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My take on the Loving More conference/retreat (coming up Sept 9 to 11)

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  • Alan M.
    NH folks, I d like to put in a plug for Loving More s rural conference/retreat coming up in a month (the weekend of September 9 to 11), oriented to polyamory
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2011
      NH folks,

      I'd like to put in a plug for Loving More's rural conference/retreat coming up in a month (the weekend of September 9 to 11), oriented to polyamory and building good relationship skills. It's held at a secluded site north of Albany. I've been going to this for several years and wouldn't miss it for anything, even though I'm in a monogamous partnership these days.

      People have asked me what these conferences are actually like. I wrote back:

      The venue is the Easton Mountain Resort, a spiritual retreat center by a pond in the wilderness. The days are mostly structured around workshops/ talks/ discussions/ on topics regarding relationships, polyamory, and good communication skills. And usually some tantric energy stuff, though I usually skip that part.

      People are just incredibly warm and friendly and you fit in before you know it. The whole thing is at great pains to respect people's personal boundaries -- this is a very safe environment, no pressure sexual or otherwise. This is not a sex event, though someone may organize an edgier session or two in the Temple for those who want.

      It's a relatively small crowd, a few dozen. Food is excellent, accommodations are motel-like but sometimes several to a room (private rooms are extra). You get a discount if you bring a tent and camp, for which there's a good big lawn. Sauna, hot tub, swimming pool, hiking trails.

      It's clothing-optional; this tends to be the norm around the pool/ hot tub/ sauna, though not many go bare most other places. It is a fun, safe place to explore a bit of nudism among friendly people if you're so inclined. (My very first time there, I walked back to the lodge from the sauna in the nude late at night and, because I didn't know the layout well yet, I found myself hunting all through the building for where I'd left my clothes. Through the dining room, into a discussion group, past some people playing music, most of the people strangers to me -- and suddenly I realized I was living everyone's recurring nightmare of being lost in public with no clothes on! But it wasn't a bit unsettling -- just happy and sweet. So, ghost exorcised. I would never have to have that nightmare again.)



      Alan M.
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