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Life Enriching Education

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  • linda.schach
    Mag Heidelinde Schachinger PMM, certified Mediator, Austria 09012011 Reading the Master Thesis of Susanna Jones Traditional Education or Partnership
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2011
      Mag Heidelinde Schachinger PMM, certified Mediator, Austria

      Reading the Master Thesis of Susanna Jones "Traditional Education or Partnership Education" some thoughts are awakened in me which I want to share in the forum:

      The relationship between a teacher and scholars blossoms and reveals potential for personal growth if the teacher meets scholars on an eye level.
      Seeing each in their dignity and individuality as a full person is essential.
      The pureness, openness and the trust of scholars meet the experiences and knowledge of a teacher who already went some of the way ahead.

      Constant change is inherent in life. A childhood a decade ago differs from one nowadays. Any curriculum is challenged in its ability to meet the needs of changing reality by the simple passage of time.

      There are some natural given structures inherent in humanity, like the dependency of a child to his parents, which encourage the older to take responsibility. Until the bird leaves the nest, some frame is necessary.
      To meet on an eye level and understand oneself and others at the level of needs and feelings awakened by them, is seeing humans with a loving eye, through the heart. Having all needs in common, this is the base where understanding one another arises.
      NVC is the language of compassion. Life is experienced reality by humans of all ages. We all learn from each other.

      Structure is inherent in the nature of life. Dissolving structure can cause disorientation. Orientation is necessary for security, even if it is seen under a new light due to a changing world. By finding oneself in a structure, means taking responsibility for a task and to contributing.

      A teacher, for example, is also responsible to offer a secure atmosphere and support for the self experience of a child. Due to their responsibility the teacher is allowed to limit action of a child.

      This structure can be called hierarchy.

      To abolish hierarchy in this context, is fundamentally questioning the original idea of responsibility. I interpreted Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg thesis "Life Enriching Education" as if, creating a nurturing room for experiencing at schools means teachers meeting on an eye level with their scholars.

      Heidelinde Schachinger
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