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Update on Polyamory Political Summit: Feb 17: Berkeley, California

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  • Monique
    This is an update on the Polyamory Political Summit that will be happening on SUNDAY: FEBRUARY 17, 2013, at the campus of the University of California,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2013
      This is an update on the Polyamory Political Summit that will be happening on
      SUNDAY: FEBRUARY 17, 2013, at the campus of the University of California,
      Berkeley, in Berkeley, California.


      This will be a day-long series of discussions and presentations about polyamory
      and political isssues.

      What is happening on the socio-political front related to polymory, open
      relationships, and other forms of consensual non-monogamy? The subject has
      attracted considerable attention in recent years. Legislatures in the US,
      Canada, Germany, Australia, Kazakstan and several other countries have been
      asked to repeal their laws prohibiting plural marriages. Some countries (Brazil,
      Holland) have already declared "domestic partnerships" containing three or more
      people to be legal. The American "religious right" - smarting from their
      continuing failure to prevent same-sex marriage - seems to be wanting to use
      polyamory as their "next big thing" to panic and galvanize their constituents
      into mobilizing and making donations.(Should we try to stop them - or try to
      encourage them?)

      What is happening on this front? What has been done? What can we do? What could
      we DO? What SHOULD we do?

      Who are our allies? Who are our opponents? Are there laws to be passed? Laws to
      be repealed? Coalitions to be formed? Consciousnesses to be raised?
      Organizations to founded? Marches to be organized? Elections to be won and
      lost? Propaganda to be disseminated? Films, movies and TV shows to be made?
      Revolutionary leaflets to be written and distributed among the masses? Uprisings
      to be instigated? Scandals to be created? Politicians to be bribed? Religions to
      be founded or discredited? Perhaps it is time poly people became more directly
      involved in these and other normal features of the political process?

      If a real "polyamory movement" were to come into being, what would it look like?

      Should we just keep on insulting, ridiculing, and alienating the swinger
      community (like we've done so successfully for the last four decades) - or might
      we try a more constructive approach -such as forming an alliance with them? How
      would we do that?

      Should we actually try to DO something about all this, or should the polyamory
      community just continue to sit on our asses and passively hope that everything
      will work out for the best?

      Many poly folks are great at kicking around self-congratulatory utopian ideas
      - which is an easy thing to do - so long as we don't seriously plan to DO
      anything to make them happen. To quote the great theologian Mel Brooks:

      "Oh, lord! Do we have the strength to carry on this mighty task in one night, or
      are we just jerking off?"

      I personally do not have a lot of answers, but I have a lot of questions.
      Numerous presenters with relevant experience will be here. Anybody with
      something to say about all this, interested in participating the debate, or just
      wanting to listen to the discussion, is invited to attend. Looks like this is
      shaping up to be quite a circus, but the more the merrier! All are welcome, but
      you MUST register in advance!

      The Poly Political summit an affilitated event connected to the Intermational
      Academic Polyamory Conference happening at the same site earlier during that
      same weekend. The Political presentations and discussions will all be happening
      on Sunday, Feb 17, displayed on the webiste as Session 5.

      The poly political summit is technically a separate event from the main
      conference, but anyone registered for either event is allowed to attend any of
      the presentations happening on any of the days.


      Note that the schedule of topics for this session is tentative. The final
      agenda and line-up of topics will be decided upon via consensus of participants
      who are present at the beginning of the day. The structure of this session is
      intended to be a series of specific topics, with discussion during each segment
      strictly limited to that one specific topic. Toward the end of the day, those
      still standing will collectively attempt to evaluate what has been said earlier
      throughout the day, and arrive at general ideas and strategies for specific
      actions that may prove productive in the future. Although all interested parties
      are invited to attend and/or present, strong preference is given to those
      interested in attending the entire session, especially the discussion which will
      occur later in the day. Those interested in attending for only brief periods
      will be permitted on a space-available basis only).


      To register contact:

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