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Nanotechnology Researchers: Find Collaborators From Among 15,000 Res

Dear Nanotechnology Researcher, Research tools have changed a great deal over the years. To hear the Huffington Post put it in the article, Science Goes
Jul 2, 2011

Nanotech Researchers: Collaboration and Tools in a 15,000-Member Com

Dear Nanotech Researcher, Publishing quality academic papers engages a lot of our waking hours. In addition, many of us work hard to write compelling grant
Sep 11, 2010

Re: Site Security

Dear NSTC, Thanks so much for your kindness. Sometime back on a television newscast the anchor stated that science sites around the world were being targeted
Jan 28, 2010

Re: Site Security

Could be as you say Harikrishan. Ohter hotspots are Russian, Belarus, the Ukraine, some Eastern European countries, Brazil and as you rightly point out China.
Jan 28, 2010

Re: Site Security

Must be the Chinese ? :-)
Harikrishnan J
Jan 21, 2010

Re: Site Security

Dear David, Thanks a lot for your candid query! No, we are not offended at all. We had found out about the problem approximately 4 days ago, and have resolved
Jan 20, 2010

Reminder regarding Nanoscience Book

Dear All, We have received an enthusiastic response to our post regarding the book on NanoScience written by Dr. Rakesh Kumar. This is just a reminder to
Jan 20, 2010

Re: Request about information on Nano Cameras in stomach

Hi, Rajkumar, I remember seeing a video about nanocameras in the stomach on a site called howstuffworks.com. Pretty basic stuff, but maybe you could pick up a
Jan 16, 2010

Request about information on Nano Cameras in stomach

Dear all, I am Rajkumar done my Masters in Biotechnology and I am currently involved in a project about Nano Cameras in Stomach. It has been a little touch to
Jan 16, 2010

NSTC's newest offering - it's a must-buy!!

NSTC has come up with a new book entitled "Nano Science - Concepts and Fundamentals", written by the renowned international author, Dr. Rakesh Kumar (PDF, CSIR
Jan 16, 2010

Re: need carbon nanotubules please

Michael, I used 2 do a li'l bit of nanotube growth though not on a commercial scale. The cost is measured in gms (u wud not be able to get meters or even cm
Harikrishnan J
Dec 15, 2009

Advise for career in Nanoelectronics

Sir, I am in final year of B.Tech. , Electronics and Communication from IEC-CET, Gr. Noida. I have also done Integrated Program in Nanotechnology from NSTC,
ravi nigam
Dec 5, 2009

need carbon nanotubules please

hii dear scientist does anyone work in scientific institute produce carbon nanotubules how much the meter of carbon nanotubules cost i need it in my design
Dec 5, 2009

regarding suggestion

Can you please tell me that whether This magnetic nanoparticle will be helpfull as a Biosensor, if so please tell me the detailed protocol to make this
Rajesh laik
Dec 5, 2009

Re: regarding suggestion

Congrats... gr8 job.
Harikrishnan J
Dec 5, 2009
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