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  • bfornshell
    Dec 1, 2013



    Using the new information from Sam's article I have made version 2 of the Hopper Car.


    Version 2 is closer to what I think the DV Hopper Car would look like. I hope a picture shows up with better detail but for now this should be it.  Need to gather the necessary detail parts, make the chassis, find some trucks etc and see how it looks behind my On30 Heisler Engine.  If all looks good I expect I will make a few more in On30 and then a bunch in HOn3.


    Bill Fornshell


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    Hi Sam,


    Your article is in the July / August, 2002 issue.  Thanks for posting about your article.


    I just finished my first card stock mock-up in On30.  Now that I have your article I will make a couple adjustments and make version 2.


    I have attached 3 pictures of my first version.


    Bill Fornshell




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    Hello George and all,


    My drawing of the K&J hoppers as sold to the Eureka Hill RR appeared in the May/June, 2002 issue of the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette in an article by Stan Jennings on the history of Eureka Hill Shay #1.


    I developed the drawing using the K&J proposal to Pacific Coast Borax for hopper cars to be used on the DVRy.  I also found a blueprint from a proposal to the Empire Copper Co. for a 20 ton hopper of a slightly different design.


    Also, there is a catalog from K&J that includes an engraving and basic dimentions of the Eureka Hill cars.


    There are a few differences between the DV and EH cars, the major ones deal with the ICC mandated safety appliances on the DV cars,  and the placement of the brake cylinders.


    Supposedly there is a pair of K&J trucks at the Laws museum.



    Sam Bass


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