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234Re: Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads

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  • Wendell Huffman
    May 18, 2006
      Teaming cordwood would've
      > become a very lucrative business until the NC arrived.
      > Looking at photos of the AC railway and the NC yard at
      > Clifton in 1887, cordwood on cars already figured
      > large in traffic volume, and there were newspaper
      > references to cutting occuring well up the line, 30-45
      > miles north of Austin. By that time the railway was
      > burning coal, but the mines still used wood. Go
      > figure.

      I presume the coal came in from Wyoming. How was it transferred at
      Battle Mountain? I presume locomotives could have fueled directly
      from standard gauge cars, but they surely would have had to have
      hauled some coal to Austin.

      There is a nice photo of the E&P coal transfer at Palisade in Myrick

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