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29How to manage marine science information

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  • Tuan Dang Anh
    May 7, 2007
      To whom it may concern!

      First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dang Anh Tuan, I am working as a researcher and lecturer in Faculty of Oceanography, Viet Nam National University .
      I am currently doing the mission for building the curriculum “Marine science information management”. Because I don’t have enough references and I have been facing some problems in writing the main chapter “Guides / steps / techniques to manage marine science information” so until now I can not find the way to complete my mission.
      Fortunately, I have just happened to receive the information from my friend and realized that I can receive the guidance and experiences from interest groups. I would like to become a member of this group and wrote this letter to urge any member help me find the way to solve this problem. Could you please suggest and send me some related documents for my reference.
      I do hope that my request will be taken by your due consideration and please feel free to contact me and very much interested to know more from you all.
      Thanks you very much and best regards,

      Best regards,
      Vrije University,
      Pleinlaan 2, bus 109, 1050 BRUSSEL, BELGIUM

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