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2042Re: [NGMMG] Death Valley RR hopper cars

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  • George Konrad
    Nov 30, 2013
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      Hello all,
        I am sorry, but the trucks did not scan well, as the plan is quite faded in that area. The wb of the trucks on the plan is 4'6"; the trucks are a very standard type of arch bar with the top strap just slightly rising from the journals to the center, planks, and the lower strap dropping a bit more from the journals to the center planks. 
         I will work on the plan after this family-oriented weekend, and see if I can enhance the tucks' image. If I have some semblance of success, I will then try "Mr. Reluctant Printer/scanner" once again and send that along. 
         I am in the hopes that there is a truck out there somewhere that is close to a good match. Please sand by..........

      On Saturday, November 30, 2013 10:55 AM, John Cummings <jcmm3030@...> wrote:
      As Sam Bass mentioned these DV cars were built by Kilbourn & Jacobs.   We found a small st'd gauge hopper at Virginia City, MN that is similar also built by K&J--truck w/b 51"  24" wd  archbar trucks--was at Anaconda to carry mill slimes. 

      George Sebastian-Coleman
      11 Taine Mountain Road
      Unionville CT 06085

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      If you right click on the person's name after "From," you will get a series of options that includes "reply to sender." So you can always respond directly to someone on the group.

      George Sebastian-Coleman
      11 Taine Mountain Road
      Unionville CT 06085

      On Nov 29, 2013, at 8:26 AM, bill davis wrote:


      Hi George,
      Can you scan that plan and post it

      On Thursday, November 28, 2013 8:27 PM, "23.weldon@..." <23.weldon@...> wrote:
       John - Yahoo will only let me reply to the group address and does not offer a method for attaching images.  Send me your full email address direct to 23 dot weldon at comcast dot net and I'll reply with the attachments.
      Ed Weldon

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      Can't get into the photos section.   Can you send one by email?     John C.

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      I added 5 high res photos of NN std gauge ore cars to the photo section.   I took them on a summer 2009 visit to the Nevada Northern.  Not sure which are the design you guys are talking about.  .............Ed Weldon

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