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232Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Re: Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads

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  • Brian Norden
    May 17 7:50 PM
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      The C&C Cottonwood brach was torn up in about 1902.  That was about the time that the SP converted the C&C to burn coal.  The weekly Hawthrone paper has reports of the start of the dismantling and on the conversion to coal -- all of which can be looked up.

      Several years ago the Nevada Historical Society's journal carried an interesting article about the deforestation around Austin.  Seems like the local indians hired themselves out as woodcutters to the mine owners, etc.  Seems like once the trees were cut and the mines played out the indians were out of a job.  But, they could not go back to their prior existence of hunter-gathers -- they had cut down the source of the pinon nuts that they gathered!

      I've seen a report that Searles (who harvested minerals off of Searles Lake) had converted to burn oil instead of wood by c.1884.  This increased the output of his works by twice.

      The Inyo Development company converted from wood to oil about 1900.  The wood had come from Alvord siding on the C&C in the Owens Valley.  They bought it from the Southern Development Company which was another Mills and Yerrington enterprise.  When it converted to oil, the oil can by rail from Bakersfield over Donner and transferred at Mound House.

      Brian Norden

      Joe & Jo Ellen Raymaker wrote:
      Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Re: Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads For an effect on ecology, could one go to the Cottonwood Branch of the C & C?
      It was a short-term branch line, but wood was probably cut extensively, both for ties and for construction and firewood?
      The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR in Maine "cleaned out" the nearby forest
      in a matter of twenty years or so.


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