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    Aug 26, 2006



      I have found out that there was a train wreck between Schurz and Hawthorne but no date.  The folks that have the info recovered a hand-brake wheel and shaft that they made into an end table.  The petroglyph is of a caboose and a person walking beside it…I missed what the rock carving depicted.  I believe there is more in the petroglyph but that can debated as of now.  If you find info about a train wreck circa 1890-1920 please let me know.


      And thank you for your help and interest…most appreciated.




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      Have a question for you.  Is the man in the petroglyph between the bridge and the engine of the train?  Or is he at the end of the train walking way?

      About a washout of the bridge or a wreck, I don't know.  I have been going through the Hawthrone, Nevada , Walker Lake Bulletin newspaper microfilms at the Nevada State Library in Carson City when I get up there.  I have yet to go through the issues from the late 1880s.  But so far, I don't recall seeing anything about this kind of event.  But it could have been common for a crew member to check out a bridge or trestle before crossing it if there had been heavy rains.

      The railroad built through this area in 1882.  From then until the Tonopah boom it used 4-4-0 Americans.

      I need to correct what I said in the first message.  The railroad was standard gauged during the Tonopah boom.


      CARL BJORK wrote:



      Thanks for the information…most appreciated.  Now I am wondering if there ever was a train wreck at the Schurz crossing, perhaps caused by a washout from the Walker River flooding; or if trains were stopped at the crossing because of flooding?  If the petroglyph, if I read it correctly, shows that a train has stopped before crossing a bridge and a man is walking in the opposite direction from the bridge…to me indicating that the train had to stop because of the condition of the bridge.  This is all speculation…




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      The Carson & Colorado did cross the Walker River near Schurz.  The C&C route in that area was retained when the line was standard gauged and the current railroad in the area follows the same alignment.  The C&C passed into the control of the Southern Pacific in 1900.

      The only significant change to the alignment of the C&C when it was standard gauged (following the Tonopah boom) was to bypass Hawthrone.  There also was an alignment change between Mound House and Dayton.

      Brian Norden

      CARL BJORK wrote:

      I am a retired forest ranger who has been chasing the rock art phenomenon rabbit for 30+ years. I have received a photo of petroglyphs depicting a train in the Schurz area.  Did the C&C cross the river in the Schurz area or was there a trestle in the area? The petroglyph is very faint but the local folks tell me that it is a “train.”  All help is much appreciated…thanks for your time.




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