      sill as with a Carter car. Also the enlarged double bolt washer
      doesn't look right.
      Any thoughts,
      Greg Maxwell
      West Linn, OR
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