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  • docdeal
    Hi NSTC et al., Hope everyone is well. It is good to see some activity again. I guess so many are busy with finals and summer plans. Good to see Chris is still
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2009
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      Hi NSTC et al.,
      Hope everyone is well. It is good to see some activity again. I guess so many are busy with finals and summer plans. Good to see Chris is still alive and well with nanodiamond-lubes.

      If anyone desires nano information I have plenty. Both from experience and general knowledge. Just write me at


      In case you have certain needs then please specify.

      I have officially retired in my early fifties. So have some time on my hands. Generally I send files from


      It is perfectly okay to write me there.

      Also do some consulting work, ceramic sales, semiconductors as well as advanced and adaptive materials.

      In past in the field of optics and lasers my fee is $600 a day in US. Extra fees if non-domestic travel is involved. However for Internet advice: Free! Cannot beat that price.

      As the old folks and long time members know I am a physicist via materials science. Also have an earned docrorate in theology but am not fanatic about it. :) Taught theology I & II, Comparative Religions, Cults and English Composition.

      Served as academic dean of a secular university for a couple of years. Have taught Physics, Materials Science, Electronics Electrical Engineering, Modeling & Simulation.

      Enjoy correspondence with those in other nations. This applies especially to those in India. My best e-friend is from India and he knows who he is. CNT synthesis and characterization no problem Atomic Force Nicroascopy: have built from scratch. My shortcoming is I have not had any experience with Raman.

      If anyone wishes to correspond in fields of nanoscience, particle physics, plasma physics, astrophysics, cosmology, optics, lasers and quantum mechanics I truly would enjoy. Self-avowed expert in Quantum Field Theory and QM as well as QED.

      Would appreciate correspondence from anyone who is familiar with QCD. Currently slice rodentia brains. Am authorized to slice and dice your brain upon your death. :) However I prefer you live long and prosper.

      Nanomedicine is keen interest as is neuroscience & photonics. My e-colleagues and fellow NSTC members: if and only if I were to give financial device to those with monies to invest then I might suggest photonics. This includes biophotonics and nanophotonics. But that would be only if I were to give advice.

      The bottomline is I have decided to try and help students and researchers.

      Former accomplishments include the cochlear implant to stop stuttering, self-assembly of proteins, luciferase bioluminescence, furthering bio-tissue printing and a few other little things. Need some new accomplishments, any ideas? :=)

      I've met many great colleagues via NSTC. Great group. Please do not neglect this excellent format we al enjoy in this NSTC forum.

      Finally I apologize for being so personal.

      David Deal, PhD, ThD
      PO Box 447
      Nebo NC 28761
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