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RE: [NHPoly] Idea

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  • mikeaustinvt1@yahoo.com
    Just wanted to be supportive of Capt Borris s idea as well. So Don t worry, be happy. You are being welcoming and inclusive which is the right approach And
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      Just wanted to be supportive of Capt Borris's idea as well. "So Don't worry, be happy." You are being welcoming and inclusive which is the right approach. And in any case, may the Easter Bunny be very good to you for bringing up the idea.
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      Date: 03/06/12 23:47:32
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      "others want to focus on one thing at a time" -- This is how I feel.
      - MP

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      CaptBorris, and everyone, I think what you are pursuing is a good thing!  You are trying (I think) to focus on folks new to poly and provide a venue where those poly issues can be addressed.    I think it would ALSO be a good idea for everyone that can to attend the VASE sponsored munches and other events to get some additional thoughts, concepts, and networking in.  Folks new to poly are often going through some intense learnings as they discover what poly means to them; some people have the 'bandwidth' (sorry, my technical background is showing) to  welcome even more alternatives than they are trying on for size with poly; others want to focus on one thing at a time.  It's all good.
      I feel it we are a far cry from having too many competing gatherings.  Avoid having them at the same time and encourage folks to go to as many of these sorts of gatherings, munches, etc as they can.  I feel that it isn't necessary to 'go for' numbers of participants at any given event, but to encourage everyone to connect with others in any environment they feel comfortable.  Let's try to avoid being insular in our thinking and be open to talking about our relationships and practices with others who are accepting even if we aren't 'into' exactly the same sorts of things.  One thing it is very easy to do with any concept that is 'fringe' is that there is the tendency to try to define 'how it is done' and exclude those who don't agree with that.  Look at how many definitions of polyamory there are out there!  Let's try to keep an attitude of learning from anyone; it is amazing of some of the insights that can come out of hearing and thinking about things that aren't appealing to us but that works for other folks.
      Sorry for the dissertation!
      hugs all!
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      No it isn't, you have positive responses and I feel we should pursue it!

      From: captborris <captborris@...>
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      Subject: [NHPoly] Idea

      I guess that this was a bad idea?

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