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Valentine Ojo preaching tolerance! Re: Re: ST ALIN IGIETSEME IS A TROUBLE MAKER - Faity-tal es about FG’s nine new varsities

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  • Ayo Ojutalayo
    It is called INTOLERANCE - when you are unable to accept that others may think differently from you, see the world from a different perspective from you, that
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2013

      "It is called INTOLERANCE - when you are unable to accept that others may think differently from you, see the world from a different perspective from you, that you are the ideal, and that your views are always right!" . . . Valentine Ojo

      Valentine Ojo preaching TOLERANCE? Do as he says, not as he does!

      Ayo Ojutalayo

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      Subject: ||NaijaObserver|| Re: STALIN IGIETSEME IS A TROUBLE MAKER - Faity-tales about FG’s nine new varsities

      Dr. Ola Kassim:


      Why do you think that you have to explain yourself to me...?

      As far as I can recall, I never invited you as a peace-maker.

      And you can explain yourself as much as you want, it is one thing how you see yourself, it is a totally different matter how others see us.

      Get used to it - one man's hero or saint, is another man's villain or devil!

      We cannot all sleep with all our heads pointing in the same direction, the Yoruba say.

      We cannot all think alike, or look at world from the same perspective.

      That is one of the major problems with Nigeria, and why DEMOCRACY, the right to think differently - freedom of opinion and speech do not work very well in Nigeria - everyone must think and see the world like exactly like Ola Kassim, following his 9 principles outlined below, I am this, I am that!

      But who really cares...? 

      Who gives a damn...?

      It is called INTOLERANCE - when you are unable to accept that others may think differently from you, see the world from a different perspective from you, that you are the ideal, and that your views are always right!

      When you are pretending that you can please everyone, to always wanting to play Mr. Nice Guy!

      Only a HYPOCRITE does that - take it or leave it

      It's your choice!

      Are you then a HYPOCRITE...?

      Then please stop acting or behaving as one

      Dr. Valentine Ojo
      Tall Timbers, MD

      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 5:57 PM, <olakassimmd@...> wrote:
      Dr Ojo:
      I have no hate bone in my body.
      My mind is too busy to find space for hatred.
      Mature adults should be able to disagree withiut
      being disagreeable.
      I believe strongly in the following principles amongst others
      in interpersonal interactions:
      a) respect is a two way street; it is earned and should
      never be taken for granted. respect earned on the basis
      of chronological  amongst the Yoruba and other ethnic groups
      in Nigeria can only carry one so far.
      the elders deserve utmost respect from their younger folks just as
      the elders should also respect themselves. There is a place and a role
      for both the elders and younger folks in every discussion. The elders
      were also once juveniles; just like today's young folks will become elders
      in just a few more decades.
      b) we can always agree to disagree on the issues only to agree
      on the next one that comes up. I have had occassions to agree and
      disagree with both JUI and yourself--but we have ended up agreeing
      again on other issues. That is not hypocrisy; it is the way rational minds
      are expected to view the issues and react. There should be no permanent
      enemies or friends in politics--just permanent interests. My main interest in this sphere
      is to achieve better governance to enable socioeconomic development in Nigeria
      and put an end to the sufferings of our people amidst an ocean of plenty.
      c) every debate or discussion regardless of whether it is pleasant or unpleasant
      has its best before due date--when it would have run its course and it s time to move on-
      prolonging such debates becomes unnecessarily repetitive.
      Participating in a debate in which insults are thrown back and forth ends up injuring
      the reputations of both parties when it lasts for too long.
      d) the same technology that makes the online communication easily accessible
      and efficient also has some solutions in place when such privileges are abused or
      misused--spam boxes, auto or manual deletes come to mind. Oynbo ti ose
      pesulu (pencil) oun na ni otu se eresa. (translation)
      The same technology that gave rise to the
      manufacture of a pencil also ensured that an eraser is available for corrections and
      deletions when needed.
      e) there are a few people who have stepped beyond a certain boundar that I would ever knowningly
      communicate with again; they remain permanently banned from my world.
      i do not go back and forth communicating with them when I like what they are
      saying and breaking up communications with them when I find their submissions
      disagreebale. Even though I refuse to communicate with these people I do not consider
      them as my enemies.
      f) no human being is perfect; the more opinionated you are the more likely
      you are to be criticized. One of the marks of a true leader is the ability to take
      criticisms in stride; learn from the useful ones and ignore the rest.
      g) no human should put aanother human being down; no man is so poor he can not
      help another and no man is so rich that he is beyond needing help.
      h) any human being can be provoked on occassions  to the extent that he or she ends up
      saying what he/she would rather not have said; such transgressions can be excused as long they
      do not become a habit. I have always regretted having gotten myself so worked up that
      I went beyind what I would normally consider the line of decency. Our familiy members--parents, spouses and children should be deemed sacred--and beyond any disagreements or acrimonious debates we have online or in person.
      i) I prefer rational conversations devoid of personal attacks to the other variety popularly known as roforofo fights in these climes. we have lost many active participants who could no longer tolerate
      the abuses directed at them perosnally or at others. These netters have morphed from being
      active contributors into the silent observers.
      If any of the above principles  are considered  hypocritical by anyone in the audience
      I would be prepared to respect his or her opinion while urging that I should be left alone
      to wear them with pride. I ama well past 40; I am not about to change what has worked so well
      in my life so far.

