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    Bodhi Sarango wrote: To: OSHO_Science@yahoogroups.com From: Bodhi Sarango Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2007
      Bodhi Sarango <bodhi.sarango@...> wrote:
      To: OSHO_Science@yahoogroups.com
      From: "Bodhi Sarango" <bodhi.sarango@...>
      Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 11:24:39 +0200
      Subject: Re: [OSHO_Science] Re: Osho Science Fundation Project - New phase for OSHO comunity (future World A

      Dear Subhutiii,

      Thanks for posting Osho quotes...New Bottles, Old Wine.. now what else
      to say... this Osho guy didn't leave any subject untouched :) or ways
      to say it :)

      regarding your comment,

      First, world "religion" in my opinion is very corrupted word,
      dangerous and tricky to use, because of our past, thousands of years
      of pseudo-religions, manipulations etc... I do love other comment of
      Osho, were he says that better to remain with only one word: SCIENCE,
      and we have 2 types of Science , Inner Science and Outer Science...
      so all religions are bound to disappear in time, and all that remains
      natural, Innocent, the search for mysterious in each of us will merge
      into one Inner Science... that, in my understanding, is the core of
      his vision ...

      Second, I do realise that World Academy will happen in steps, and this
      project is start up of second big phase. First big phase are our grown
      up Multiversities in Arts / therapies, Resort type communes and Osho

      So second big phase, as I see it, as my inner flow, the old wine see
      it: may take from 2-3 years to 30-50 years , all this depends on many
      parts that should merge in time in one Flow.

      This second big phase starts with this small baby step - this project
      (if we do not take in consideration the few attempts in late 80s done
      by other sannyasins, then conclusion was that time is nor ready yet
      and to drop for now).

      Of course the World Academy will be the culminated part of this phase
      and will end when this Academy will work on full stream and will have
      really great impact on world realities in varios domains.

      And this project, let me repeat it, this foundation is a first small
      step of the second big phase. So I do not see realistically the
      creation of World Academy now, but I do see a big possibility for
      creating a foundation or , as start up, better Consultancy group from
      scientists - sannyasins or not sannyasins but who have similar ideas /
      ground. And not only scientists, any intelligent people that will love
      to invest their energy in it. I do not feel the old type of science is
      applicable anymore, yes the word Science remains but we should add new
      meanings to it.

      Your example, Bill Gates, he is much more an this type of scientist
      and the focus will be to such new technologies, new domains such, for
      example, bio tech etc.

      As I see it the second phase should emerge from first one that has
      enough maturity do grow to second phase...

