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2040Ingoldsby Ore Hopper Cars

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  • John Cummings
    Nov 30, 2013
      These cars while only seen so far as standard gauge cars in the US were found in 3 ft gauge one several lines in Mexico including Cananea Copper Co.  See article in NG&SL Gaz last year.  Looking for a good side view of these cars to scale off.   Standard gauge versions are at Nevada Northern Ry.  Drawings s.g. are in Gregg Train Shed #48.  

       I visited a film clip last nite on you tube showing meter gauge Ingoldsbys on the Ferronor line to the old Andes Copper smelter.   Just type in Ferronor Chile on you tube and look thru several film clips to see these cars in a train.  Most Diesels there are GM GR12's incuding some ex Colombia 3 foot gauge re gauged.
      John C.