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Ethiopian Ailines Made More Profit Than All Other African Airlines C

Kudos to the Ethiopian Airlines. The management of this prosperous Airline has continued to make Africans proud. Africans can compete given the right
Amadiebube Robert Mbama
6:06 PM

News Release: Missing Points & Unanswered Questions In Presidency’

The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties& the Rule of Law (Intersociety) has received with deep concern and mixedfeelings the belated public
chidi opara reports
5:49 PM

Re: [IgboWorldForum] Bolaji Aluko and the Igbo Kola

Folks, I have read that history does not lie. Even when revisionists are ion the prowl ready to rewrite. Below please read for yourselves. Dr. jagun has once
Wharf A. Snake
5:40 PM

Re: [africanworldforum] RE: Bolaji: Zik bows as respect to Ooni Ades

Ogbeni Dipo of Olomi, Ibadan: I swear you are one mean jester. I can't stop laughing. You mean Oke Osisi will deliver Oji Igbo for you to break? You are not
Wharf A. Snake
5:35 PM

Re: "Ridiculous to say Igbo does not bow" - Oke Osisi: RE: Bolaji: Z

Any Igbo lady marrying anyone outside Igboland is generally suspect. Something is wrong with her or her people somewhere. Sent from my iPhone Ejo ni Mushin -
Wharf A. Snake
5:23 PM

Re: [africanworldforum] RE: Bolaji: Zik bows as respect to Ooni Ad

Are you sure you are not delusional?  You sure need psychiatric evaluation.  One day, you are "Oha 1 of Ohafia", the next day you are "Eze 1 of Umuahia", yet
Oke Osisi " Common Sense, Uncommon
5:04 PM

Re: [IgboWorldForum] Bolaji Aluko and the Igbo Kola

Folks, I am just reading this important discussion about the still picture showing Zik bowing to Sir Adesoji Aderemi, when he was the Ooni of Ife. In spite of
A. Jagun
4:56 PM

Re: [africanworldforum] "Ridiculous to say Igbo does not bow" - Oke

So you Yoruba guys like to go fishing in my pond. The day I catch any of you around there, you better learn how to talk fast. So, you guys like what we got
    Gregg Ukaegbu
    4:53 PM
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    Re: [africanworldforum] RE: Bolaji: Zik bows as respect to Ooni Ad

    Yes, you better believe it. Who else is going to do it when The Oha is there in person? For your information, the gathering comprised Igbo bona fides; not Igbo
    4:51 PM

    Re: Bowing to Alukos.

    Nwanna: iPhone is better known as a killer of android phones. Nokia factories in Europe got closed because of Apple and IPhone. Samsung factories in South
    Philip Achusim
    4:39 PM

    Re: [NIgerianWorldForum] RE: [africanworldforum] RE: Bolaji: Zik bow

    Dipo, What did you just said?  You broke cola nut in an Igbo gathering/event?  Are you sure those present comprised real Igbos or patch, patch, imitation
    Oke Osisi " Common Sense, Uncommon
    4:32 PM

    RE: [NewnaijaPolitics] Buhari’s belated assets disclosure: Missing

    What of GEJ's blatant refusal to declare his assets for the past 7 years? Sent from Samsung Mobile ... From: "Elombah Elsdan elombahperspective@...
    4:27 PM

    Re: Bowing to Alukos.

    So iPhone 6+ costs $980. At $40 per month, or whatever plan, your son can own one. If you have to go, why not go first class? There is VW (pure water) and
    Philip Achusim
    4:04 PM

    Re: [IgboWorldForum] Bolaji Aluko and the Igbo Kola

    I thought VC Aluko grew up in Igbo land and should have known that there is Igbo species of the kola nut. The only kola nuts allowed for use in authentic Igbo
    Philip Achusim
    3:52 PM

    Re: [africanworldforum] "Ridiculous to say Igbo does not bow" - Oke

    Ayo: Did Oke Osisi tell you how many elders he met today and bowed to them and how many folks his juniors bowed to him today? It is a culture thing. Because of
    Philip Achusim
    3:42 PM
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