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188Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Bodie Railway & Lumber "Tybo"

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  • Michael Lee
    Dec 10, 2004
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      Brian, Have you written to NG &SL to let them know
      about their error??

      MIke Lee

      --- Brian Norden <bnorden49@...> wrote:

      > In the newest issue of Narrow Gauge & Short Line
      > Gazette there is an
      > article on the Bodie Railway & Lumber Company. This
      > is evidently the
      > first part of a series on the railroad and it covers
      > the three 2-6-0s
      > that the line operated.
      > The author writes:
      > "Sometime between 1899 and 1906 (or perhaps
      > 1908). TYBO was sold to
      > the Inyo development Co. at Keeler, California.
      > Again she was
      > reconditioned by the V&T shop crew. The locomotive
      > then ran down the
      > C&C to Keeler, where she served the Inyo Co. until
      > about 1926, when she
      > was apparently scrapped."
      > This is not totally correct. I have read through
      > the records of the
      > Inyo Development Co that in the Special Collections
      > of the UNR Library.
      > The Inyo Development Co purchased the locomotive for
      > $750 in 1899.
      > Apparently it was hauled to Hawthorne by way of
      > Sweetwater. There is a
      > $2.50 payment for a "Spl. Messenger Bodie to
      > Sweetwater Oct 10th Engine
      > Tybo." Then it took between 1-1/2 to 2 days to
      > unload the engine; the
      > labors were W. Box and C.A. Box (one of these was a
      > Hawthrone area local
      > amateur photographer) and Fred Belzar. From there
      > it apparently moved
      > directly to Keeler. On 10/30 the Inyo Development
      > paid freight on a
      > Smoke stack from Keeler to Carson for $3.05 and then
      > on 10/31 paid
      > $49.20 for the repair of the smokestack for the
      > Tybo.
      > It was then in 1902 that the engine made a trip to
      > the V&T shop for
      > repair work. In March of 1902 the Baldwin
      > Locomotive Works wrote to
      > Yerington quoting on replacement cylinders for the
      > engine. These BLW
      > could ship "promptly" as rough castings; however, it
      > BLW as to do the
      > machine work shipment could be made in about three
      > months. The
      > correspondence from Yerington to the manager in
      > Keeler indicates that
      > the repair work was going on during September of
      > 1902 and took much
      > longer than planned. The engine finally was to
      > leave "Wednesday
      > morning" after September 28th.
      > The photo of the engine at Dayton was taken on this
      > trip. Yerington
      > provides the names of the engineer and fireman being
      > sent from Carson to
      > Keeler along with the engine. Sometime after that
      > were some problems
      > for Yerington wrote, " [Tybo] has had an awful time
      > reaching Keeler,
      > from foaming, bad fuel, heating of rods, guides
      > etc., probably from
      > being pulled in a train from Junction to Bishop."
      > Brian Norden

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