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533Re: [NNYBulldoggers] Reviving the club!

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  • ekellogg
    Nov 23, 2010
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      Hi Charles:
      Great thing to get it back in order now. If there is anyway I can contribute, I will. I have a garden cart with weight, some harnesses, a drag sled, weights, etc. I still do obedience classes too. Currently I have a shelter dog class on Sundays, so I probably won't make the meeting, but remain supportive and interested.
      I know it's a hike for some people, but I have a heated building that I teach out of - maybe we could figure something out. Thursday evenings are the only ones with any availability. I also have agility equipment and Rally Obedience stuff. Keep me posted.
      Linda Kellogg
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      From: Romanwild
      Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 10:50 AM
      Subject: [NNYBulldoggers] Reviving the club!


      I am reviving the club.

      I would like to get together to train obedience and weight pulling once a month.

      Our mission is unchanged!

      I am looking at Sunday January 22nd 2011. I am getting a location and will let everyone know that is interested.


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