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  • tmoni95@aol.com
    Sep 22, 2009
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      I no longer live in NY, can I be removed by the listserve please?

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      I am in Turin, NY. I usually do some UKC and some IWPA pulls. Not a lot, but several times a year. I was in CT the weekend before and this past weekend. There is an IWPA pull in Oneida in November that I plan on going to. I will be going to PA at the end of October. I train at my home w/a simple cart and approx 250 pounds. The weekend before last we pulled on rails - 62# bitch pulled 3660, 55# bitch pulled 3450 - it was their first time on rails and they both did well. This past weekend was wheels and they did ok, not great. They were tired. Most of the dogs that pulled were getting approx 1/2 of the weight that they could do on rails. It is a great sport for this type of dog as it really tires them out so they don't have so much excess energy and frustration.
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      I have started to read up on this. My Casper may be good at weight pulling and even if he isn't I would like to attend events like this but never know when or where. Where in upstate are you?

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      I live in the upstate area. Do weight pulling. Just got back from back to back weekends - rails and wheels.
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      I am new to this group, live in Watertown, and would love to get together.

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      > Charles is any one still in the Watertown area, is the group getting together at all. Maybe we could get together every other month or something.

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