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  • Tara Shakti
    Hi Poly Folks: I currently live in PA, but am seriously looking to move to the NY/New England area. In part to be closer to my (partnered) lover who lives
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2009

      Hi Poly Folks:

      I currently live in PA, but am seriously looking to move to the NY/New England area.  In part to be closer to my (partnered) lover who lives close to Albany, but also to be closer to the communities/ tribe that I seem to be feeling more and more at home with.  I am looking to connect with poly-friendly intentional communities and/or households open to new members (which would include a delightful 12 yr. old girl and a sweet 3 yr. old golden retriever).  Thus in part why I am connecting with poly-groups in the area.  I also visit the NY/New England area fairly often, so knowing where "my kind" are seems comforting too.  Currently I plan to be coming through in Feb. as well as in March.

      I'm a long time (off and - as of 2 years ago - on again) poly-folk who has absolutely no plans to ever go back to anything remotely resembling the mono-paradigm (aka "closed" relationships) .  I'm 53, bi and open to new connections.  Aside from my lover in NY (who is very significant to me), I have a couple of other friend/lovers I have in common with him, but I see them *much* less often.  Nonetheless, I cherish and much appreciate when I see them.  I am open to friendly and non-squicky off list contacts at dakinitara@tantrika path.com

      I'm the list owner and moderator of the internationally- serving Yahoo group "Expansive Loving" http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ExpansiveL oving/ 

      I'm also a poly writer and activist, as well as a tantrika and Dakini.  Some of you may know me from other nationally serving lists, or from the HAI, TBS or NFNC Summer Camp communities.  I'm also connected by interest to Shalom Mountain Retreat Center.

      You can learn more about me at my Yahoo profile, which I just updated...although that photo looks like it's sliding out of it's frame for some odd reason...need to put up a new one...but if you join the "Expansive Loving" list, you can get an eyeful by viewing my album in the photos section.  ;-)   The link to my Yahoo profile is http://profiles. yahoo.com/ u/5P7CK7ILP2BQ2O 2NXG3MGLLR6Y

      Peace and Blessings:  Tara

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