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160Re: [NRanimallaw] draft caged egg letter-for feedback

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  • Stephanie Abbott
    Sep 15, 2010
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      Re: [NRanimallaw] draft caged egg letter-for feedback
      Hi there,
      Looks good – simple and to the point. Only thing I was wondering was whether it was worth just including 1 line about the level of suffering involved in cage egg production v systems where hens are (relatively) free to express natural behaviours?
      On 15/09/10 4:12 PM, "Angela Pollard" <angela_pollard@...> wrote:


      Hi folks, please give me your feedback re this draft letter. I have spoken
      with Cr Yarnell( who propsed the motion) and have incorporated his

      Tuesday, 14th September 2010

      The Hon Jenny Dowell,
      Lismore City Council
      43 Oliver Ave
      LISMORE, NSW, 2480

      Dear Mayor Dowell,

      Re: Caged eggs ban

      The Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre’s Animal Law & Education
      Project (AL&EP) would like to congratulate Lismore City Council on passing
      a motion to ban the use of caged eggs at council functions. Lismore will
      now join 18 other local councils across NSW in making a strong statement
      that animal welfare issues are relevant considerations when engaging in
      all council activities.  

      AL&EP was established in 2009 as a volunteer group of local residents
      after the holding of a forum to gauge community support for the legal
      centre to auspice an animal welfare group focusing on legal education and
      law reform. The forum was over-subscribed and the clear message from
      participants was that animal welfare legal education and reform were
      important issues for our region.

      Our AL&EP group recently hosted its first community education workshop
      (with the assistance of a Lismore City Council ranger amongst the
      speakers) where over fifty members of the community attended. Participant
      feedback indicated that people care deeply about animal cruelty and are
      keen to see real changes in how animals are treated, especially in areas
      such as intensive factory farming.  

      We are confident that council staff will be able to carry out both the
      spirit and the intent of the motion as our region has many suppliers that
      can provide appropriate and affordable free range options for council

      On behalf of AL&EP, I would like to commend Lismore City Council for
      recognising that the triple bottom line of good governance includes taking
      into account environmental and ethical concerns.

      Yours faithfully
      Angela Pollard
      Centre Manager
      Northern Rivers CLC

      cheers ange.

      Angela Pollard
      Regional Coordinator, NRCLSD
      Centre Manager
      Northern Rivers CLC
      16 Carrington St, LISMORE, NSW , 2480
      Ph: 02 66211 005
      Fax: 66211011
      Email: Angela_Pollard@... <mailto:Angela_Pollard%40clc.net.au>

      " Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre can only provide advice in the
      New South Wales and Commonwealth jurisdictions. If you are enquiring from
      another State or Territory please contact your local Legal Centre. If you
      are not the intended recipient of this email, please return it to Northern
      Rivers Community Legal Centre . The information in this email is
      confidential and must not be disclosed without authorisation by the
      intended recipient."


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