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139Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Re: B/W photos of SP Roundhouse / Nv Central RR / A.C.Ry

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  • Dave Eggleston
    Jul 22, 2003
      I'll need to see that Austin City picture to give a
      date--and that'll be an estimate based on whether the
      engine has a full dummy cab or just the rear section.

      The ~2 mile Austin City line ran somewhat actively
      from 1880 (mule powered the first year) to 1888,
      hauling goods up the 7.5% grade from the Nevada
      Central terminus. Tracks were finally removed in 1894.
      The engine arrived in 1881, a BLW 0-4-2 dummy with
      "Mules Relief" boldly painted across the sides. One of
      the original mules apparently died of a broken heart
      upon seeing the engine, or so claims the paper.

      Dummy cab destroyed in a rollover in 1882 and rebuilt
      within 4 months to original configuration, then most
      of it burned off in an enginehouse fire in early 1887,
      with the remaining rear third becoming the new cab.
      Most photos show this configuration--7 or 8 at least,
      all taken by Crockwell in Aug/Sept 1887. The engine
      was stored at Battle Mountain by 1896-ish and
      ultimately ended up in Idaho around WWI.

      I'll be interersted to see what that print is!

      --- ovalist <GenSuptCCShops@...> wrote:
      > Hello all, I would like to say thanx to those of you
      > that showed and
      > interest in the SP and NC b&w photos, still have a
      > few left if anyone
      > missed out. FYI, I now have the last 5x7 glass
      > negative being
      > printed to 8x10 b&w, and they should be done by
      > Friday, July 25th.
      > This one is of the Austin City Railway circa
      > 1890's-1900 (Dave maybe
      > you could help me out here so that I may ammend this
      > post), as I
      > stated earlier I am a V&T RR modeler so I am not
      > well versed on the
      > SP: NC. or AC RY. It was stated to me that this
      > road was
      > nicknamed "the mules relief" and connected to the
      > Nevada Central. As
      > before, If anyone might be interested in this photo
      > or the SP or NCRR
      > photos, please contact me of the list.
      > Thanx again,
      > Rick
      > GenSuptCCShops@...
      > --- In NVnarrowgauge@yahoogroups.com, "ovalist"
      > <GenSuptCCShops@j...>
      > wrote:
      > > I am currently in the process of having some of my
      > old 5x7 glass
      > > negatives printed to 8x10 b&w's. Each print will
      > be from the
      > > original. Two of the negatives are 1902-04?
      > views of the Southern
      > > Pacific 40 stall Roundhouse, Shops and Offices,
      > under construction
      > in
      > > Sparks. The other is a 1900 view of the Nevada
      > Central at Battle
      > > Mountain. I can't be certain, but possibly this
      > could be the first
      > > time these negatives have ever had prints made
      > from them, as other
      > > sources have told me that they have never seen
      > these views in their
      > > archives. I also have a few b&w 5x7 proofs of
      > each negative. If
      > > interested please contact me of the list.
      > > Rick

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