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Re: [NIgerianWorldForum] But Is Goodluck Jonathan Himself Not Incapacitated ???

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  • Olu Ojedokun
    Of course personality would be relevant because the constitutional provisions are sparse concerning the position of the Vice President. For the avoidance of
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      Of course personality would be relevant because the constitutional provisions are sparse concerning the position of the Vice President. 
      For the avoidance of doubt the relevant provision in 148. states that (1) "The President may, in his discretion, assign to the Vice-President or any Minister of the Government of the Federation responsibility for any business of the Government of the Federation, including the administration of any department of government."
      Beyond the Vice President's only specific role as specified by the constitution is as Chairman of the National Economic Council.
      Therefore my previous submission remains germane:
      It depends on what perspective we look at it from.  Personally drawing from the words John Nance Garner a former US Vice President the office of the vice presidency "is not worth a pitcher of warm piss..."
      The strength and profile of the office is at the whims and caprices of the President.  The essential function of the office is to warm his residence until a vacancy ensues.
      At least the US Vice Presidency presides over the Senate and has a casting vote, the Nigerian counterpart is bereft of any such functions other than assisting the President.  In this i stand to be corrected.
      In the final analysis the President was not out of order to sideline the Vice President, he can in theory chose  anybody he 'trusts' to represent him or his office.
      Olu Ojedokun


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      It is not the issue of personality but the position and Constitution. The position and the Constitution must be respected and adhered to.   For the sake of the Constitution and the position, when a qualified human being – Nigerian is elected into an office- ( well - we are assuming for the sake of this discussion that they were legitimately elected- old argument off course) we basically stop looking at the personality – nature- profile, etc of the person occupying the office, unless off course criminality is involved, but we should focus on what says the position and the Constitution that allows that person to occupy that office. You are saying that he does not have the balls, and all that, well that does not matter.  What matters is that he has been elected into that office and as long as he breaths and has not chosen to step down, he  should be allowed to serve including off course succeeding his boss should something happens to him/her.  As far as we know, the current Constitution states that the Vice President shall succeed the President should he/she dies, resigns or vacates office- I stand corrected.  Should that happens unfortunately, the Constitutional provisions ought to be followed, not matter the occupant of that office.
      Only my view!
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      Fellow Nigerians:

      Goodluck Jonathan is already too weak to defend his Vice-Presidency. What Yar Adua lacks in health, Jonathan lacks in balls. If  Jonathan cannot defend his vice-presidential position, how on earth is he going to defend the presidential position? With all the hawks hovering around, where will Jonathan Goodluck get the balls to serve as the president of Nigeria? Get serious, guys, Jonathan is a disaster waiting to happen, and he will be infinitely worse than Shagari and Yar Adua combined. He was merely selected as the obedient, meek, reliable house boy.

      We need a robust energetic president, not a mickey-mouse solution.  If we are going to get rid of Yar Adua at all, we might as well use the same oppourtunity to get rid of the useless Jonathan as well. Afterall neither Yar Adua nor Jonathan were voted in.


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