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Benefit of Nano technology

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  • Georgie.s.cherian
    TOPIC BENEFIT OF NANO TECHNOLOGY INDEX 1) INTRODUCTION 2) Molecular NANO technology 3) Research and development 4) NANO
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      2) Molecular NANO technology
      3) Research and development
      4) NANO Experiments
      5) Nano Technology Revolution
      6) Molecular biology
      10) Reseacrh & Technolgy
      11) Defenes
      Date : 18-10-2008
      Sir :-
      I had prepared the assignment in 48 pages or 2000 words . Kindly
      reply if there is still more project work for the 10 batch in
      Correspondance course Nano technology and consortium Nodia .
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      Introduction of BENEFIT OF NANO Technology :-
      NANO Technology is the Technology Development at the Atomic ,
      Molecular Or Macro Molecular Range of Approximately 1- 100 . NANO
      Meter to create to use structure , devices and Systems . It is the
      Design , Characterization , Production , Application of Structure ,
      Devices and Systems of controlling Shape ,Size , Manipulation of
      Materials fossil fuels , thin Films , Chemical Synthesis ,
      Microlithography , Molecular NANO Structures
      NANO -meter Scale , NANO structure , NANO Process is making new
      innovational technical development by NANO Physics, NANO Chemistry ,
      NANO Biology , NANO Bio Chemistry , NANO Bio Technology .
      NANO Science is the study of Phenomena and Properties of Sub
      Structure , Systems which Intermediate between the Isolated Atoms
      and Molecules and Bulk Materials .
      NANO Technology is the Science of Creating , Structures and Devices
      using NANO scale building blocks . NANO structures had less volume
      and Large surface area.The Dimensions Material change with
      characteristics like Melting Point . The Electronic Properties
      change due less layers and large band width. Molecular Structure and
      Atomic structure give strength and shape to the device where it is
      organic, inorganic, Metallic , and Semiconductor.
      Zero Dimensions is one in which all the three dimension are in
      NANO scale
      One Dimension structure is one in which two dimension are in three
      dimension are in NANO scale
      Two dimension is extended in the third dimension .Two Dimension
      structure is one in which one dimension Nana scale is extended in
      the other two dimension thin films .
      NANO Physics is the Physical Concept of size ,scale shrinks toward
      the Atomic
      NANO chemistry is the Properties involved in the Development by the
      process of self assembling.
      NANO technology Program machines tools assemblers that can
      Ribosome Proteins , Robots , wide range of reactive Molecules ,
      Designing , Customizing Molecules to Application in NANO scale and
      NANO structures
      The Vision of NANO technology still deliver great benefit to the
      society .
      Incremental NANO technology Property to control from NANO
      technology strength and resistant .
      Evolutionary NANO Technology is the Conversion energy to other like
      sensors , Bio Medicines - Enabling Technology Manipulation process
      to various structure and products
      NANO Technology is Research and development and new technology
      NANO product with Accuracy from Bottom up to Mass experiment is
      Production .
      Demand and Supply of the NANO technology Varies from Industry to
      Industry .
      NANO Technology had given rise to NANO copter , by Electro
      Mechanical & NANO Bio Chemistry for NANO tube and Applying Physics .
      NANO technology products now are Bio-sensors , NANO structure
      fluids , computer electronics , LED solar cells, Ultra fine films ,
      plastic structure &Consumer products . NANO technology Minimize
      circuits and integrate circuits . NANO technology is based up on the
      use of atoms and utilize it properties in its finest form .
      Molecular NANO technology Molecular Nano technology is on crystal
      made that is like capsule is a mixing of atomic structure for the
      making of DNA ,Proteins ,cells and other device in sensing , scanning

      Page 2
      Research and development on NANO structure with controlled
      properties in chemistry and Bio Self assembly artificial structure
      materials , synthesis and processing of Engineered of such designs .
      There is lot of space at the bottom by Richard Feyman and using
      every space and valuable contribution in NANO technology by There
      is lot of space at the bottom by Richard Feyman and using every
      space and valuable contribution in NANO technology by Nano physics.
      Keric Drixler gives Molecular Engineer Subject by Nano Technology
      Process .
      Gerd Bining & Henrich Cohers major step is the use of STM , ATM in
      Nano Technology .
      Don Fighter , Erhard Schwlizer had use AFM in Nano Biology , such as
      proteins and Genetic Material by Bottom up and bottom down process
      from complex structure to on – tow- three dimension Nano structure .
      Pro Richard Smalley discovering physics.
      Po Nauri Ferris made Nano Biological in medical science like Robots
      carriers and sensors .
      Joseph Thrust developed Nano Guitar
      By Moor Law by 2002 the energy production will be higher and no of
      transistor will be more and by controlling and manipulation atom by
      atom and to new complex structure
      The Hunds rule states that by integrating of circuits , it is
      possible to reduce the size of device and store more data ,
      increases speed
      This Year Bangalore 2 ND Nano Convention , conference and
      exhibition is held on dec 11 to 13 2008
      Nano Technology had converted old Device to Modern device , that
      had Space, Strong, fast , small and reliable and gives lot of
      economical advantage by this when compared to older
      device . Page3
      Nano Technology is very risk , Profitable and take long term
      investment . In Nano Technology the old Bio-logical device are used
      with Optical and Electronic Process that makes it modern .When in
      MRI scanning the resonance and Imaging is done by light , mapping
      the human organs and body .Bio-resorable is device used for
      treatment that are degenerated automatically rather than manual
      removal , filtering mesh used in Heart disease that will degenerate
      atomically . Nano Makes used of making medicine
      NANO Technology had find ways and solution in Manufacturing
      Complicated research and Utilization information technology in
      1 Nano technology and computer systems
      2 Communication and Information, Medicine, Transportation
      3 Space Research , Multi-use and smart chips , Environments
      4 Biotechnology & agriculture , Bio-synthesis, Fusion
      technology ,super conductivity , Energy from solar , fuel cells ,
      Hydrogen gases
      5 Water Purification :- Nano Porous membrane
      6 Agriculture, Medicine, Drug delivery, Application of electronics
      7 Cost and higher performance , Network process & Component
      8 Molecular Manufacturing, Bio Nano technology
      Technology development connect between Engineering and the Bio-
      logical ,Physical science with Molecular pattern by self assembly ,
      device fabrication , soft and hard lithography , fluidics in &
      around Bio-logical NANO structure in 2D and 3D system curing
      diseases by drugs that interact with proteins , molecular that make
      molecular machinery keep us alive . This connection & communication
      between the proteins is called translation or transcription
      Molecular biology :- Roberts injected in to the body with the
      intelligent material sense communication & external
      stimuli , Page 4
      and adapt to the changes in the environment .Molecular Machine
      construct material atom , Molecular assembles make Molecular
      machine , combine chemistry , computational process , Bio-logy ,
      computer aided drugs , design data Mining , data processing , and
      smart materials .
      NANO science combine Chemical synthesis , Electronic
      characterization , Studying , Properties , Processing ,
      Fabrication , Application , Electronics , Medicine , Health care ,
      Energy , Biotechnology , Environmental Study . Films Membrane
      Coating , NANO ceramics , NANO clay that is very strong and hard
      for CNT and Electronic Equipments , Crystal & Crystal colloid, sols
      NANO Porous filtering , NANO wire , Fiber , Rods, Robots, Bio-
      medicals , Cosmetic , Drugs , Catalyses, Reactors , Chemical ,
      Petrol Chemical, Conversion of Energy & Storage Devices ,
      Electrical , Electronics , Photonics , Magnetic ,
      Telecommunication , Computation Process in Industry and consumer
      Products goods .
      NANO Technology is Research and development and new technology
      The Role of NANO technology in future is make NANO Particle and
      Rearrange the atom , or Molecular Technology is to make position the
      atoms , and to make device that is Multi Purpose in NANO scale .
      NANO synthesizing to make a NANO Scale Device .
      NANO Experiments:
      The Synthesizing by Inert gas condensation making manipulation of
      atoms :-
      1 Is by heating in sold solvent to hot gas and cooling the gas and
      making NANO particle in a chamber
      2 Pulse Laser Ablation , Pulse Laser to vaporize a material by laser
      beams by heating the materials and breaking it to gas and collecting
      the particle by cooling it
      3 Spark Discharge Generation is Vaporize metal by charge
      electrode and the charging is a break down voltage . this break down
      voltage circuit will create a
      Page 5
      4 Ion Sputtering , Vaporizing a sold by Ion beam and particle formed
      using magnetron sputtering Liquid and vapor condensation by
      New Development of Nano technology & Industrial development
      Agriculture, Medicine & Military , IT are the scientific medium
      where the technology can be used in Chemical , Electronic ,
      Biological process with respect to the surrounding through research
      and development. NANO Technology is the Technology Development at
      the Atomic , Molecular Or macro Molecular Range of Approximately 1-
      100 . NANO Meter to create to use structure , devices and Systems .
      It is the Design , Characterization , Production and Application of
      Structure , Devices and Systems of Controlling Shape and Size ,
      Manipulation of Materials Fossil Fuels , Thin Films , Chemical
      Synthesis , Microlithography , Molecular NANO Structures
      NANO meter Scale , NANO structure , NANO Process is making new
      Innovational Technical development by NANO Physics, NANO Chemistry
      NANO Biology , Bio Chemistry , Bio Technology .
      NANO Science is the study of Phenomena and Properties of Sub
      structure , systems which intermediate between the Isolated Atoms
      and Molecules and bulk materials . NANO Technology is the science of
      Creating , structures and devices using NANO scale building blocks
      NANO structures had less volume and Large surface area
      Nano Technology Revolution :-The science for the creation of New
      Material and Devices on the Atomic and Sub Atomic Level through the
      Manipulation of Atoms and structure by Treatment in Physics ,
      Chemistry and Biology .
      Chemistry is on Inorganic Biological structure and Organic
      Molecular structure is on Lipids , Amino acids Sugar , Molecules
      Nuclei Tides Proteins etc and Characterization of Structure .