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      Subject: Re: || OGA OLA: [CALL A SPADE, A SPADE] JOSEF STALIN IGIETSEME IS A TROUBLE MAKERtale about FG’s nine new varsities

      Unfortunately, Dr. Ola Kassim likes to play both sides of the net, invaluably showing the characteristics of an ARRANT HYPOCRITE!

      And this is why I find it very difficult to have any respect for the opinions of Ola Kassim!

      You rightly observe that Ola Kassim 'only knows of insults and abuse when it is directed at him or someone he likes. And he looks the other way when it comes to someone he doesn't like'.

      That is true, unfortunately! That is when Ola Kassim wants to play the uninvited 'peace-maker'!

      I have no respect for unprincipled people who act and behave like hypocrites!

      On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Chukwuma S. Agwunobi <agwu22@...> wrote:
      Oga Ola:
      This is the problem with Nigerian elites like you. You only know of insults and abuse when it is directed at you or someone you like. And you look other way when it comes to someone you doesn’t like.
      I have been watching the way you handle matters as it relates to Oga Ojo.
      You will keep quiet when all these young Yoruba Thugs will be insulting him. You cannot tell me that you never read all the insults heaped on him by Yoruba thugs like AFIS, Abikunola, Kalowale Onifade, Suji Kalowale, Buska, Kunle, Eric, Tosin, Tinu, MATOTO and Bunmi Fasheun but never said anything to caution them. They are now joined by Gweru guy called Amine obi Amino Shiite, Toyin Oluwatosin, Ouija and some Calibers.
      You didn't say a thing when his wife was trashed by TOSIN.
      Where were you when Kukuruku Josef Stalin Igietseme and Igbo hater Ayo Ojutayo keep injecting themselves into his matters? Who made these busybodies Internet Police or moral Doctor to clean up anybody’s behavior here? Who in the hell is Josef and Ayo to organize bunch of jobless young thugs to insult an elderly man?
      You didn't waste time to jump out to defend Mobolaji Ebenezer Aluko when he was ganged up to sue for peace but here you are enjoying the orgy of cacophonies from Josef, Ayo and their gangs of Thugs in insulting him.
      Is it because Oga Ojo has no famous and popular name like ALUKO? Last time, you threatened to sue him and bankrupt him for nothing. I swear that you are a happy camper when the Court fined him for Emeka case and that is why you never cautioned Aluko for mocking him with it.
      As a young kid, growing up, I thought Medical Doctors by nature of their Profession, doesn’t engage in yabis or condone careless talk, but here you kept quiet when some Yorubas said Oga Ojo and BIANCA has AIDS. I was expecting you, NOWA and Segun Dawodu to raise hell on these rumor mongers as Medical Doctors but you only reacted when your favorite brother Mobolaji Ebenezer Aluko was trashed. What are you doing?
      I will not sit here and let any young and restless baggars like Josef, Kunle, Kalowale and these young Thugs to insult an elderly man. Who are Kunle and Kalowale Onifade to insult and elderly man? Which Yoruba land dem come from sef?
      These are young Yoruba Thugs born and raised in Lagos and knew nothing about Yoruba culture hence they enjoying insulting their elders.
      Oga Ojo has to use these Acidic words to get them of his back. That is the only weapon he has to fight people back. Your Medical Training should tell you that. Some people prefer fighting people to them get them off his back while others prefer Court litigation. Oga Ojo prefers using ACID words as his own weapon to get people of his back. What else can he use to stop them? I support him using that as a weapon.
      What peace are you initiating? All you need to do is to caution and give serious warning to Kukuruku Josef, jobless Ayo, Kunle, Aminu and Kalowale because they started the SHIT. Your selective morality is too much when it comes to Oga Ojo.
      WARN JOSEF AND AYO OJUTAYO TO LEAVE HIM alone. That Oga Ojo abuses and curses people's parents doesn't make him a bad man. Who in the hell set that standard?
      And with this, I rest my case.
      Chukwuma "Vicious Animal" Agwunobi
      Seattle, Washington U. S. A


