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SPECIAL EVENT - HAI comes to BMAPN - Sunday, March 10 in New Lebanon, NY

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  • Tara Shakti-Ma
    *We are very excited to announce that on Sunday, March 10, our monthly poly-potluck gathering will be enhanced with a second (annual) free HAI ( www.hai.org)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2013
      We are very excited to announce that on Sunday, March 10, our monthly poly-potluck gathering will be enhanced with a second (annual) free HAI (www.hai.org) mini-workshop.   (More details further down in this email.)   HAI's personal growth workshops offer wonderful tools for being in healthy relationship with oneself and others, regardless of the shape those other relationships take.

      Your RSVP is required, and the deadline for RSVPs is Friday March 8 at 12-noon , since this event could be quite popular and it will help for us to know ASAP how many people plan to attend.  Please do not RSVP to *this* list.  We ask that those interested in attending join us on the BMAPN list, where we are coordinating RSVPs and potluck contributions, and where detailed information about location and logistics will be shared.   The link to BMAPN's Yahoo group is - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/.   

      The workshop will be presented by Ben Farris, an extremely experienced and beloved presenter of HAI mini-workshops.   The tools offered in the HAI workshop experience are valuable for enriching one's relationship with self, as well as one's relationships with others.  HAI acknowledges and respects all relationship-orientations, and a good number of regular HAI participants are polyamorous.  Khafiya Wolf, long term HAI intern, registrar and BMAPN member will also be present.  She'll be very happy to answer questions as well.

      In this FREE mini-workshop, you'll discover how your beliefs about love, intimacy and sexuality affect your relationships, sexual satisfaction, body image and ability to love.

      You'll learn specific tools that will support you in:

      • Enhancing your ability to identify core wants and needs

      • Cultivating conscious communication skills vital to healthy relating

      • Becoming more intimate with yourself and others

      • Staying in a place of love when it's most difficult

      In this free mini-workshop, you'll have the opportunity to connect with others through a variety of exercises designed to open your heart and support you in sharing authentically with one another.

      Come and get a taste of the HAI experience in a totally safe,warm, loving and non-sexual environment.

        Please keep in mind that you are entirely at choice to participate in the workshop.   While we hope everyone attends will commit to joining and holding the "container" we intend to co-create together during the workshop, it is important that you know that you are indeed always at choice.   If you get tired or antsy, no one will be offended if you need to make a shift.

      Our usual gathering time is being adjusted to accommodate such a full day.   Out of consideration for our presenter (and those that need to leave around the anticipated workshop end time of 4:30), please arrive on time.  

      Arrival and appetizers -  11:45 to 12:30

      Lunch will begin promptly at 12:30 and end at 1:15

      Workshop  from 1:30 until - approximately - 4:30

      Free social time (including hot-tubbing, nature hikes, more food, etc.) from 4:30 on into the evening.   If we're lucky maybe the grounds will be clear enough for some roaming around.  

      After the workshop, we will have 2 spaces for conversation after the workshop.  The living room for more lively, diverse social conversation, and the workshop space for quiet conversations intended for more intimate depth.  Essentially the living room is more of a party space where anyone can jump into the conversation.  The workshop space will be for very intentional, focused interactions between 2 or more people (who have agreed to do so together) where they can explore "process work", healing touch or other forms of deep non-sexual sharing, and where such sharing will be held in tender and compassionate intention.   More information about these 2 spaces and what distinguishes them will be shared at the gathering.   

      For more general information about what to expect when you attend a BMAPN event, please visit  http://www.bmapn.com/p/about-bmapn.html.

      This special event could turn out to be very popular, and we need to cap attendees to 25-30 maximum.   Please get your RSVP in as early as possible to reserve your space.  

      RSVPs can begin now!!!

      We look forward to seeing you!

      Warmly:  Tara and Kyther

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