      Page 6
      Physics it is Mechanics , electron magnetism , and Quantum
      Mechanics .
      Mathematics is Linear Algebra , Differential Algebra , Complex
      Numbers .
      Biology , it is Biology ( Cells , Biological Molecules , Bio
      Chemistry ( DNA , Genes , gene technology , Membranes , Immunology
      Neuron Biology Etc ,
      Chemical Nano technology is Lithography Process
      Artificial NANO Structure is Molecules , Proteins , DNA , Polymers,
      Vessels , Micelles , self assembling , Mono layers
      Static Physics is Electronic , Optic Magnetic , Chemical , Quantum
      points , Magnetic , NANO particles , Optical NANO tweezers , Carbon
      NANO Tubes Molecular electronic ,Self Assembling System Proteins ,
      Folding , DNA , Duplex Membranes , Micelles , Motto Proteins , Super
      Molecular System IT Integration
      NANO Is Used in Burns & Wounds , Sugar Cube size computation , Mini
      Device , Power Generator, Even long life
      Natural cast topers -Earth Quakes , Volcano
      One Million of the world is by Miniaturization size Device like
      Mobiles and electronic components .
      Software uses Mass Molecular Assembly sequence software in
      Manipulation , Imaging , designing , NANO sensors , Neuron
      electronic devices , Visualization Internet , 3D Molecular pattern ,
      Molecular CAD , Manufacturing , Microscopic , Inspection , Micro
      Devices , Development Process Evaporation , Molecular Beam epitaxy ,
      spattering , Ion beam assisted deposition Laser Ablation , chemical
      Vapor , deposition , electro Plating , Micro system Micro
      Fabrication , Manufacturing Technology , Research and fabrication of
      NANO scale Materials .
      NANO is Inexpensive control of the Structure of Matter that can be
      used by all for there daily life at a rate much less than today