      Dr Ojo:

      My peace making intentions are noble.

      Whether we like it or not we are all collectively
      if not individually responsible for the plight of the
      suffering masses in Nigeria--either directly or indirectly
      through acts of commission or omission. I believed that this is one of the reasons that inspired your desire  to run for the office of the President of Nigeria. You wanted to make a positive difference.

      It was not my intention to catalogue the litany of
      abuses that JUI and yourself had exchanged
      on the current controversy which  can be easily characterized simply as one of a 'difference of opinion.'

      It is the rare Nigerian who has left Nigeria by his own free will to live either permanently or for a prolonged period of time in Europe, USA, Canada or anywhere else in the
      world who does not fit the category of an 'economic
      refugee' either for personal survival or for the sake
      of ensuring a better education and subsequent 
      generational upward mobility for the children.

      There is no African either dead or alive today who is less than two or three degrees removed from poverty--inclusive of the latter day emergency naira or dollar billionaires in Nigeria and members of
      our royal families.

      Our prayers are that our offsprings will do better than us just as we aspired to do better than our own parents. This is what is meant by generational upward mobility. It is natural imperative that is driven by our primitive
      Darwinian instincts that we share with all other species in the animal kingdom. The sad fact in today's Nigeria is that subsequent generations are under performing compared to their parents and grandparents.

      My apologies for stating that your daughter is on academic 
      scholarship to an Ivy League university in Maryland.
      That was my true recollection of a private conversation with you in which you informed me that she had won an academic tuition scholarship and all that you and your wife had to worry about was the boarding and lodging.

      I beg you to let peace reign! JUI is your your younger brother. I sincerely believe you owe each other some apologies.

      I will not chose any side in this controversy--which I believe has run its course.



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      Subject: ||NaijaObserver|| Re: JOSEF STALIN IGIETSEME: [NA INYANGA & EGO DEY WORRY U]: Fairy tale about FG’s nine new varsities

      Dr. Ola Kassim:

      First correction:

      I  do not have a 'daughter currently attending private scool on academic scholrship in Maryland'.

      I do not know from where you Nigerians get your fictions and fabrications from.

      Secondly, I do not know whether Joe Igietseme's 'daughter gdauated one or two years ago from jHarvard University' or not - and truth be told, I don't give a damn! It's none of my business!

      I do not know Joe Igietseme that closely - and I have no desire whatsoever to know him any closer!

      And that's the truth - Joe Igietseme is not the kind of person that I care to associate with!

      He is too BUSH and too PRIMITIVE for my taste!

      And it is highly disappointing - and very typical Nigerian - that you chose to ignore the very INSULTING THINGS and the OUTRIGHT LIES that Joe Igietseme concocted about me, although he has never met me before, and knows NOTING about me!

      Listen to this..

      Dr. Ojo' 'is a man without academic credentials either in the third or first world; Ojo couldn't even make headways at Unife as a lecturer and was weeded out of academia in Nigeria; he came to the United States (America will graciously accommodate all sorts of people) and still couldn't make it in academia at the university, college or Community levels; even as a Regular High School teacher/academic level, he still couldn't make it; he finally settled for a Substitute teacher's position in which he is usually escorted by Security or Cops into class'...

      You really expect me to pretend that this ill-trained bush boy from Agenebode - who is younger than my youngest sister - did not fabricate all this ARRANT NONSENSE about me, forget it, and 'let us shift our attention back to the plight of the tens of millions of youths languishing in poverty in Nigeria, who even if they are inately bright lack the opportunities to even sit for an exam that might get them noticed at any US university'...?


      And what has that got to do with me, or the RUBBISH Joe Igietseme wrote about me - without even knowing me...?