      I will be back with few more comments on this one...for now it is enough,

      Bodhi Sarango

      On 2/1/07, suutiii <subhuti@comcast. net> wrote:
      > Beloved Bodhi Sarango,
      > I couldn't agree more!
      > As you quote Osho:
      > "World Academy of Sciences for Creativity.. . It is going to happen.
      > Nobody can prevent it. And this is the only hope for the new man and
      > the new humanity." --Osho
      > I will do whatsoever I can to help. I am dedicated to spreading Osho's
      > message. Getting Osho's message heard is the beginning. Soon Bill
      > Gates will hear about it and others who care to make the world better
      > will join our caravan.
      > I look forward to the day that governments will seek out such an OSHO
      > SCIENCE FOUNDATION PROJECT for resolution to the planet's complex
      > dilemmas. I look forward to the day of celebration when World Peace is
      > attained through Individual Happiness. I can hardly wait for the day
      > that all the religions merge into OSHO.
      > Peace & Love,
      > Subhuti
      > --- In OSHO_Science@ yahoogroups. com, "Bodhi Sarango"
      > <bodhi.sarango@ ...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Osho Sannyasins and Osho Lovers,
      > >
      > > This message might come to yearly for some new to Osho people and too
      > > pushy for some sannyasins busy with full season in Pune.
      > >
      > > But I have to drop tomorrows and "time is not right yet" and spread
      > > the flow. This message is growing in me last few years and in my
      > > last visit in Pune (October - November 2006) come to such maturity,
      > > such understanding that feels that I will explode if I will keep it
      > > inside more. It have to to be shared now and it's an open message and
      > > you are invited to add.
      > >
      > > If I look deeply inside I recognize this flow, this spiracle from the
      > > moment when I was a little kid completely overwhelm looking for hours
      > > on stars - it was magic , from the moment when I was reading as crazy
      > > all SF books from the library and discovered Isac Asimov "Foundation"
      > > series - it was magic, from moments when as student in Computer
      > > Science I was amassed by Albert Einstein and Isac Newton comments on
      > > relativity, quantum physics and mysterious disappearance of electron,
      > > and how much this geniuses were attracted to spirituality at the end
      > > of their life - it was magic, when I was reading my first OSHO book
      > > in 1999 and see myself crying from nowhere , happy as a kid and
      > > shouting YYYEEESSS = EVRICA. This are just few of them..
      > >
      > > I become a sannyasin in that moment when reading my first OSHO book,
      > > even if "officially" I took the name in 2003. All this period I was
      > > an observer of OSHO community but in the same time I was growing
      > > inside, in meditation, and very attracted to understand deeply OSHO
      > > vision, what he means next ...
      > >
      > > I have been 2 times in OMIR in Pune but when I am there I am like an
      > arrow :)
      > > This mean at least 21 dynamics plus usually 5-6-7 meditations per day.
      > > Naturally on such level after few weeks your vibrations enter in
      > > completely different awareness state and after a wile...from
      > > nowhere... the magic become your middle name. It was incredible. For
      > > days, weeks being in such state as a Divine drunker... feeling
      > > blissful as ever been... one day in White Robe I was dancing crazy,
      > > better to say the dance was there, then Osho was talking on
      > > creativity and freedom... I felt that moment more than usually an huge
      > > energy growing inside and a incredible clarity of my inner creativity.
      > >
      > > I remember Osho quote about his proposal to Indira Gandhi to become a
      > > prim-minister of a cabinet and if they can accept and implement his
      > > ideas in maximum 15 years India will become completely different,
      > > rich, affluent country. Of course he was refused for well knowing
      > > reasons and he explained that the time is not ready yet. But insisted
      > > also that time is ... not too far...
      > >
      > > From other quote , he explains that from 100 born children just 1-2
      > > will be interested totally in science, in creating wealth, but he
      > > said this 1-2 children are very important to transform this planet.
      > >
      > > Observing Osho Community worldwide , being in Pune, Miasto, other
      > > European Osho centers I have come to an understanding that this places
      > > are mean to be just Meditation Incubators were people discover
      > > meditation, and start to transform themselves. This centers - resorts
      > > type are beautiful mediation approach to our realities... but this are
      > > just beginning of a journey...the first big phase.
      > >
      > > Yes there are Multiversityes, Humanversities (were therapies and arts
      > > are develop to very mature qualitative state) but nothing yet
      > > developed from science point of view, for implementing Osho visions in
      > > domains like Ecology , Education, Technology, Medicine ...just to
      > > remember his ideas about purifying drugs, or insisting on birth
      > > control, solving the roots of the world problems etc and there are
      > > thousand domains to change...
      > >
      > > If you read The Golden Future, Osho explains that after deep
      > meditation levels,
      > > after we become free from our past and free also from our future , the
      > > moment comes when a tremendous creativity and vision blossom in you
      > > and he insist that this intelligence and creativity should be used to
      > > transform this planet. Not only by dancing, joking, singing, painting
      > > ... there are many other areas were creativity may blossom...
      > >
      > > The invitation now is to put more light on Osho's idea about World
      > > Academy of Sciences for Creativity , creative science foundation were
      > > scientist - meditators can implement and develop live oriented science
      > > community.
      > >
      > > I have been amazed that this academy is not created yet. But why not
      > > now ? The world is very different than 20 years ago, new technologies
      > > (just to mention Internet is enough) and more open-minded society my
      > > absorb and welcome such ideas...it is our responsibility to become
      > > involved ...if we will wait more, might be too late...
      > >
      > > This Academy can start as a foundation, trust or as a consultancy
      > > group that provide solutions (focusing on the roots of the problems
      > > rather than on their effects, and insisting on awareness and quality
      > > in each action ) and projects for:
      > >
      > > - various governments, specially in developing countries
      > > - collaboration with existing UN Projects on world problems,
      > > - collaboration / grants with existing Foundations ( for example Gates
      > > Foundation etc),
      > > - collaboration with other open-minded Science communities.
      > >
      > > It will appear as an organization but in fact will be an Organism type
      > > foundation with a consilium/ board of 7-21 scientists, reelected after
      > > 4 years.
      > >
      > > " World Academy of Sciences for Creativity.. .It is going to happen.
      > > Nobody can prevent it. And this is the only hope for the new man and
      > > the new humanity. " Osho
      > >
      > > This type of academies, foundations might be a good base for future
      > communes ...
      > >
      > > So any of you that have affinity with this idea and are interested to
      > > invest your energy, your potential and to participate - the first
      > > invitation is to discuss this issues ( a conference on this subject ?,
      > > creation of the foundation-trust, motto, domains, organism status,
      > > place, financing, immediate actions, long term actions etc) on new
      > > Osho_science list:
      > >
      > > http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ OSHO_Science/
      > >
      > > Or contact me directly by e-mail : bodhi.sarango@ ...
      > >
      > > Please spread this message to sannyasins / osho centers / scientists
      > > / other intelligent people that are not on Yahoo groups and might be
      > > interested.
      > >
      > > Let me express my deep gratitude for let me share the inner flow, Osho
      > > dream, my dream...maybe your dream too :)
      > >
      > > Love and hugs,
      > > Bodhi Sarango
      > >

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