      Page 7
      NANO is one trillion Industry development is on demand and supply
      Device like Non scrachable proof glass Corro resistant Paints,
      Stain free clothing , DNA Computing Gears , Reduce , Eye Clear
      cosmetics, Drug delivery , Medical Diagnosis
      Artificial Muscles Polymers gel abrupt with volume changes in
      response to the variation in response of conversation of chemical
      & , Electrical to Mechanical Produces forces up by 100 N/ Cm .
      Carbon NANO tubes are used as Individual fibers , contract for the
      structure to move a , Material driven by Chemical and electrical
      signal in Artificial Muscle and a potential revolution in robotic
      actuator design . Gel is the intermediate between Liquid & solid and
      there exist a Interaction between polymers and the liquid . Natural
      gel, and Artificial gel are used in the lining of the stomach ,
      intestine , lung , muscles, Polycrylamide, Polystyrene , Rubber ,
      plastic , Films in response to PH , electric fields ,or
      solvents ,and Ionic Composition , and external conditions , in
      dimensions to gel in robotic , power, density , energy ,
      transmission , dynamics, control , heart , dissuasion actuator
      design .
      New Products DRDO of Indian had Developed a Robots called DAKSHY at
      his Pune Plant to diffuse the Bombs, ICD . The Small Robots is
      Strong enough to Climb steep slope , Drag a car, Break the car
      window , Diffuse Bombs By laser and Water treatment and can be
      operated inside a Room also .By using lasers can detect the
      Nuclear , gas release from the Bomb
      This Robots is fitted with a rechargeable battery to work for
      continuous 3 Hours
      ISRO MOON Chandrayaan : Mission to moon Features Write that ISRO
      Mission to Moon will is Final stage as the satellite is having
      Vibration test and other Acoustic wave test as the Satellite is
      launched with High speed 10 times the speed of Jet plane in PSLV
      Polar Rocket this 380 kg satellite with camera for the that revolve
      32 hours around the earth orbital axis before entering to the moon
      as the tow days in a month , the Moon come very close to the earth
      reducing the cost of the launching and expected to launching in
      November 23 to 28 . From Bangalore ISRO this Page 8
      satellite will role to Sree Harikota launching station soon. Former
      President of India & Nuclear scientist APJ Abdula Kalam is also in
      Bangalore. The satellite is do Meteorological work , Helium
      availability for electricity production , weather , water and UV ,
      Laser , radio waves also . By this Search for a Minute Particle in
      space like Helium gas with atomic structure less very less and light
      weight is examined as the helium is lighter in weight and had Ionic
      Properties depending on the molecular and atomics size interact with
      Hydrogen in space and the rays of light t o make chemical process
      release some lot of energy as a emitted electron will again collide
      with Hydrogen and helium gas atomic structure in outer space around
      the sun . In Road work new Binder are used in India Like Plastic ,
      that gives more strength to roads and this will recycle the waste
      Plastic. Here Plastic is Mixed with Tar to make more long life to
      roads like rubber today
      Polymers , Crystal in NANO Chemistry :
      NANO Chemistry deals with synthesis of nana scale building blocks
      with controlled Size , Shape , structure , Composition ,
      Organization & function , architecture , using self assembling ,
      computing and lithographic technique.
      NANO Fibre is Nylon Polyolefin , Polymers , Nylons . Polymer
      matrices had high specific tensile Modulus like Strength ,
      Electrical , & Thermal Properties having micron length , 100-200 nm
      diameters , size and Low Dimensions , Recycling , Polymer
      processing , high surface finish , used for Reinforcement of Fine
      Structures like Fibers , Films Matrices of Convention Composites
      Crystal are used as NANO particles by Chemical , Ionic Combination
      Fabrication Molding & Manipulation of Structures is Done by
      Metering , Mixing , Heating in Mechanical and chemical properties
      that varies in chemical processes by impacts to High Yield
      products , Thin films Coating , Powders, Bulk Material , Carbon NANO
      Structure like bulky ball with Zero Dimension, Three dimension ,
      Zero modulation , Multi Layered, Ultra Fine Grains . Modulated NANO
      Structured or NANO phase material is synthesis of NANO Structure
      Materials by Condensation Page 9
      and Evaporation of Sold Metals to Cluster & Powders and Chemical
      Synthesis where dozen of a NANO particles at low cost can be made by
      powdering and mechanical deformation .
      NANO Bio Chemistry Using synthesis process to form the development
      of DNA , proteins for the treatment . The Movement of DNA or cells
      are controlled by external device and chemical process and structure
      are done with biological structure that are done by Microscope
      and killing of pathogens .
      NANO wire On electron medicine are Connecting the by NANO wires as
      it self assemble when it is mixed with other particles .
      The Structure is made by
      1 Mixing the particle
      2 Position the particle and then Mixing
      3 Mixing the first and potion it in structure
      4 Mixing till the self assembling take place
      5 Mixing position it and heating it by sintering to make a
      structure that is very hard from a single electron
      Chemical vapor synthesizing :-
      1 Hot wall Reactor making nucleons and NANO particle by chemical
      vapor . The Close Reactor Vapor Process is making Silicon NANO
      particle , and Multi component NANO particles .
      2 Spray Process Injecting small drops of solution to solvent making
      spray pyrolysis .
      3 Laser Pyrolysis : Nucleon combustion and vapor formed by laser
      beam heating and then cooling
      5 Thermal Plasma Nucleons to Inject Preceptor in to a thermal
      plasma and
      6 Cooling Flame Synthesis : Nucleon combustion .
      Page 10
      7 Flame Spray Process :- is to not make flame by combustion but
      Combustion can create injecting .
      In Modern technology , NANO magnetism , Electro Magnetism ,
      Anistroscopy is on Magnetic Properties where Electro Magnetic
      Structure that had charges in the Field and Spinning action can
      make lot of device like CD , etc This closed Reactor is making use
      of Energy making in Nuclear reactor where electron collision or
      breaking can result heat and result vapors in form heavy vapor
      reactor or cold reactor where is gas is cooled and heated by this
      all process and this vapor force is used to rotate the turbine and
      energy can be produced in atomic as well as Nuclear power plant by
      conversion of Uranium by laser or bombardment resulting more heat to
      create the vapor that is pumped though the tube to rotate the
      turbine of the generator and there by making electricity . The
      Magnetic electron magnetic structure polarity is used in making
      energy from solar cells as light rays passes by the structure and
      create polarity across the electrodes ..Hydro electric principle is
      pumping the water and rotating the turbine .Cash comes from small
      piece of atoms
      Nano Technology is plays Important role in future from to find the
      Energy in Nano scale and size from Atomic and Molecular structure or
      a Mixture of atomic structure from on to three Dimensions . Di-
      electro- Phorosis is the technology that manipulate the every small
      atoms or a shrinks a structure in loops of One dimensional , two ,
      three dimensional scale by electron Mechanical Fields or electron
      magnetic field making manipulation or position of electron in CNT ,
      tweezers by gripping process , due to thermal and electrical voltage
      by electron mechanical process, fluoresce electro mechanical or
      chemical synthesis process .
      In Tweezers the voltage is applied on the two ends of terminal that
      is close together , by on applying voltage at the two ends the
      properties like force, thermal and electric power changes causing
      the two point of lever to drift and the drift cause the movement of
      particles even the smallest atomic level by electron and the
      movement of the level drift and force create a magnetic field making
      the process connected to thermal , magnetic or electro mechanical ,
      that is why a high power current Page 11
      passes through a human body makes burns in the body from 30%
      Injuries , 70 % Injuries and 90% Injuries and 90 % Injury will
      affect the muscle ,lungs , and liver and even the brain and tissues
      to intensity care of Hospital or to a Oxygen Inhaler .
      In Florence electro Magnetic field the Semiconductor is placed
      between the two terminal by a Ingredient and not directly applying
      voltage but through a other connect and there exist Florence
      electro mechanical forces that have high Thermal , Magnetic ,
      Electricity .
      So by this there is process of lithography of electronic pattern
      created by applying a voltage and Fluoresce lithography structure by
      means of high voltage across a barrier .
      In CNT there exist laser beam technology , voltage applied in Arc
      and laser beam process where in arc a CNT is places in Arc shape and
      the voltage is applied .
      IN laser process the electron Mechanical field is formed by a laser
      technology .
      In AFT ( Atomic Force technology ) Microscope technology , both
      thermal and electric Properties are used for scanning work as
      thermal can be a light caused as it passed through the electron
      magnetic field of CARBON
      In SEM , AEM Microscope light passing through the Lens , is used to
      scan the object by electron mechanical field or electro magnetic
      field .
      In all case the drift in the movement of finger or lever can cause
      to change and pull a cells from a Molecule . As far the Polarity of
      light or polarity of electric field can cause the positioning and
      reposition of electron .
      Industrial waste , the Decomposition of body at a semitary or grave
      yard where a decaying body is burned to flame by applying a voltage
      or light rays that create a electron mechanical or electron magnetic
      field and that voltage will gripping even the bones of the body or
      reduces the burden of Burying the body after most post
      mortem. Page 12

