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NITH Web Quiz - 41: Relatives In Ramayana: Answers

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  • Kumar Vijay Mishra
    NITH Web Quiz - 41: Relatives In Ramayana: Answers (For answers as well as questions of previous NITHWQ topics, click here:
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      NITH Web Quiz - 41: Relatives In Ramayana: Answers

      (For answers as well as questions of previous NITHWQ topics, click

      Q.1. Parents: The story of Ramayana commonly begins with Dashrath, his queens and then descends to Rama and his brothers. Let us go a generation back. (a) Name the parents of Dashrath. (b) And so connect: Dashrath, Hanuman, Shakuntala and Parvati. (c) Who was the father of Kaikeyi?
      A.1. (a) Aja and nymph Indumati. In some accounts, Indumati was the princess of Vidarbha. (b)Children of nymphs (Indumati, Anjana, Menaka and Maina, respectively). (c) Aswapati, ruler of Girivraj. It was at this place that Bharat and Shatrughan were visiting when Ram was granted exile on demands of Kaikeyi.

      Q.2. (a) Ram:Vishnu::Lakshman:Sheshnag::Bharat:?::Shatrughan:? (b) Ravana:Indrajit/Meghnad::Kumbhkaran:?
      A.2. (a) Panchjanya Shankha/Conch. Sudarshan Chakra. Incarnations of Vishnu's possessions. (b) Kumbh and Nishumbh (sons of Kumbhkaran). They were slained by Sugreeva and Hanuman respectively. Ravana actually had six sons: (in order, eldest first) Meghnaad, Devaantak, Naraantak, Trishiraa, Akampan, Akshaya Kumaar. They were killed by respectively Lakshman, Hanuman, Angad, Hanuman, Angad, Hanuman.

      Q.3. Spouses: Which one of Krishna's several wives is a daughter of Ramayana character?
      A.3. Jambavati, daughter of Jambvant.

      Q.4. Siblings: (a) Who was Kaikeyi's only brother? (b) Name the brothers of Madodari and hence, brothers-in-law of Ravana?
      A.4. (a) Yudhajit. (b) Mayaavee and Dundubhee (sons of demon-king Maya). They were killed by Baali in the hermitage of sage Matang. This invited Matang's curse on Baali that he can never enter the mount Rishyamook. Read more at:

      Q.5. Red-Errings: We have discussed about parents of parents of Ram. Now let us shift towards Sita's clan. (a) Janaka was not the real name of Sita's father since Janaka is just the title of the ruler of Mithila. So what was his real name? And what was the name of Sita's foster mother (as we know Sita, the daughter of the Goddess Earth, was actually adopted by Janaka)? (b) While Sita and Urmila were daughters of Janaka, Mandavi and Shrutkeerti (respectively wives of Bharat and Shatrughan) were not. Who was their father and where did he rule (the place is far from Mithila)?
      A.5. (a) Seeradhwaj. Sunayna. (b) Kushdhwaj, brother of Janaka. He was the ruler of Sankashya (Kashi).

      Q.6. Parents: Hanuman was born to the celestial nymph Anjana and god Vayu/Pawan. But interestingly, Anjana and Vayu are not man and wife. So, whom Anjana a wife of?
      A.6. Kesari, king of monkeys who could at his will turn into a human. He was so named because he could fight with a lion. The legend is when Dashratha offered the first piece of auspicious pudding (for conceiving a child) to Kaushalya, a kite snatched a portion of it away. Lord Shiva ordered Vayu to seize that portion from the kite. Vayu's efforts caused the pudding fall on outstretched hands of Anjana, who ate it and gave birth to Hanuman. Hence, the relation between Rama and Hanuman.

      Q.7. There are five women in Indian epics who are known as eternal virgins (i.e. they will remain so even after giving birth to a child). Two of them: Kunti and Draupadi occur in Mahabharat and three in Ramayana. Who?
      A.7. Ahilya, Tara and Mandodari. Together they are known as Panchkanya. Sometimes, Satyavati is also added to the list.

      Q.8. Spouses: Bali's wife was Tara, who married Sugreeva after Bali was killed. Similarly, Ravana's "supreme" wife was Mandodari who married Vibheeshana after Ravana's death. But originally who were the wives of (a) Sugreeva and (b) Vibheeshan, before these guys married their brothers' widows?
      A.8.(a) Ruma (b) Sarama (daughter of the Gandharva king Shailusha). On the other hand, Mandodari was the daughter of demon-king Maya.

      Q.9. Siblings: (a) Ravana's true sister was not Shurpanakha. But somebody else. Who? (b) Similarly, Vibhishan was Ravan's step- brother. Who was Vibhishan's mother? (c) And finally who were the true brothers of Shurpanakha?
      A.9. (a) Kumbhinasi (b) Malini (c) Khar, Dushan and Trishra. The complete Ravana's clan is as follows: Sage Vishrava, son of sage Pulatsya had four wives. First, Ilavida of whom Kubera was the son. Second, Pushpatkota/Kaikasi (daughter of Sumali and Tatka). They had three children: Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Kumbhinasi. Third, Raka who bore four children: Khar, Dushan, Trishra and Shurpnakha. And fourth: Malini, mother of Vibhishana.

