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Sunday, May 13 - BMAPN (New Lebanon, NY) - Potluck, PLANT EXCHANGE #1 and blended discussion

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  • Tara Shakti-Ma
    Berkshire Mountain Polyamory Network warmly invites you to our next poly-potluck, on Sunday, May 15, from noon until 4:30 PM (and likely beyond if we re having
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      Berkshire Mountain Polyamory Network warmly invites you to our next poly-potluck, on Sunday, May 15, from noon until 4:30 PM (and likely beyond if we're having a good time, and we usually are).

      We meet in a private home, on 7 wooded and sacred acres, in New Lebanon, NY. Address will be provided to those who join BMAPN's Yahoo group, and indicate they will be attending. If you are not already a member, you can join us by going to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/. You can also write to me directly if you'd like more information before you join, at tara.shaktima@...

      To learn more about BMAPN, please go to this link. http://www.bmapn.com/p/about-bmapn.html

      Our discussion will be a blend of topics members recently voted on.  With no clear "winner", but with 4 topics basically at a "tie", we'll see how we can weave them together.   Those topics are - 

      *  safe sex practices in the context of multi-partner relating

      *  how to keep relationships stable in the midst of breaking new ground (a new lover, new relationship configuration, a new approach to your polyamory in practice, and/or any significant shift) and nurture a collaborative spirit among everyone involved

      *  the tender dance of maintaining loving presence with established lovers in the presence of new lovers entering the picture (very tied in with the prior topic actually, so easy to blend)

      *  Is polyamory just a cover for sex/love addiction?  How can we tell the difference?

      Yes, I know, that's a lot of ground to cover, but lets see if we can pull it off. 

      We will also be holding the first of 2 consecutive plant and seed exchanges, to help us get our gardens growing, and to share with others any extra seedlings we may have.   Please label your plants and seeds, listing what they are, what they need to thrive and your name and email address (in case someone needs to contact you to ask you how to care for something them may have taken).   If you bring something to contribute, we can't assure that you'll have something to take home, since we won't be requiring "takers" to bring things to contribute.   Some folks will be just getting started with growing their own.   All forms of vegetables and ornamentals are welcome, but we ask that you do everything you can to be sure what you bring is not GMO product, or anything that Monsanto may have had their hands in creating.  When possible, please indicate the source of your plant or seeds.  We will have another exchange in June.   (If anyone has a pop up table that they can bring for displaying the specimens and seeds, this would be very helpful.)

      We hope you'll join us!

      Warmly:  Tara (organizer)

      PS - please note that our June (Saturday 6/9) potluck and social will be another special event, this one entitled "Curiosity, Transparency, Intimacy: an Introduction to New Culture", with presenter Sarah Taub, on Saturday, June 9 at the usual times. Sarah will be guiding us in exploring wonderful tools for personal growth, that are also useful in co-creating healthy polyamorous relationships, as well as introducing us to the "New Culture" movement and experience. Stay tuned. That announcement will be coming out soon.


      Join us at any of the following groups. Each also has a Facebook presence... 

      ~http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExpansiveLoving/ - An internationally serving on-line group for spiritually and new-paradigm inclined poly-folk. 

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEAPN/ - Serving as a central resource for poly-folk in and around the New England area.

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/  (Berkshire Mountain Area Polyamory Network) - A polyamory social/support group that meets monthly in New Lebanon, NY.

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