      In the Open frame structure of atom , the single structure or three
      dimensional can be changed by applying the voltage at the ends by
      means electron mechanical voltage , electron magnetic field , or
      thermal field , and can break the bones of the particle to reduce
      the size .
      In and all ever one mode of work is different , some got buried in
      cophine and other electrical semitary or in woods burying in even
      mode of death is under a gun or due to any diseases converting a
      body to ashes , like converting energy in to sources, pulses etc by
      applying to voltage at its two ends .
      In NANO Technology , is defined on NANO scale . NANO Technology
      Depend of the Movement of Particle like electron when light passes
      through a semiconductor , or a Magnetic Plane
      In NANO technology the Products are Made in small size on
      synthesis , electro mechanics, Magnetism , solar power .
      The Dimensions change with characteristics like Melting Point .
      The Electronic Properties change due less layers and large band
      width. Structure Molecular and atomic structure give strength and
      shape to the device where it is organic, inorganic, Metallic , and
      Semiconductor. Dimensions of zero is one in which all the three
      dimension are in Nano scale .One Dimension structure is one in
      which two dimension are in three dimension are in Nano scale where
      two dimension is extended in the third dimension . Two Dimension
      structure is one in which one dimension Nana scale is extended in
      the other two dimension thin films . Nano Physics is the Physical
      Concept of size ,scale shrinks toward the atomic scale. Nano
      chemistry is the Properties involved in the Development of device
      atom by atom or molecule by molecule by the process of self
      assembling . Matter is made of protons , neutrons , Quarks & Leptons
      where Quarks & Leptons are sub atomic Particle or smallest
      particles . Page 13

      Nano carbon tubes that are used for Nano Particle device and it is
      produced by
      1 Arc
      2 Laser
      3 vaporization
      4 chemical
      5 ball Milling
      7 catalysis, etc to manipulate atom by atom in making molecular
      structure in Single wall NANO tube structure like zig- zag, wheel
      chair structure where a free electron rotates making
      Insoluble polymers , organic and in-organic materials , scanning
      tube microscopy, with high resolution images, where electron
      magnetic beam magnifies the images and communicate dates ,
      transmission electron microscopy where wave length resolution and
      Imaging through light ray passing through lens . Power diffraction X
      ray devices , Thermo Gravimetric analysis with polarization and
      phase changes in light due to magnetic field , Atomic Force
      Microscopy method by Carbon NANO tube where the Atoms are
      Manipulated to new structure that single frame open structure . Po
      Nauri Ferris made Nano Biological in medical science like Robots
      carriers and sensors . Joseph Thrust developed Nano Guitar where
      laser beam makes atoms to manipulate to play 17 octaves making
      smallest ever circuits by and or not transistor and capacitors .
      Bulky Ball of C *60 atoms led to Carbon Nano tubes and experiments
      led by Simio Lynics made carbon Nano tube to many dimensions on
      thermo conductivity like as copper Small the Better . Design , Nano
      Meter scale , Nano Material beam in the technology in small ,
      stronger , faster structure , better properties , making innovation
      to a solution . Carbon Tubes , Molecular Motors DNA Based
      assemblers, Quantum Dots , Molecular switches , giant magneto
      resistance , Coulomb blockade , making lot of materials artificially
      for electronics , magnetic , opto electrons , bio-medicals ,
      Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetic , energy , catalytic , material
      application like Page 14
      Nano Robots that had minute shape transporting medicine through the
      tissue and Blood. The Nano Factory technology is design and
      stimulation tools and methods assembly and joining technology test
      methods , production process . Molecular Electronics using
      chemically assembles switches by self replication , molecular
      Manufacturing , assemblers to hold and position Molecules . Nano
      Technology can power by solar array technology
      Radio wave is tested to transmit electricity and will now make solar
      power energy from space by Radio waves . Use of photo voltaic cells
      is used for solar power transmission .
      The Atomic Configuration
      The Atomic Configuration of the Metal , and Non Metals

      Elements Atomic Number Size atomic Configuration
      Hydrogen 1 1S1
      Helium 2 1S2
      Lithium 3 1S2 2S1
      Beryllium 4 1S2 2S2
      Boron 5 1S2 2S2
      Carbon 6 1S2 2S2
      Nitrogen 7 1S2 2S2
      Oxygen 8 1S2 2S2
      Fluorine 9 1S2 2S2 2P5
      Neon 10 1 S2 2S2 2P6

      Diamond Pattern or atomic structure that is very strong , the
      Assembling an be done like Mixing the In-gradients and Powdering the
      deposits . it is possible to change the coal to diamonds structure
      by Manipulation process
      In a sold Nano structure covalent bonding is made by Manipulation ,
      self assembling , and depositing process mentioned

      The Shells are filled accordingly an manipulation of the Atomic
      structure by assemblers can make soldering , welding of the atomic
      structure to small size in Nano scale and size by Fabrication
      process and Page 15
      conversion for one material to other by Physics, chemistry and
      Biological process with respect to the surrounding and good to use

      Nano Magnetism Nano Magnetism includes, structure , fabrication,
      Ferro magnetic structure , used to mapping the cells . The Mapping ,
      detecting is possible with magnetic Power .When a Particle is
      manipulated in the magnetic field , it forms the flow of energy .
      Some time if thermal power cannot make the particle to moved, in the
      field , the same thermal power can make the magnetic field to move
      that gives power for the particle to move in a semi conductor or DNA
      or proteins . So the Magnetic Power is converted to electric power .
      if the Light passing through a Magnetic field can produce refection
      of light in a angle the same light can be defected in direction if
      the magnetic field is

      Nano structures & Matrics : Nano Science & technology is the study
      of Nano structure made Nano electro -mechanical process, synthesis
      process , bonding process in zero to three dimensional in length
      scales, less than 100 nm in arrangement of atom in nano clusters of
      a hair size where it is possible to make electrical , optical ,
      magnetic properties and transmission , storage , and transportation
      of data , in binary codes in such pattern that are fast, small size
      and strength is possible even by self assembling and manipulation of
      molecule of data even in the bottom level and connecting it with all
      other development projects .
      Where the mineral or material can be organic or inorganic ,in
      semiconductor or non semiconductor and elastic material and non
      water absorbent like Nylon, Polymers, and other by products where
      Carbon Nano tube can replace steal that is harder and Nano wire of
      one electron can function like a transistor and chip for Medi
      robots , and rubber can be used instead of steal in bridges ,
      plastic can be used or recycled even mixed with tar in roads works
      as binders etc are ex: of advances Nano science in today resource
      and projects Page 16

      Manipulation of Nano structures & Matrices:
      1 Optical tweezers by Light and Laser
      2 Nano tweezers
      3 Di- electro Phonsis
      Jointing of Nano structures & Matrics
      1 Nano soldering
      2 Wieding
      3 Sintering
      4 Chemical Bonding
      Cutting of Nano structures & Matrics

      2 Electron abdication
      Synthesis of Nano structures & Matrics
      1 Invert gas condensation
      2 Pulse laser abdication
      3 Spark discharge generation
      4 Ion sputtering
      Chemical vapor synthesis of Nano structures & Matrics
      1 Spray Pyrolysis
      2 Laser Pyrolysy
      3 Thermal Plasma

      Rubyisam is called Electro dynamic , and it is often makes new
      device and components by joining of two structure by soldering ,
      welding , self assembling , Manipulation, embedding etc

