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Fwd: BMAPN's FIRST GATHERING!!! - Sunday, 10/2 - Noon to 4:30PM - New Lebanon, NY

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  • Tara Shakti-Ma
    ... From: Tara Shakti-Ma Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:12 PM Subject: BMAPN s FIRST GATHERING!!! - Sunday, 10/2 - Noon to 4:30PM -
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      From: Tara Shakti-Ma <tara.shaktima@...>
      Date: Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:12 PM
      Subject: BMAPN's FIRST GATHERING!!! - Sunday, 10/2 - Noon to 4:30PM - New Lebanon, NY
      To: BMAPN@yahoogroups.com, NEAPN@yahoogroups.com

      Kyther and I are excited to be hosting the FIRST BMAPN gathering!!!!!!  

      (That's Berkshire Mountain Area Polyamory Network http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/ 



      The event's link on Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=261821910518955.

      If you are reading this information on a list other than BMAPN's, please join the list so you can RSVP there, and so we can keep you in the loop from there, rather than glut other lists.)

      WHERE:  164 Chairfactory Road, New Lebanon, NY  12125

      WHEN:  Sunday, October 2, 2011   Noon until 4:30 PM

      Here's what you need to know -

      ~ Come enjoy the briskness of fall at our home, on 7 beautiful and serene wooded acres, on land considered to be sanctified first by Native Americans, then the Shakers, and more recently by the Sufi community "The Abode of the Message". There is a special and magical feeling here, and we love to share it with others. We have woods to explore, bees busy at the hive (though they may be a bit subdued by Oct.), a labyrinth and a fire circle (in progress).

      ~ Your RSVP is essential, and you are welcome to bring guests. Please let us know who all is coming with you, by posting here. We request they RSVP as well. We'd like a reasonable head count.

      ~ This is an omnivore's potluck and - if weather permits - cookout. Please bring a dish to share (enough for you, and to be shared with 6 other people, if possible), accompanied by a card stating the ingredients for those with dietary limitations or preferences. We are 2 people formerly living on our own, who have recently begun to cohabit, so we're a bit low on serving utensils. Please bring what you need to present and serve your dish. Please do not bring anything with pork in it (pork allergies reside here). We'll take care of the snacks and appetizers, and likely make a dish too. The oven, stove and microwave will be available for reheating. My request is that you post what you will bring, so we- ideally - avoid redundancy. If you can, please bring your own utensils, and eating and drinking vessels. (We've learned this cuts down on clean up after the fact, and who wouldn't find that appealing?!)

      ~ This is a family friendly event, so if you have children feel free to bring them along. Please keep in mind this is a household of 2 adults and one 15 year old (who will not be here that day...she's going to Six Flags with her boyfriend and his family!!!!). There are no special amusements for younger children, but plenty of land to explore in. If we get "rained in", the house is airy and comfortable, but there is not a lot of room (especially if we have several adults) or much to do for young children. Please come prepared to keep them well behaved and amused. if you are bringing children please let us know.

      ~ Bring the things you might need to feel comfy and to have fun - lawn chairs, picnic blanket, hiking boots, layered clothing, yard game equipment, etc., etc. You know the drill.

      ~We're regular attenders of fire circles and we encourage you to bring your drums, shaker and other percussion instruments. Melodic instruments are welcome as well.

      ~ Alcohol consumed responsibly is welcome here.  Smoking (notice we don't specify what kind) will be permitted in a designated area. Please ask where that is, if you don't know, before lighting up.

      ~ Due to the significant sensitivities of some attendees (including your hostess), please come fragrance-free.  (Scented laundry products can also be a trigger, so if you can, please wear clothes that are not "spring time fresh!")

      ~ A heads up for those with allergies......a very sweet and friendly golden retriever lives here, as well as a senior pussy cat who is also sweet, but tends to prefer to remain aloof. In other words, the dog is an attention slut and the cat is not.


      Noon to 12:30 PM - Arrival (if you can, late comers will not be turned away, but you might miss some good stuff).

      12:30 - Welcoming circle and then let's chow down!

      1:30 to 2:30 - Bring your food and drink if you must, as we gather for introductions, some brief sharing, and then play around with some ice breaker games that are low pressure, fun and usually result in at least *some* laughter. Everyone will be at choice and no one will be put on the spot. After that we'll likely go into sharing a bit more about ourselves, and of course we won't leave out a bit of sharing on the topic of polyamory and how that's meaningful to us. This first event is primarily a social one, more than a support one, but who knows where the conversation may go.

      2:30 to 4:30 - Free time socializing.....chat, explore, do a massage exchange, play music...whatever calls to you.

      4:30 - Farewell until next time.


      We're looking forward to hosting you at our home: Tara and Kyther


      Tara Shakti-Ma )O(


      Join us at any of the following groups. Each also has a Facebook presence...

      ~http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExpansiveLoving/ - An internationally serving on-line group for spiritually and new-paradigm inclined poly-folk.

      ~ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEAPN/ - Serving as a central resource for poly-folk in and around the New England area.

      ~ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BMAPN/  (Berkshire Mountain Area Polyamory Network)

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