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SUNDAY, OCT. 21 - New Lebanon, NY - BMAPN celebrates it's 1st Anniversary!!!!!....and you're invited!

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  • Tara Shakti-Ma
    This month is an exciting one for us here in the Berkshire hills. It was one year ago this month that we held our first poly-folk gathering, and we re
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2012

      This month is an exciting one for us here in the Berkshire hills.   It was one year ago this month that we held our first poly-folk gathering, and we're inviting our poly-folk neighbors from miles (and miles) around.   We have grown and grown and are thriving!    (Some folks actually travel up to 2 hours to join us for a day of fun and community.)  While we especially hope to see many of our founding members at this celebration party, this is also a really great time for new folks to come check us out as well.   So put on your favorite and most comfy layers of fall clothing, and come join us for a day of poly-socializing, walks in the woods, strolls around the grounds, enjoying the hot tub, a cuddle puddle and/or simply sitting around the wood stove.   The day is yours to enjoy in whatever way you want, with other like-spirited folks.   Our gatherings are very warmly welcoming of all who are polyamorous, poly-inquiring or simply poly-friendly.   

      This month - due to our desire to simply party and celebrate - our schedule will be slightly changed.    

      We gather on Sunday, October 21 - 

      Arrival is at the usual time - between Noon and 12:45.    We'll also be serving appetizers during this time.   

      At 1 PM we'll gather for our greeting circle (where everyone says their name and where they're from basically) and  a very brief "mini-workshop"  - While we are not having our usual discussion circle, we welcome the opportunity to enjoy a brief (no more than about half an hour) mini-workshop on identifying, expressing our own and respecting the touch boundaries of others.  The will also be a demo on how to offer the most awesome hug!   This treat is being presented to us by Khafiya Wolf, long time registrar, and workshop participant and assistant for HAI"s  love, sex and intimacy workshops on the east coast (for more information about HAI go to www.hai.org).  Since poly folk tend to be very gregarious people, open to giving and receiving warm hugs and other forms of touch, exploring how we can be sensitive to our own personal boundaries and those of others, and how to inquire about those boundaries as well as compassionately express our own, is a skill that can come in very handy and support the waters remaining smooth at poly gatherings.    We are asking that anyone wishing to be in the hot tub especially participate in this brief exploration of boundaries and touch.   (Note:  We would really prefer everyone be here by then, so we can have a nice full greeting circle, even if you choose to not remain present for the brief presentation.)  This will also be a time where we touch briefly on some logistical matters of the day as well.

      Lunch - 1:30 to 1:45 - We'll get the food rocking, and keep it rocking (hopefully) all day.

      Departure - 6:30 PM - It's become downright comical that we think we're all going to be ready to part at 4:30.  (This just never happens.)   We're certainly not going to push it on this day.   So we'll set 6:30PM as a target departure time....though we may well go beyond that time.   Likely by 8:30 at the latest we'll be ready to wind down and appreciate folks getting on their way.   We may have some guests staying over and/or sweeties who we want to spend some private time with, but you're welcome to stay until we gently tell you it's time for us to chill.

      Please keep in mind that all our gatherings are fragrance-free events (out of sensitivity for those who can be made ill by scented products), as well as BYOB events.  If you imagine you might like to drink some beer or wine  while you're here, please bring some to also share.  We are accepting of responsible alcohol consumption.

      You're RSVP is required. The deadline for RSVPs, is Thursday, 10/18. You can RSVP (and by doing so obtain the exact address here in New Lebanon, NY) by joining us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/.

      Tara Shakti-Ma )O(


      Join us at any of the following groups. Each also has a Facebook presence...

      ~http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExpansiveLoving/ - An internationally serving on-line group for spiritually and new-paradigm inclined poly-folk.

      ~ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEAPN/ - Serving as a central resource for poly-folk in and around the New England area.

      ~ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/  (Berkshire Mountain Area Polyamory Network) - A polyamory social and support group that meets regularly in New Lebanon, NY.

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