      Nanostructure can metal and metal oxide
      Gate way of Technology Development is Nano Science
      The Revolution of development started with Industrial Development ,
      Nuclear development in 1940 , Green Revolution in 1960, IT
      Revolution in 1980 and Nano technology and Molecular technology
      science in this century . The Super Computer Use , the Medical
      science had reduced the stress and strain in Life . In the Spinal
      Injury like Disc Problems can be Degenerated Disc, Herniated Disc,
      Thinning Disc , Osteophyte Degeneration of Disc, can be Spondylite ,
      Disc Problems , Back pain , due to stress , overweight , Psoriases ,
      Arthistic , Migraine Prostrate can cause get tried very soon .In
      today Aroma therapy is a Natural therapy that is massaging , by
      mixing oil with water and reducing the stress ,strain in the Body .
      This kind of new Medicine can change the life and is the Bio-
      genetic , Bio- medical Procedure . This Herbal therapy sense ,
      smooth , the Nerves , emotional balance m overcome Antiseptic
      Properties , Bacteria Infection . relax and reduces
      Mechanics properties of CNT ( Carbon Nano Tubes) This Nano Particle
      is used in Super computer , Electronic products , Properties of
      solid ,Electronic and telecommunication , Mesoscopic Systems ,
      Enzyme Engineering , CNT is made by Arc Process, Laser Process,
      Chemical and ball Mining . in which Carbon Nano tube is made by the
      synthesis process by a Covalent Bond CNT is a Mixture of Graphite
      and Carbon and developed form a atomic structure of 60 carbon atom
      in which a electron spins in it axis . The Properties of CNT is by
      Hybridization Process in its energy band gap . The 2 Electron
      Hybridize with one Photon to form 1S1 Band , 2 electron Hybridize
      with 2 photon to form 2P2 Band , and two electron hybridize with 2
      photon orbital to form Tetrahedral 3P2 Bond band energy gaps .A
      human Body is made of Carbon . Page 18
      The Thermal and electrical properties of the CNT depends on the free
      electron moving out and bonding vibration of carbon atoms . Carbon
      Nano tube is a semiconductor when it is mixed with is mixed with
      Potassium or Rubidium , its atomic structure is 20 hexagon and 12
      pentagon carbon bonding .
      CNT is used in Electronic Industry for the absorbent of Thermal
      and electronic property due to spin and movement of free electron in
      the atomic structure making one electronic component in one atom .
      This CNT that is very hard and strong in one and three dimensional
      array of atom , making good out in electronic circuit at lower
      cost . The manipulation and Arrangement of Atom is making
      transistors like FET *Field Effect transistor that changes it
      polarity and can be used in Switches . Ceramic Industry Ceramic
      Material are used in absorbing electrical and thermal and work as
      Zinc Plates that is hard ,small as Micro Nano meter and strong and .
      It is a Mixture of Aluminum and nib Olin in sintering or
      electrolysis process that makes it very hard, strong for the
      absorption of heat and electricity . Ophthalmology add more valuable
      results in Medical science as it can be used for Many Implant in the
      Body and used of Nano robots and can filter new Proteins and DNA and
      CNT as Artificial retina and in Chips , transformation of data . Bio-
      technology Filtering procedure as it not soluble in water and use of
      Polymers can make for filtering and CNT for Bio medical
      Space Craft : The Single wall Nano tube , Polymers had get
      resistance to light and electricity and very hard to use in Space
      craft body and equipment from Radiation
      And had optical and thermal properties like shear mixing , ,
      synthesize. Catalyst Making Fibers that can be used for the
      transition of Current and heat in the semiconductor and in can be
      made by insoluble particle of polymers . The CNT are Used STM ,
      ATM , Raman scattering , Power diffraction , AFM , Thermogravic
      analysis microscope used for imaging , censoring of Molecular
      structure . using Electron Mechanical effect , peizo electrical
      effect , Coulomb Effect and blockage, Page 19
      Quantum effects , Magnetic effect , Thermo dynamics, making deposits
      of Carbon from graphite , Hydrocarbons, synthesize, and
      Electrolysis , hydrolysis .
      Mechanics properties of Nano Wires Nano Wires are Made of Single
      atom of Nano size where there exist a arrangement of atoms to form
      a Nano wire that can be used in electron communication, wires . Nano
      wires are very strong that copper and it had been used for varies
      work . The atom are arranged in one dimension to three dimension .
      In One dimension electron structure a electron will collide with a
      opposite electron causing sub particle that had no charge and a ion
      with no charge that spins its own axis but can collide with a photon
      to break and charge a photon to positive ions .Nano wire had
      electrical and thermal absorbent properties where most of atom might
      be stable but there exist free electron for the fee passage of
      electricity with no resistance. Nano wires are made by self
      assembling and manipulation of atoms by mechanical , electrical ,
      chemical bonds where a hydrogen bond of electron can be used in
      Transistors . It is used in Soldering , Welding , Sintering , heat ,
      thermal , vapor process . In all this production of Nano Wires and
      CNT , Nano Machines or Molecular machines are require to manually
      arrange the atoms and molecules in the structure to make 1S2 , 2S2,
      3S2 Bond like Diamond that is very hard , where Diamonds is the
      hardest metals available now and it is possible to manipulate coal
      atomic structure by molecular machines to make diamond . it is
      Possible to make artificial organs from the Human organs form thin
      films like ear , eye from the molecular Machines , even artificial
      limbs , disc problem in spinal cord . All kind of
      therapy ,
      vascular disease , prostrate treatment can be done by used of CNT
      and Nano Wire in mechanically by using Physical component , chemical
      property and biological structure It is possible to bind a atom by
      change a Biological structure , Physical and chemical structure of
      metal , Non Metals , Organic and Inorganic components in large and
      small scale
      Nano Technology Revolution :-The science for the creation of New
      Material and devices on the atomic and Sub atomic Level through the
      Manipulation of Atoms and structure by treatment in
      physics , Page 20
      chemistry and Biology .
      Electronics & Nano Physics : Nano physics is the science that deal
      in the size change , shrinks the atomic scale by the process of
      electro mechanical process, Peizo electric effect , magnetic
      forces, and lights for self assembling process, fabrication
      Nano Technology Integration :- Integrating Nano technology to
      silicon technology is by making new devices and components used by
      silicon technology by Nano Physics, Nano Chemistry and Nano biology
      Silicon technology is of Semiconductor components from transistors ,
      capacitors, diode, transistors, chips. Circuits boards, hard disk ,
      monitors, board, card, male and female sockets, drives, sensors,
      robotics , amplifiers that is used to process the data and store
      the data . Semiconductor is a Nano crystal capable of transmitting a
      single electron with low energy level and band width making a
      process or artificial atoms like protons, quarks controlling he size
      and energy level by electron forming . The Hunds rule states that by
      integrating of circuits , it is possible to reduce the size of
      device and store more data , increases speed . A electron had a
      negative charge and have a orbital angle to spin in its axis .
      Fabrication process is the pattern created by electron beam while
      passing through a material that had high pressure, temperature etc
      by Synthesis , electro mechanical effect , electro magnetic affect
      and making a pattern by self assembling process in covalent ,
      ionic , metallic bonds pattern and structures ad the process is
      called cryptography or lithography in one dimension , 3 dimension .
      It is posses that a Electron movement can make pulses in 0 an I
      making 1 to 250 codes in binary format due to polarization and
      movement of electron in a path . In a semi conductor there is no
      and the electron when passes through the forbidden energy or energy
      gap can make electron hole combination and this barrier energy can
      be broken by high frequency of the electron . Development of X ray ,
      infra red rays , di-electron diodes tunneling can be done by carbon
      tube , carbon wires , by integrating the device to silicon
      technology . This current flow across the barrier is called Coulombs
      Blockade effect . In Electron magnetic the change in flux due to
      polarization and rotation of the Page21
      magnetic field can make 0 and binary codes While the Electron
      penetrate through the barriers band energy and wave is formed
      Semiconductor properties
      Semiconductor and Quantum Dotes
      Semiconductor is with artificial atoms that are manipulated to make
      the storage ,transmit ton of current by Electron – hole pairs, in
      zero dimensions resulting colonization where quantum dots form blue
      or red color or proton to bigger molecules with no spacing between
      atoms on Einstein Laws of relativity , drawing laws, Moore law.
      NANO Technology is the Technology Development at the Atomic ,
      Molecular Or macro Molecular Range of Approximately 1- 100 NANO
      Meter to create to use structure , devices and Systems .
      Small the Better : Design , Nano Meter scale , Nano Material beam
      in the technology in small , stronger , faster structure , better
      properties , making innovation to a solution . Carbon Tubes ,
      Molecular Motors DNA Based assemblers, Quantum Dots , Molecular
      switches , giant magneto resistance , Coulomb blockade , making lot
      of materials artificially for electronics , magnetic , opto
      electrons , bio-medicals , Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetic , energy ,
      catalytic , material application like Nano Robots that had minute
      shape transporting medicine through the tissue and Blood. The Nano
      Factory technology is design and stimulation tools and methods
      assembly and joining technology test methods , production process .
      Molecular Electronics using chemically assembles switches by self
      replication , molecular Manufacturing , assemblers to
      and position Molecules . Nano Technology can power by solar array
      technology . Radio wave is tested to transmit electricity and will
      now make solar power
      The Relation between Current and resistance exist as V is Directly
      proportional to I and
      Page 22

