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Re: UMYA Never Arrived! - Yar’Adua may retu rn to German hospital?

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  • hamza aliyu
    DR, ALL the ACTORS in this tragi-comedy that has rendered Nigeria a laughing stock in the comity of nations are all Northerners! who are these ACTORS? If you
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2010
      "ALL the ACTORS in this tragi-comedy that has rendered Nigeria a laughing stock in the comity of nations are all Northerners!"
      who are these ACTORS? If you mean Ministers, Special Advisers, COAS, and Turai then you are barking up the wrong tree. They are BACKBENCHERS in this so called "tragi-comedy".
      Of course you would naturally expect idiots to behave as one. For me they are all products of a bastard father and would behave as such.
      I think we should see their actions for what it is (which is treasonable at best) rather than from where they come from, because if you say it is the northerners that are making nigeria a laughing stock then how do you classify the actions of Shagari and Gowon (or are they not northerners?)
      BUT mind you, non of them has constitutional powers except two, UMYA and Goodluck!

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      Subject: RE: UMYA Never Arrived! - Yar’Adua may return to German hospital?

      Mr. Hamza Aliyu:

      I would like for you to comment on this 'Kabuki Theater' currently playing itself out in Abuja - not in Tokio or Osaka!

      ALL the ACTORS in this tragi-comedy that has rendered Nigeria a laughing stock in the comity of nations are all Northerners!

      Barring maybe their Yoruba mouth-piece, Segun Adeniyi!

      But not Jonathan Goodluck or the National Assembly...

      Dr. Valentine Ojo
      Tall Timbers, MD

      On Sun 02/28/10 1:09 PM , Osamede Edosomwan osamedeedosomwan@... sent:

      And the Kabuki Theater continues ......

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      Subject: Edo-ciao UMYA Never Arrived! - Yar’Adua may return to German hospital?

      Hehehehehe. Muhahahahahaha!

      I think Gen Gowon might just be right. UMYA never arrived Nigeria at all. These guys brought an empty ambulance to intimidate and cause confusion, and now they're off to Germany with this ambulance with no one seeing it's content.
      UMYA is probably in Germany already.
      "Investors have very short memories" - Roman Abramovic

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      Subject: [NaijaPolitics] Yar’Adua may return to German hospital?



      Yar’Adua may return to German hospital

      http://thenationonl ineng.net/ web2/articles/ 37902/1/YarAdua- may-return- to-German- hospital/ Page1.html

      By Yusuf Alli
      Published on 28/02/2010

      Barring last minute change of mind, President Umaru Yar’Adua might be taken to his doctors in Germany for further medical attention, following pressure by relations and assoiciates.

      Also, there were signals yesterday that loyalists of the President have been reaching out to the Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to secure the President slot in case the President finds it difficult to fully return to work.

      After a 93-day treatment in King Faisal Specialist Hospital , Jeddah, the President returned to Nigeria on Wednesday.

      But he has not been seen in public, fuelling speculations that his health might have deteriorated.

      Also neither the Acting President nor any of the 42 Ministers had access to the President. It was gathered that the condition of the President has become a source of concern to his relations and associates.

      Investigation by The Nation revealed that these relations and associates have been discussing with the First Lady, Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua on the need to take him to Germany for a ‘second opinion’ on his present condition. But another group is suggesting that the president should be moved to Katsina, his ancestral home.

      Prior to his choice of Saudi Arabia for treatment in 2008, Yar’Adua had been treated in Germany , where he had undergone a kidney transplant some years ago

      A highly-placed source, who spoke in confidence, said the relations came up with Germany option following ‘low response of the President to the treatment.’

      The source said: "The initial plan is to take Yar’Adua to Katsina but many people are kicking against it.

      "These relations, friends and associates have opened up to the First Lady to forget about Yar’Adua’s stake in the power corridor. They have suggested the return of the President to the German hospital which has his medical records.

      "The concern of this group of people is that the health of the President should come first above any other thing. "I think Turai and members of the Yar’Adua family are weighing that option. If it is acceptable to them, the President might go back to Germany for recuperation.

      "I cannot tell you when the German trip will hold."

      Asked of the response of the First Lady to the German option, the source quoted Turai as saying, "I am ready to give my husband the best treatment anywhere in the world to make him recover."

      Meanwhile, findings have also shown that loyalists of the President, including members of Yar’Adua’s Kitchen cabinet, have initiated rapprochement with the Acting President in order to produce the next Vice-President if their principal can no longer continue in office.

      It was learnt that the offer became necessary after a secret meeting of some members of the Kitchen Cabinet at a state Lodge in Asokoro District, Abuja on Wednesday night.

      The meeting, which started at about 10pm ended around 1am. It was attended by a serving governor, two former governors, a business mogul, and some close aides of the President in the cabinet.

      According to another source, the Kitchen cabinet of Yar’Adua was jolted by the US response to a plot to revert Jonathan to Vice-President status. These Yar’Adua men knew the game was up.

      "They have made a U-turn and assured Jonathan of their backing. And they have been pleading with him to allow the camp to produce Vice-President in case of any permanent incapacitation of the President.

      "In fact, they went to a ridiculous extent of suggesting some people, including a female desirous of the post.

      "Their sudden U-turn shocked loyalists of Jonathan in view of the fact that they had tried to frustrate him from ascending to the Presidency. "Jonathan has been a good listener; he has not given any commitment to them."
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