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2062Re: [NGMMG] FOR SALE: Mine Plant by Tillson

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  • George Konrad
    Dec 16, 2013
         A most incredible book, and I hope that your leaves are not split! It was another copy of this book that precipitated my interest in narrow gauge and the mining industry. I took it out time after time from the El Paso public library when I was a young, impressionable, soldier at Fort Bliss.
        A long story ensues, I will spare you the blow-by-blow details, but needing to return "Mine Plant, (if a soldier returned a book ONE day late, his library card was revoked) and not having the gas (end of the month, etc.) for my motorcycle, caused a chain of events that got me an off-duty job at Aero Hobbies, which led to my being hired by IBM, and the interest in the hobby led to my meeting my wife of 48 years.
           If any of you out there have even a passing interest in the mining industry, for goodness sakes buy Darryl's book! Oh yeah, the EP library  copy had a lot of leaves split (DUH!) my copy is pristine, or my check would be on the way.
        Many thanks for reviving old, wonderful memories.

      On Monday, December 16, 2013 5:41 AM, "darrylhuffman@..." <darrylhuffman@...> wrote:
      I have a copy of Mine Plant by Tillson for sale.
      Over 300 pages of diagrams and information on mines and milling.
      Ex-library copy.  Used but in good useful condition.
      Excellent resource for the model builder.
      $85 includes free shipping to anywhere in the USA.
      Your personal  check is fine.
      If interested, please contact me off list at:
      Darryl Huffman
      451 N Evelyn Way
      Star, ID 83669

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