      CERN ( European Organization of Nuclear Research Department ) had
      held the Big Bang test that happen 13.7 Billion Year Ago in Four
      Laborites controlling the flow of Proton and due to the Magnetic
      field + Quantum Mechanics accelerating the second proton in the
      opposite direction to make a New Hole that is black Hole
      The Experiment is done 27 KM Deep Tunnel , it is possible to Build
      some construction Underground like the construction that is growing
      up to the sky .If the construction of building is down to the earth
      it will preserve the green and more space in Earth by constructing
      building and houses down to earth and making a Garden down 27 Km
      Under the earth.
      It is the experiment on Quantum Mechanics, Coulombs Blockage ,
      Inter facial Phoneme , Quantum Computing , Patterns , Movement of

      Two photons , Travelling in the opposite Direction colliding and
      creating a pattern called a structure ,

      One Photon is the Mirror Images of the Other having the same
      property of the Other travelling at Higher speed in vacuum that is
      space . The Creation of new pattern and structure on collision is
      the movement of particles in space that use many test like in
      space .

      Photon travelling can develop more device in a Photon size and
      transmit & store more data in Small size as One photon is a mirror
      Image of the other can be used Optical , chemistry of objects
      etc . Page 23

      Laser rays travel in space , The New devices and property can be
      used in therapy of tumor , transfer of medicine for tumor in small
      devices as this photon can able to make a pattern after travelling
      27 KM distance in Vacuum is on Hawking theory .

      The Photon Can travel at Higher speed can break the barriers and
      Make pattern and New structures in 2D and 3D Dimension making and
      discovering the tiny particles in earth made and sources of the new
      energy from space and new devices that had Multi Use to solve every
      country problems in transmission , storing computing and treatment
      and reduce the cost of production with safety

      In the Big bang test and the test on the Stephen Hawking theory ,
      the Proton -Proton Collision's with make a New Hole Formation with
      no charge , Where in a semiconductor a Single Charge particle with
      discrete energy level is making a artificial atoms , having
      controlled the size and energy level in pair formation in Zero
      dimensions resulting a Color change like red or Blue attracting this
      proton or charge to a bigger molecule with no spacing between the
      atoms .

      The Holes formed is black in color

      The fabrication is by Synthesis , electrolysis , self assembling ,
      where by rotating the hole or photon to 90 degree again will change
      the properties of the synthesis and electrolysis

      The New Hole or Electron energy is zero is e*e/h

      and the Motion , is Velocity * Length* Viscosity due to the
      manipulation of the Proton and the self Assembling

      As it is experiment is in a Tunnel with or without or
      controlled Page 24
      changes in Pressure and Temperature as it movers down and other up ,
      the resistance , force , can change the process as the Collision or
      synthesis or electrolysis are controlled by temperature and pressure
      on the stability as there is a opposite force when the movement of
      electron is at light speed .

      This New Hole formed can again be paired by Electron - Hole
      combination or Hole - hole combination cycle

      This Cycle Process in making for material , Device

      The Pairing is important a there is vapor condensation producing
      dozen of hole at a low cost with much stronger and storage capacity
      like crystal structure , where the Pairing of Proton will produce a
      Hole or Electron that generate energy by spinning in his own axis
      used for Magnetic , Optical , Quantum dots , and with a Electron
      Hole pairing it is making a new energy

      This all showed in the Big Blast where there is structure , color ,
      and Emission of a Energy or Ions or Hole or electron that spins in
      his own axis or make a pair with hole or electron making a Cycle is
      a real or a universal concept

      Molecular Self Assembling , Electro Mechanical Coupling , Electro
      Vaporization Process , Piezo electricity , Micro Electro Mechanical
      Coupling , have and Have not in binary coding pulses like 0 and 1
      making 0 to 255 codes , Spin tronics of Light and ray consist of
      Proton and holes , Current in a Plane and current perpendicular to
      plane by rotating the Hole or electron , density of particles in Zig
      Zag Pattern , sensors and colors , Double Bonding, Electrostatic
      Force , Imaging from left to right and right to left as it is moving
      up or down .

      Page 25
      Self assembling properties reaction , Interaction with magnetic and
      electronic Particles , polarized light as due to reflection ,
      Collision and separation , filtering Process reducing other particle
      like temperature and pressure variation inside the tunnels , wave

      Bonding can be Hydrogen Bonding or Ionic Bonding of two Protons
      making a Heterogeneous structure with colors and energy with Multi
      tasks conductivity in synthesis , electrolysis , catalyzing where
      assembling depend on the nature of the reaction that can layered or
      multi layered Process in cycle linking hole to Hole or proton to
      Proton process in cycle , lithography or super lithography is to
      create a Structure by self assembling or applying a force in
      Circuits and or by synthesis .