      Q.10. Red-Errings: We all know Shrutkirti was the wife of Shatrughan in Ramayana. Who is Shrutkirti in Mahabharata?
      A.10. The son of Draupadi and Arjuna. Draupadi had five sons, one by each husband:
      Prativindhya (by Yudhishthira), Srutasoma (by Bhima), Srutakirtti (by Arjuna), Satanika (by Nakula) and Srutakarman (by Sahadeva). All of these sons were killed by Ashwatthama on the last day of Mahabharata war.

      Q.11. Parents: The celestial nymph Menaka is related with the very first generations in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. In the latter she is the mother of Shakuntala, who in turn is mother of Bharata, one of the first kings in Kuru dynasty. How is she related to Rama or the first generation of Ramayana?
      A.11. Menaka was the mother of sage Ekashringa/Rishyashringa (so named as he was norn with the horns of a deer), who is the husband of Shanta, Rama's only (cousin) sister. He is also the same sage who presided the yagna ceremony which produced the pudding for the queens of Dashrath so that they could conceive a child. Ekashringa's father was sage Vibhandaka. Since Maneka left her child after the birth ad went to heaven, Vibhandaka became bitter towards all the womenfolk. He did not allow his son to see any women. Once Anga - the kingdom of Lompada (Dashrath's brother and father of Shanta) suffered from famine. It was cited that the presence of a boy with utmost chastity could only rescue the kingdom. Lompada tricked Ekashringa to come to his kingdom and later, meet and marry Shanta.

      Q.12. How are these characters related to Rama: (a) Kumudvati (b) Atithi?
      A.12. (a) Ram's eldest daughter-in-law. Kush's wife. People often mistake Luv as be elder as his name is pronounced first. But the truth is exactly opposite. (b) Ram's grandson, son of Kush-Kumudvati! Read more here: http://www.hindu-mythology.faithweb.com/index_4.html

      Q.13. Spouses: Which relative of Sugreeva was an employee of Ravana (though he did help Rama's side in a way)?
      A.13. Susen, father of Tara (Bali's wife who married Sugreeva after Bali's death) was Ravana's physician. He tended to Lakshman and suggested Sanjeevani herb as cure. Sugreeva's first father-in-law is Megh-varna i.e. father of Ruma. Hint was in the question as the category was mentioned as Spouses!

      Q.14. Siblings: (a) Who was the only brother of Mandavi and Shrutkeerti and hence brother-in-law of Bharat and Shatrughan? (b) (Answer with caution) Who was the only sister of Rama (by many accounts, a daughter of Kaushalya and Dashrath) and hence, the only sister-in-law of Sita?
      A.14. (a) Dharmadhvaj, Kushadhvaj’s only son. Further Dharmsdhvaj's himself had two sons: Kritdhvaj and Mitdhvaj. (b) None. It is a misconception that Rama's only sister was Shanta. Actually Shanta was Rama's first cousin, daughter of Lompada (meaning "hairy-foot"), the only brother of Dashrath.

      Q.15. Red-Errings: Interestingly, during the Lanka war, both Hanuman and Lakshman found one of their relatives on the enemy's side. What's more, those relatives were from their next generation. All this despite of the fact that Hanuman was a celibate and Lakshman was away from Urmila for 14 years. Who were these relatives and what was their relation with (a) Hanuman and (b) Lakshman respectively?
      A.15.(a) Makardhwaja, son of Hanuman. Even though Hanuman had taken vows of celebacy, he however had a son. Legend has it that when he doused his burning tail in the sea after burning Lanka,a drop of his sweat fell down and was inbibed by a fish. The fish became pregnant and gave birth to a son when she was brought to the kitchen of Ahiravan, Ravana's underworld kin. Later this boy helped his father Hanuman to rescue Rama and Lakshman when they were abducted to Paatal/Underworld by Ahiravana and Mahiravana. (b) Indrajit, son of Ravana and son-in-law of Lakshman. Indrajit's wife Sulochana was the daughter of Adishesha. Lakshman is the incarnation of Adishesha.

      Q.16. This should be pretty interesting:
      Ram-Sita: Luv and Kush::
      (a) Bharat-Mandavi: ? ::
      (b) Lakshman-Urmila: ? ::
      (c) Shatrughan-Shrutkeerti: ?
      A.16. Ram-Sita: Luv and Kush::
      (a) Bharat-Mandavi: Taksha and Pushkala ::
      (b) Lakshman-Urmila: Angad and Dharmaketu/Chandraketu ::
      (c) Shatrughan-Shrutkeerti: Subahu and Shatrughati. (All twins and all sons...seems to be a Bollywood saga!!)

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