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233Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Re: Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads

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  • Dave Eggleston
    May 17, 2006
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      --- Brian Norden <bnorden49@...> wrote:

      > Several years ago the Nevada Historical Society's
      > journal carried an
      > interesting article about the deforestation around
      > Austin. Seems like
      > the local indians hired themselves out as
      > woodcutters to the mine
      > owners, etc. Seems like once the trees were cut and
      > the mines played
      > out the indians were out of a job. But, they could
      > not go back to their
      > prior existence of hunter-gathers -- they had cut
      > down the source of the
      > pinon nuts that they gathered!

      Very interesting! I have run across references to the
      cutters being Portuguese, so this is an interesting
      addition. Figuring that the cutting around Austin
      began 17 years before the NC was built, and looking at
      how much cordwood was used to fuel a mills' and mines'
      boilers, it wouldn't have been too many years (3-5 I'd
      guess at best, or about 1868) before most trees in the
      immediate area were gone. Teaming cordwood would've
      become a very lucrative business until the NC arrived.
      Looking at photos of the AC railway and the NC yard at
      Clifton in 1887, cordwood on cars already figured
      large in traffic volume, and there were newspaper
      references to cutting occuring well up the line, 30-45
      miles north of Austin. By that time the railway was
      burning coal, but the mines still used wood. Go


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