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Wildlife Habitat Workshop - January 13, 8:30-4pm at Wildflower Center

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  • Alice Nance
    *Texas Wildlife Habitat Workshop* Kelly Bender of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Bill Stout of National Wildlife Federation are teaming up to provide
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      Texas Wildlife Habitat Workshop
      Kelly Bender of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Bill Stout of National Wildlife Federation are teaming up to provide a Wildlife Habitat Gardening Workshop on Saturday, January 13th from 8:30 to 4p.m. at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  A nominal fee will be charged.  Lunch included.
      Contact Bill Stout to register or for questions:
      Tel: 512-476-9805
      Fax: 512-476-9810
      Email:  stout@...
      Contact Kelly Conrad Bender for questions:
      Visit the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center Saturday, January 13th, to learn all about how to create a vibrant, rich garden full of native plants and exciting native wildlife.  This full day of educational seminars is designed to provide in-depth tips and techniques for creating a Texas WildscapeT/ Backyard Wildlife HabitatT. Knowledgeable speakers from Texas Parks and Wildlife and National Wildlife Federation cover everything from garden design and choosing the right plants, to providing food, water and shelter for wildlife. The program includes educational exhibits, hands-on activities, and a tour of the grounds with an eye for habitat.


      Scheduled seminars include:

      Building Habitat for Wildlife

      This seminar focuses on creating landscapes that are both visually appealing and attractive to a broad range of beautiful and interesting native wildlife. The program emphasizes using native plants in landscaped beds to provide critical components of habitat: food, water, and shelter. By providing the elements of habitat in your garden, you can attract an exciting variety of birds, butterflies, frogs, and lizards, bringing the beauty and vitality of nature to your home.

      Attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds To Your Garden

      If you love butterflies and hummingbirds in your garden, don't miss this seminar on planning a garden using native and adapted plants that attract these winged jewels to your habitat. Tips and techniques on garden design and wildlife needs will show you how to provide the proper mix of sun, food, and shelter for hummingbirds and butterflies. The presentation also provides information on garden design that will make any hummingbird or butterfly's heart flutter.

      Where in the World is Central Texas?

      This enlightening seminar explores the natural features that make Central Texas one of the most interesting ecological areas in the country. Here, shallow soils and deep limestone canyons are bordered by broad, deep plains, and the shrubs and dunes of South Texas back up to our front porch.  We'll explore the recent history of human use of the land as well as take a look at how the plants and wildlife have shaped and been shaped by our activity.

      Invasive Plants - What You Never Knew About the Invaders in our Gardens

      Many suburban front lawns and gardens here in Texas look very similar to their counterparts throughout the United States, even though weather and soils vary dramatically.  Plants that can tolerate this broad range of conditions are often hardy exotic species, and they can run rampant and uninvited through our natural areas. This seminar explores which common garden plants we consider exotic invaders in Texas and suggests native Texas alternatives that provide similar benefits.

      Creating a Habitat from Scratch

      In our final activity, we'll learn how to create a base map of a garden, brainstorm potential human and wildlife uses of the area, and create our own backyard wildscapes.  Use resources provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife and National Wildlife Federation to create your "dream habitat," on paper at least.  You'll take home your garden plan as well as a treasure trove of ideas to make your dream Wildscape/Backyard Wildlife Habitat a reality.


      Kelly Bender has been with Texas Parks and Wildlife for 11 years and currently serves as the Urban Wildlife Biologist for the Austin area. She is the author of Texas Wildscapes: Gardening for Wildlife and is involved in several research projects exploring the potential effects of exotic invasive plants on wildlife habitat.  Kelly has also been the Texas Wildscapes Backyard Wildlife Habitat program administrator and the coordinator of the Texas Hummingbird Round-Up with TPWD. She holds a Master of Science Degree from Emporia State University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southwestern University.


      Bill Stout has been an Educator with National Wildlife Federation for three years and has been involved in environmental education programs for a total of seven years. He is a facilitator for the Creating Schoolyard Habitats and Access Nature curricula workshops.  Prior to NWF Bill worked at the City of Austin Water Utility where he created a partnership between the Sierra Club, the City of Austin, and the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality to train volunteers to become water quality monitors.  His experience includes oversight of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant to develop nature trails, creation of hands-on educational activities, conducting river ecology and composting facility tours, and production of educational videos.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Water Resource Management from the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

      NWF's mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

      Alice Nance
      Education Program Manager
      Gulf States Natural Resource Center
      44 East Avenue Suite 200
      Austin, TX 78701


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