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227Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads

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  • Dave Eggleston
    May 17, 2006
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      I don't have my records to hand, but the NC began
      using coal by 1882. The Austin City line burned pine
      for a couple of years before converting to coal around
      1883. If you want more specific dates I can pull my
      records when I'm home this evening.

      Dave Eggleston

      --- EANDPNG@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 5/17/2006 6:37:53 AM Pacific
      > Daylight Time,
      > wendellhuffman@... writes:
      > The 1880 "Report on the Agencies of Transportation"
      > (the so
      > called "railroad census") states that the Eureka &
      > Palisade used as
      > locomotive fuel pine and cedar cut along the line of
      > the railroad. How
      > long did this last? Were they still burning wood at
      > time of
      > abandonment?
      > Wendell
      > The E&P was forced to convert to coal in January,
      > 1889 when it was included
      > in a suit brought by the government against
      > primarily the large smelting
      > companies operating at Eureka for the taking all of
      > the native trees for 50 miles in
      > any direction. On January 15, 1889 US Marshals
      > seized all of the E&P's wood
      > lots amounting 550 cords. The E&P was forced to
      > obtain wood from the outside
      > until its engines could be converted to burn coal.
      > The first engine to be fired
      > by coal ran to Eureka on January 1, 1890. Although
      > John Sexton talked of
      > converting the EN's engines to run on fuel oil
      > around 1912 coal remained as the
      > lines only engine fuel until the end. As a side note
      > this also doomed the local
      > smelting industry that used locally manufactured
      > charcoal in their furnaces.
      > Best regards,
      > Greg Maxwell

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