      This Process is Manipulation , Characterization Self assembly , self
      replication , Forces like Kinetics , Audio and Visual signal s, Low
      power devices , Relay station , Impulse , Signals , temperature and
      pressure changes , storing of lot of data at the bottom level of the
      proton , Computing a artificial atom , Function , Mirror Images,
      Information and communication by Proton , Aero space projects as the
      Artificial Energy or new Hole Made artificially by the manipulation
      of one structure made of one proton can have some atmospheric
      changes is the danger , and it is controlled , Propelled by this
      8000 Scientist now in Geneva is a Great event of tomorrow

      New Organic and Inorganic Materials is by means of detectors by
      Synthesis , Electrolysis and Pairing

      In India the Solar Power project expense can be reduced from 10 per
      unit for 4 per units by using the solar power energy and using the
      heat of the solar cells and reaction to combustion chamber where the
      vaporization process can be done in a thermal or atomic power plant
      and reducing the process of the solar power plant form 10 per unit
      to 4 per Page 26
      Unit in commercially as it is Multi Project connecting Solar Power
      Plant with thermal Power plant .

      Einstein theory E= m*c*c is the existence of the earth origin is
      done making a new test called the Big bang test .

      Her a black hole cycle is formed by emotion of Million of photons in
      the opposite side making a cycle of Ionic reaction in the Einstein
      thermo e= m*c*c showing mass and acceleration with controlled
      environment and creating a radiation

      The Lithographical process pattern is made first over which the
      electron are layers makes a circuit boards to complex electronic
      device having food strength surface
      Nano particles, , Nano assemblers make a important role in making
      Nano devices where Nano assemblers manipulate the atomic structure
      by means of NANO electron mechanical coupling, single electron
      mechanical coupling

      In the science of metals , the Super conducting properties at Micro
      scale below the NANO scale is developing Micro electronic circuits
      and Micro Industry . The Conducting properties varies from metals to
      lattices and in the Magnetic in a critical temperature . Niobium had
      super conducting at 9.2 K temperature . can this kind of super
      conducting in NANO scale is Mesoscopic Supper lattices . There is
      Meissersen effect of Super Conducting Under the magnetic field
      excluding the magnetic flux This is showing super conducting of
      Micro device with the and magneto
      Page 27
      e*e/h. Here HgBa2ca2cu3 will have conductance at 140 K .One
      dimension and two dimension conductance with one electron shows that
      tow dimension is the extension of One dimension by rotating its
      angle is called antidote lattices. In a NPN transistor there is
      Emitter-Base-Collector terminals the emitter base voltage and
      collector base voltage is done on electron hole combination with the
      negative and positive terminal is the emitter and collector can
      either be a positive or negative terminal in a

      In SMPS TV circuit , the NPN and PNP transistor coupled to forma
      break down voltage and resulting the formation of pulse and having
      high frequency
      If the Resistance between the emitter base collector is zero will
      not make a wave pattern . In Speaker there exist tweezers speaker
      and woofer speaker one for higher frequency and higher frequency and
      it have different forms of wave length and band width as output .In
      the case of Amplifier , Resistance , Capacitor coupled amplifier ,
      where the value of capacitance and resistance varies .the color
      pattern in resistance is like this
      Brown 0 Black 1 Red 2 Green 3 blue 4 Violet 5
      green 6
      White 7 and tolerance is Gold. Similar color to capacitor
      Black + brown + Black + value is 101 K
      Electronic equipment had a Identify Number
      if for TV , Mobile , SIM is all on identity Number. Nokia 4268
      it is necessary to know the number to work in the electronic field
      and it feature more than giving the price to customer Having made
      lot electronic waste .Recycling of electronic component is done
      every where from computer to resistance will lead to other products .
      Nano technology , Nano Belt is called as Nano Super conducting
      Devices . where it a Miniature process where it is pure electricity
      conducting even by single electron Single Electron Tunneling In Semi
      conductor the proton - electron pair across a Barriers like Di-
      Electric K where the Page 28
      crossing of the Barriers crated a voltage and current to pass by ,
      In Silicon technology the Low K Di electric semiconductor or High K
      Di electric Semiconductor had been used . Coulomb Breakage effect .
      The Electron - Hole Pairing is passing the voltage across the
      capacitor and resistance circuit . Here a resistance act as the
      capacitor is taken time to charge like the resistance blockage in
      circuit . This cause variation in voltage due to capacitance and
      there by called Low Di- Electric and research is in High Di-
      Electric component
      where the temperature is high because the property of the electron
      change at high temperature .Quantum mechanic play a vital role in
      Nano technology . Here by making lot of data to store in every
      electronic device . This Internet communication in ID protocol
      connected to satellite, mobile where there exist server connected
      process or station where every chemical and mechanical process is
      important like heat, space , coupling , structures etc .Space and
      storage of data by arrangement and manipulation of atomic structure
      give lot of strength to the strength of the diamond will make
      strength , space and light weight to modern electronic device by
      means of Nano device and technology
      Telecommunication :
      Westiger Band correction , if the wave length and band width is not
      correct for TV and audio the receiving signal will not be accurate
      and with high clarity .Westiger side band correction is done to set
      Sound , Audio , RF signal in one wave length and not to interfered
      by other and to set space for each frequency wave of sound, Audio ,
      RF to give maximum out put. In Quantum Mechanics is the Quantum
      dots is called artificial Atoms as the atom are small six but with
      two dimension , three dimension structure . A Electron is breaking a
      Barrier and makes a fusion or energy release . This is Single
      Electron Tunneling
      A Artificial Atoms can make a Semiconductor or Insulator with a
      Barrier voltage .The Electron Hole combination or electron movement
      is controlled by application of a Voltage . Electron spin and
      interaction with each , polarity is controlled applying a voltage .
      Each electron Page 29
      had a color that depend on the size of the Hole . So in the case of
      scanning and sensing , the color of the images depend on the size of
      the Hole . The Wave pattern and Wave band width make the FM and AM
      Signal . In the case of the Radio and TV signal wave the AM waves
      reached the antenna , receive it and it passes to the carbon Road
      and the Magnetic field id formed across the Roads , while tuning the
      radio , the movement of Iron coil across the road make induces
      electric voltage to the AM section and The weak signal received is
      Modulated by means of transformer and tuned and the signal is
      converted to pulses in
      the Page 25
      speaker in the Radio Communication. Like wise in the TV , the
      westiger side band wave is received at the arena , passed through
      the wire to the socket , converts the westiger wave to a voltage and
      there is a L.O.T Device that will boost the signal capacity as it is
      a weak signal In the case of Digital communication . The Bit and
      Byte , Bit is 0 or 1 and Byte is 2, 4, ,6 8 Here a ASCII code is
      formed . In the Case of digital communication is the 0 and 1 Byte
      forms a Pulse and the frequency is good , This is the Communication
      in the case of Mobile and Internet communication Digital
      communication are made of WAP , Internet , Intranet . Number of
      customer of digital technology is high
      . In Nano Technology , the advantage are more in curing . . Electron
      beam scattering make picture in TV Monitor where the sound and
      Visual Images are passed where the sound and Picture signal are
      mixed in Pal band width in Russia and In India Westiger Side band
      correction because , Sound signal need less space , picture signal
      need more space . Westiger side Band correction is need for the
      transmission of TV signal form Relay station in Pulses or waves . As
      the Distance to travel by the signal from one station to every one
      Houses TV , RF signal or Booster signal had to be added . This RF
      signal is removed while in receiving station or TV .The Westiger
      side band correction in TV signal is made due to Sound and Visual
      signal mixing giving more space to picture signal and space to RF
      signal , so this three signal are arrange in the westiger side band
      correction the relay of TV signal . While in your TV set , there is
      SMPS ( Switch Mode power supply system ) where the npn and pnp
      transistor Page 30
      combination are making pulse signal not continue signal that can
      mixed with the incoming voltage , so in order to make a pulse rather
      than a voltage in a TV circuit consisting of lot of device Switch
      mode power supply is used . Video section Sound section- RF
      stage : where the Booster signal is removed from the Westiger band
      and Sound and Picture signal is separated one goes to Picture
      amplifier and sound goes to sound amplifier and there by the
      speaker . Amplifier stage , again the mixed signal is
      amplified .Picture tube circuit and picture tube where as per the
      signal received the electron beam make the pattern of atoms in
      screen displaying picture and sound come out of speaker in
      TV . Page 26
      The communication of data is also like this You can get lot of TV
      sets in market, But some sets are different as it cannot give the
      correct picture clarity if the process is not correct . With Silicon
      technology now the SMPS is card Model not a complex on and more
      transistor are made to chips that can only be replaced not
      serviced ,where in older one there exist lot of component and a
      failure can some time lead to complex complaint due to large
      component and cannot get repaired also
      Now In India Viedocon, Akai, Sony Philip, Bpl , TV Aviwa TV are in
      and DVD player CD player MP3 DVD Player and CD player with surround
      system make all relay live in your TV screen Have a Good TV and
      enjoy the hundred channel relay Good Time to share with family Feel
      the Rhythm of Music in TV Programs
      Nuclear fission and Nuclear fusion in the Electricity from
      Thermal , Nuclear power plant .
      In a Nuclear Power Energy Reactor , the Nuclear Fission and Nuclear
      Fusion makes lot of heat to releases and this Vapor is passed by the
      Automated Device to turbine where by rotation of the turbine in the
      electron magnetic field can make power as Input . With out the
      Nuclear Fission and Fusion the Process of Nuclear Process and
      Formation of Heavy water vapor and low water vapor by condensation
      is not possible Page 31
      NANO Biology : deals with Biology , Genetics, Goeimics,
      Medicine , and Pharmacology .
      NANO biology is the Biology , micro organism, material at Micro
      stages that Design Structures , function , Growth , Organic,
      Evolution , Distribution of all living Organism
      Molecular Biology is the Structural and Bio chemical Methods to
      probe living Molecular Level , Molecular show unique properties
      when used in a Mixture of other structures and Pattern at NANO
      scale . By Molecular and Microscopic structure & chemical tools
      developed in unique properties like Bio Chip Devices , Engineering
      Components , Modified DNA , proteins , False proteins, Medical
      Devices ,Organic Cells , Page 26
      By Combining Organic & Inorganic materials and substrates in to
      NANO scale system Integrating NANO technology to silicon technology
      Bio Nano technology is Molecular NANO technology of the chemical
      properties of the living organism and genetic microbes with
      Molecular structure to NANO structure that can made by using Bio
      NANO technology in the curing of the disease like tumor and making
      of sensor and Micro chips and Micro medicine with respect to the

