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168Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Visit to Santa Clara

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  • Steven Bechtold
    Apr 19, 2004
      I like to go to the Loop Proper, that is always good for some fun... except
      the last time when there was a work window!

      If you get far enough off of your path, Trona has some neat stuff to see and
      photo ops. There is a museum there and with prior notification you can get
      into the Trona Railroad Museum down the street. The ladies are really proud
      of their museum there and even though it is an amature affair it is really
      pretty informative. Somebody had some thought about how they set up their
      displays, it is not just a collection of stuff.

      Lone Pine about 10-15 years ago was a really neat diversion. I hope
      somebody bought that station, it is an SP type 22 sitting out in the middle
      of nowhere with a number of outbuildings, you can see where the tracks were
      and all of that.

      Of course there is Independance, there was a museum there sometime back.
      Haven't been there in years. Laws is the Mecca for SPng stuff. Turn right
      in Bishop. Owenyo is gone... could hardly find anything.

      If you've a mind, Candalaria and Belleville are neat side trips off Hwy 6.
      I found the turntable pit at Candlearia by using photos of the town for
      placement against the hills. There are a number of structures still there
      and it makes for interesting exploration. Belleville is a bunch of
      foundations, but the RR grade is readily visible. These side trips are good
      if you have a sturdy car, no low slung cars or luxury cars would be advised,
      but a car with relatively good clearance can make it easily, it is not a SUV
      road, but is not a paved road.

      I like Mina and Luning alot as there is quite a bit of industrial remnants
      in both places. You can trace the yard at Mina to include foundations of
      buildings in the yard. I once measured them all.

      Hawthorne also has a really nice museum with some good picts of the county
      in its heyday.

      Don't know how far up or where you are going but that about covers the C&C.
      Yerrington is nice and there is a museum there too.Dayton has a park that
      encompasses some mill ruins and then of course there is Virginia City and
      Carson City with the RR Museum.

      Hope that helps.


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      > I am travelling to Santa Clara for the narrow gauge convention in
      > with a buddy.
      > Afterwards we thought we would drive down to Tehachapi, up the Owens
      > and then to Donner Pass, over a few days.
      > Any suggestions where we can stop and look at museums, operations or even
      > old relics of past railroads would be greatly appreciated.
      > Pete
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