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226Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Fuel use on NV narrow gauge railroads

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    May 17, 2006
      In a message dated 5/17/2006 6:37:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time, wendellhuffman@... writes:
      The 1880 "Report on the Agencies of Transportation" (the so
      called "railroad census") states that the Eureka & Palisade used as
      locomotive fuel pine and cedar cut along the line of the railroad. How
      long did this last? Were they still burning wood at time of

      The E&P was forced to convert to coal in January, 1889 when it was included in a suit brought by the government against primarily the large smelting companies operating at Eureka for the taking all of the native trees for 50 miles in any direction. On January 15, 1889 US Marshals seized all of the E&P's wood lots amounting 550 cords. The E&P was forced to obtain wood from the outside until its engines could be converted to burn coal. The first engine to be fired by coal ran to Eureka on January 1, 1890. Although John Sexton talked of converting the EN's engines to run on fuel oil around 1912 coal remained as the lines only engine fuel until the end. As a side note this also doomed the local smelting industry that used locally manufactured charcoal in their furnaces.
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      Greg Maxwell
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