      Treatment of Diseases by Nano Technology :-
      NANO Robotics : - NANO Robots and Machines are Device made of NANO
      particle of 1 to 100 Nm size in zero and three dimensions where the
      Combination is Made by Self Assembling And Fabrication Process used
      in Medical Technology that works on Sensing , Destroying ,
      Control , Acutuation , Propulsion , Power storage , Communication ,
      Interfacing Programming and co-ordination . NANO tubes and NANO
      wire are used for build a NANO Robots by Chemical Sensors , Bio
      Chemical Sensors , Network of Sensors in Magnetic field , Light
      rays , lasers ,Electro Mechanical Communication in Scanning ,
      detecting , imaging process as due to vibration creating by interior
      components in the Sensors on Stresses and Pressure , where Electron
      Lithography , Imaging , Page 32
      Scanning is done from cell to cell as per the instruction of the
      physicians where a acoustic wave is the communication received by
      the physician by a device kept in the body as the DNA or proteins
      passes by the device it stores data and transmit it to external
      device used by the Doctor . Bio Motors is controlled by heat or
      light where a stator and motor exist. Here the functions of
      Biological Unit Function & Structure is to understood to make a
      Robots of the size to pass through the Body vessels and for
      Implanting pancreases for diabetic , Diagnose, Therapy , Lung
      failure , Muscle Failure, Bone Cracks , Brain – Neuro failure. The
      Integration of Electronic and Magnetic Medical Components make the
      Medi Robots . The Interaction of two flux in the Magnetic field can
      make a change in the energy , where the paramagentisam , super
      magnetism are used and making a spin wave that had charges . In
      treatment of disease, the Biological system , Design , Components ,
      Observing , Analyses , Understand , Manipulate Biological Systems at
      the Molecular and Macro Scale and develop the process by Imaging ,
      Censoring , Synthesis , Modulation , Characterization , Surface and
      Structures , Macro scale Mapping Cellular Level. The NANO Medicine
      should not have side effect and the medicine to be saved as it is
      injected to cells is with carbon coating and protecting the medicine
      till the medicine react the desired destination . As there is lot of
      Sensors Injected to the Body by the Physicians there number of
      sensors had each job Designed to do , and the Process Should Not
      mixed and is Controlled by the Physician .Even in case of Jam , the
      physician had the option to stop the sensor work. Nano robots or
      sensors ins injected to Blood Tissue or Cells in the form of DNA or
      Proteins for the Artificial Red blood cells or Medicine . The NANO
      Robot Movement in the cells filled with liquid is controlled by the
      physician , as the NANO Robots is directed by light or heat in the
      tissues and reach the desired portion of dead cells for work or
      treatment . On doing the treatment or curing process by NANO
      robots the disease is cured and person treatment is over as per the
      NANO technology . This NANO Robots are multi tasking and very fast
      recovery from pain and will be effective as the Medicine is Directly
      applied on the Infected dead cells in the body either its is Lungs,
      Heart , Brain or Eye and this are called Smart Medicine in the
      Medical History . For this there is a need to control the
      Page 33
      pattern of the Molecular and Atomic Structure of the Robots with
      respect to the Surrounding and Atmosphere .The NANO Robots can be
      fitted with Fats , Medicine by the process of self Assembling or
      Manipulation of Atomic structure of the Material by the process of
      Electro Mechanics & Synthesis , Fabrication . NANO technology is
      there for used in making Polymers, Super Molecular Structure ,
      Magnetic thermo dynamics , Bio physics , Engineering , New
      technology are adopted and by the process of " Bottom up" or bottom
      down and there is lot of space to s<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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