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Re: Coryphantha sneedii var. albicolumnifera

Fred, Love seeing your pictures, thanks for posting.  Big Bend is a magical place for plants.  Your "Silverlace Cactus"  looks too big to be Coryphantha
May 22

Coryphantha sneedii var. albicolumnifera

I am very pleased that it (silverlace cactus) was in bloom when I was at the Big Bend in mid-April. For pictures of it see: Big Bend Ranch State Park
May 21

Gaillardia? Helenium?

Fred--what an interesting plant. Both Gaillardia and Helenium should have toothed ray flowers, as should Coreopsis and Thelesperma. Any chance of a good photo
Monique Reed
May 11

Gaillardia? Helenium

Please tell me what this is. The long, thin twisted bracts that peek through the petals should make it easy to identify. But …. Fred Johnson Please tell
May 10
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Opuntia densispina

I'm happy that I found it on 4/19/15 in Big Bend National Park. According to A. Michael Powell et al.'s _Cacti of Texas_ it has a "limited distribution." For
May 9
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Native Plants at the Bush Center (Dallas) Native Texas Park

The Bush Library has begun tours of the 15 acre Native Texas Park just south of the main building. This park was designed to highlight the 3 main eco-regions
May 8

Re: A pea in Big Bend National Park [2 Attachments]

Fred, My books on Big Bend are not handy at the moment but they definitely look like an Astragalus species. From looking at the Atlas of Vascular Plants of
May 7

A pea in Big Bend National Park

I took these pictures on 4/18/15 in Big Bend National Park. I'll be very grateful to anyone will who will tell me what it is. Fred Johnson (Many thanks to
May 7
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Re: Atelopehorn milkweed questions

slowly, slowly, slowly. and they don't come back the next year -- my experience with A. asperula seedlings. Mary Kennedy Your passion for nature and
Mary Kennedy
May 4

FW: [NPSOT-NPAT] Eryngium? [1 Attachment]

I agree with Charlotte. Below is what I sent Fred on Saturday if anyone wants to check it out. Fred, one correction to what I wrote you (& removed from below)
May 4

Re: Eryngium?

Fred, I suspect that you found a star thistle, probably Malta star thistle (Centaureum melitensis). See
Charlotte Reemts
May 4

Re: Atelopehorn milkweed questions

First year sleep Second year creep Third year leap! Good rule of thumb for many perennials. Look what you have to look forward to! Cathy Lustgarten
Catherine Lustgarten
May 3

Re: Atelopehorn milkweed questions

Totally agree with Kathy. Lots of patience is required. I've scattered seed in my native area and have had to wait for 2-3 years before they are beginning
Betty Dunn
May 3

Re: Atelopehorn milkweed questions

That is about what to expect of Antelope Horns and Green Milkweed. They are very slow. My Antelope Horns we got from the butterfly watch program 3 years ago
May 3

Atelopehorn milkweed questions

Hi Everyone! This is a question about growing  Asclepias asperula, Antelopehorn Milkweed.  I got a bunch of seeds to sprout and I got six plants started in
Morgan Landrum
May 3
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