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293Tonopah ng equipment?

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  • Brian Norden
    Jul 31, 2007
      I was re-reading part of Myrick the other evening and came across
      something that I had either messed before, forgotten about, or never
      read. It was in the Bodie & Benton section and about the post 1900
      attempts to expand the line to supply Tonopah.

      On page 313, "A month later [from September 30, 1908] the T&G Board
      agreed to subscribe to stock in the Mono Railway (the railway and lumber
      operations having been separated) to an amount equal to the value of T&G
      surplus rails, ties and equipment. Salable to the Mono Railway the
      equipment consisted of three T&G locomotives, 27 flat cars, eight box
      cars and passenger coaches. The total amount of Mono Railway Company
      stock authorized was $1,500,00, and there was provision in the agreement
      that the balance other parties would subscribe for in good faith.
      Apparently the necessary subscriptions were not forth coming...."

      Knox who was promoting the expansion was also a director of the T&G.
      The indications in the text is that Knox was promoting a extension of
      the 3' gauge B&B which would have also have been 3' gauge. It was in
      August of 1905 that the Tonopah converted to standard gauge. But it was
      some time before the TRR/T&G found buyers for its narrow gauge
      equipment; several years later reported to the state of Nevada that it
      was operating two narrow gauge coaches and two narrow gauge sleeping
      cars on standard gauge trucks. The sleeping cars were not sold until
      1912 when they went to the N-C-O. Narrow gauge locomotives #1-4 were
      sold to the Sumpter Valley and reported arriving at Baker City in
      December 1905.

      So, it is possible (I believe reported) that the T&G had excess freight
      and passenger cars on hand for years afterward. But, what about the
      locomotives in this 1908 report? Any ideas?

      Brian Norden