      AmIi the Nigerian Minister of Education, or Jonathan...?

      Am I the one responsible for 'the plight of the tens of millions of youths languishing in poverty in Nigeria'...?

      Am I  among those of your Abuja friends who are busy looting the money that should be used to alleviate 'the plight of the tens of millions of youths languishing in poverty in Nigeria'...?

      So why are you appealing to me...?

      Please, if you cannot realize that age-wise, I am too far removed from Joe Igietseme for him to be so gratuitously rude and disrespectful to me, and you do not have the courage or mere common sense to advise him to APOLOGIZE to me for his RUDENESS, then I suggest that you please stay out of my business!

      I never invited you as a peace maker - and I can deal with any unconscionable BASTARD on these forums - on my own terms!

      And finally, I don't know about you, Ola Kassim, my own 'kids were not set on a path to upwardly mobility in the great US of A' yesterday!

      My children are not 'omo ojuairiola ri ti npe ola n'iyonu'!

      In other words, my children did not come to the US to be put 'on a path to upwardly mobility in the great US of A'!

      That is an insult! 

      You may say that for you and Igietseme - if you so choose.

      My children are from an upper class Ondo family, and they were not first introduced to 'upward mobility in the great US of A' on arriving here!

      Please speak for yourself, and for your friend, Joe Igietseme - 'awon omo ojuairiola ri, ti npe ola niyonu'!

      Did I maybe make myself clear enough...?


      If you want to be a peace-maker, then please learn the proper YORUBA WAY to make peace between an older person, and a younger person who is being RUDE and ILL-TRAINED - even if he happens to be your friend!

      Agbari jina si ipako! Asiwere ni ko mo eni ti o un ju lo!

      Take care, Ola Kassim!

      Dr. Valentine Ojo
      Tall Timbers, MD

      On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 6:37 PM, <OlaKassimMD@...> wrote:
      JUi and Dr ojo:
      Let us allow the aspects in your last comments
      to serve as the basis for a lasting truce in this rofforofo fight
      in the family.
      From dr Ojo's revelations and my own private knowwledge of JUI's family
      it would appear that both of you have accomlpished the most important task  the
      Almighty God had for every adult huiman being of child bearing age.
      You have both in obeyed the Darwinian imperativ by raising highly motivated and successful children
      who have ither attended Ivy leaague schools or are on the way there.
      Ypou did not do it alone. You picked your pspouses well and the general community has also
      contributed by opening some doors for your children.
      JUI's daughter gdauated one or two years ago from the same jHarvard University
      that Dr Ojo's son will be heading to next year. Dr Ojo's daughter currently attending private scool
      on academic scholrship in Maryland seems destined for a detour through the halls of an Ivy leaague college
      on her way to greatness in her future chosen career.
      Both of you  and the majority of other Nigerians in the USA  have achieved the a semblance of the American dream--
      over and above the regular --middle class existence of a life in the peaceful
      surbubs with two cars in the garage.
      You have set your kids on a path to upwardly mobility in the great US of A.
      Now let us shift our attention back to the plight of the tens of millions of youths languishing
      in poverty in Nigeria, who even if they are inately bright lack the opportunities to even sit for an exam
      that might get them noticed at any US university not to mention Harvard and other Ivy leaguie

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      Subject: Re: JOSEF STALIN IGIETSEME: [NA INYANGA & EGO DEY WORRY U]: Fairy tale about FG’s nine new varsities

      CONGRATULATIONS on the family success story, Valentine Ojo! In any case, that is beside the point here; and you know that! In this forum and on this issue, all JUI [and surely the majority of us on this aisle] is saying is that you should not undertake unprovoked curses and abuse assault on innocent people. I [and several forumites] have been your victim and target for abuses and curses and bad-mouthing for several years now; it shows below in your first input to this thread; just for my personal opinion on national/society issues, you abuse and curse me and my parents. If we agree that you quit poking your nose into my issues, bastardizing my opinions and bad-mouthing  me and my parents, rather than tendering your own opinion on the issues, we will have a truce. However, as long as your opinions on reigning issues are abusive assaults and bad-mouthing attacks on me personally, I will continue to EXPOSE the basis of your Public Frustration…………your Rejection in the Academia due to your poor attitude and Colossal Nuisance Factor in your environments! Shikiena!! Take care. JUI
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