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296Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Slim princess

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  • Brian Norden
    Oct 27, 2007
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      The Carson and Colorado connected with the V&T at Mound House. At the
      junction point there is nothing to be seen and hard to find. I was
      located north of Highway 50 not far east of the summit of the road. It
      was about there there is a gun shot tower.

      About 30 years ago there was still the V&T rails across highway 50; but,
      they went away when the road was later improved and widened. This
      crossing is close to where there currently is a road going south into a
      residential area. This is the reason why the rebuilding of the V&T
      makes a significant change in location in the Mound House area.

      But going east of the station site there are grade remnants still to be
      seen. Also aerial photos of the area show the different narrow gauge
      and the later standard gauge alignments. Near the road to Virginia City
      someone has placed a sign marking the old ng grade and a few years ago
      some ties could be found. The grades did not meet up until near the top
      of the canyon down to Dayton --this farther east than the maps in Myrick
      would lead you to believe.

      The SP standard gauged the line all the way down to Tonopah Junction
      south of Mina, Nevada, during the Tonopah boom. And rails are still on
      the grade from hear Churchill all the way down to Thorne. Thorne is
      near Hawthrone, Nevada, where the military line into the ammunition
      depot connected.

      Brian Norden

      grizzzley81 wrote:
      > Everybody the names Grizz.just saying Hi to everybody and how's it
      > going. also to say thanks for bringing me on board. Curiosity really
      > has gotten the of me. I understand that the Carson& Colorado
      > Intersected with the V&T .But where on the line because I cannot find
      > any remnants anywhere and I know that it ran clear on in to
      > California.I've also been fortunate to have read Slim rails through
      > the sand. but Still vague on where the connection was.Again Thanks for
      > letting me onboard. Grizz
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