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Fw: [Pit-Bull-Crusaders] Parvo puppies ditched by Puppy Peddler.

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  • Bulldog Haven
    okay, I dont believe anything this rescue/petdealer says.. I had just spoke with him a week ago offering to spay and nueter any pit pup he comes across.. Jen
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      okay, I dont believe anything this rescue/petdealer says..
      I had just spoke with him a week ago offering to spay and nueter any pit pup he comes across..

      This story out of New York. Media is insisting on calling this puppy peddler a rescue. Please write, call, do what you can, this man is ruining rescues good name.
      Puppies dumped

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      1/24/2006 6:00 PM

      Police in Genesee County are looking for suspects who appeared to have dumped several puppies from a moving car.

      Three labs were found by a passing motorist on West Bergen Road Monday. Five more puppies were brought in Tuesday. Although they don't look like there were all from the same litter, they were also discovered in the same area.

      All the puppies are being treated for parasites and will be put up for adoption in the coming days

      Abandoned puppies are sick

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      1/25/2006 6:00 PM

      Two of the 7 puppies that were left abandoned alongside a road in Genesee County have died.

      A motorist discovered the puppies on Monday in Bergen. Authorities say the remaining lab pups are in poor health and are being cared for by vets at a local animal hospital.

      The Genesee County Animal Shelter says it has seen an outpouring of support for the puppies, and are no longer accepting applications to adopt them. However, the shelter is accepting donations of money to help pay for the puppies' veterinary care.

      You can send your donation to the Genesee County Animal Shelter's "Volunteers For Animals." The address is PO Box 1621 in Batavia, NY. The zip code is 14021.

      New information on Parvo puppies

      1/31/2006 5:00 PM

      A new development in the dumped puppies of Genesee County, the investigation has tracked the Parvo infected puppies to a rescue operation in Rochester.

      18 more puppies have been removed from the care of Warren Thomas, a Rochester resident who operates the Happy Pups Rescue Group.  2 of those puppies have tested positive for Parvo and officials tell us the 7 puppies found in Bergen came from Happy Pups. 

      It seems Thomas had handed them off knowing they were sick, but not knowing they'd be abandoned.

      "If the owners of these puppies had done the responsible thing and turned them over to the shelter, those animals would have received proper medical care. Checked over by a vet, any concerns could be addressed and the animal would be spayed and neutered before it leaves the shelter and not add to the pet Parvo population problem," says Richard Gerbasi of Lollypop Farm.

      Mr. Thomas has not responded to our request for an interview. We'll have more on this story tonight on News 8 Now at 6.

      Happy Pups claims to be a rescue - they buy litters from people with 'accidental' litters, and tell them to call them 'if' they have another litter. Hmmm... have a little of 10 puppies, make an easy $250. I wonder if people will keep haveing 'accidental' litters? He pays for each puppy, then sells them for $100. He claims that all of the pups are vaccinated when he sells them. He has no contracts, no guarentees, no foster homes, no spay and neuter policies. Sound like a rescue to you?

      Please, feel free to email news8now and inform them of the difference between a rescue and puppy peddler. The shelter they are in is called Lollypop Farm. They were very nice when I called them today to find out details about this.

      Classified Ads for Happy Pups - this is representative of what is listed weekly. litter after litter after litter of puppies.
      BORDER Collie/Lab mix Pups:  $100 PD# 371 703-1223 www.happypups21.org

      First ran on: 01/27/2006

      BOXER/LAB MIX PUPS:  $100. PD# 371
      703-1223 www.happypups21.org

      First ran on: 01/26/2006

      $100. PD# 371
      703-1223 www.happypups21.org

      First ran on: 01/26/2006

      LAB mix pups:  $160
      PD# 371 703-1223 www.happypups21.org

      First ran on: 01/21/2006

      SHELTIE/Shih-Tzu mix Pups:  $100 PD# 371 703-1223 www.happypups21.org

      First ran on: 01/27/2006

      this would be a 'rescue' with a Pet Dealer license?? how interesting.

      Contact info is on their webpage.
      Happy Pups has a NYS pet dealer license, which lists them as a for-profit direct to public seller. Very different from a rescue

      In NYS it is a misdemeanor to sell sick animals - there have been numerous complaints from people who bought puppies from Happy Pups that subsequently came down with parvo.
      Monroe County District Attorney Mike Green
      Monroe County District Attorney's Office
      47 South Fitzhugh Street
      Rochester, New York 14614
      Fax: (585)753-4576

      The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has been listing his puppy ads for a while - both his 'I buy litters' ads and his 'for sale' ads.

      The Syracuse Post Standard lists his puppy ads - http://www.syracuse.com/

      The Scotsman Pennysavers list his wanted ads and his for sale ads. http://www.scotsmanonline.com/ Scotsman also refused to sell space to a local rescue who wanted to print information about Happy Pups not being a rescue.

      WROC channel 8, Rochester - http://www.news8now.com/ - has been referring to Happy Pups as a rescue in all of their follow up stories

      Here is another person who is doing the same thing:
      http://www.nokillrescue.com/ - Owned by Fletcher Smith. He buys puppies and then re-sells them as well, the same as Happy Pups.

      Ads from the pennysaver - http://www.scotsmanonline.com/
      100% NO KILL rescue now taking in unexpected litters of puppies to adopt out as pets. For info www.nokillrescue.com call 607-339-5104 ask for Fletcher.
      ANYONE LISTENING? Do you want your litter of puppies to find homes? Look no further. We are 100% No-Kill Rescue up to $50 per/pup. Ask for Fletcher 607-339-5104. www.nokillrescue.com

      Shawna McHargue
      Volunteer, Foster, Web Developer
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