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Oakwood Press - sold

I don't know if others on these lists have heard about this, but Oakwood Press have sold their publishing business to Stenlake Publishing - details can be
Brian Rumary
Feb 4

FS: blackstone HOn3 cars

All items new in original box. Shipping extra by Priority Mail. Pay by paypal personal or add $3.00 paypal commercial per item or checks or money orders.
lloyd lehrer
Dec 10, 2015

Narrow Gauge Convention contest photos

Howdy! Have you enjoyed the new Gazette with various first place Contest winners from the recent National Narrow Gauge Convention in Houston, Texas. Would you
Dec 1, 2015
lloyd lehrer
Nov 18, 2015

FS Finescale Railroaders Annuals

I have the 2003 Narrow Gauge Annual, the 2008 Narrow Gauge Annual and the 2008 Logging,Mining & Industrial Annual. All in fine shape and $12 each plus
lloyd lehrer
Nov 16, 2015

Re: Narrow Gauge Convention - in September

Lots of very serious b.s.ing, clinics on modeling and on history in am and evenings, modular club layouts at the conv. site, afternoons are spent on layout
lloyd lehrer
Aug 11, 2015

Re: Narrow Gauge Convention - in September

A lot of "narrow minded" folks, discuss and show at lot of narrow gauge RR things and have a great time doing it! AARn2, AARn30, & AARn3 in various scales
Layton Snover Sr.
Aug 11, 2015

Re: Narrow Gauge Convention - in September

So what exactly happens at a narrow gauge cnvention? Best wishes, Dr. Jim Lowther In a message dated 8/10/2015 1:03:05 A.M. Central Daylight Time,
Aug 11, 2015

Narrow Gauge Convention - in September

Howdy Folks ! ARE YOU READY TO COME TO TEXAS IN 4 WEEKS ? The 35th Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention is now less than one month away !
Aug 9, 2015

Re: Narrow Gauge Convention - July update

Sent from my Samsung device ... From: "Frolin@... [NGMMG]" Date: 06-29-2015 3:00 AM (GMT-05:00) To: NGMMG@yahoogroups.com
Robert Porteous
Aug 8, 2015

Re: rock drilln sharpening machine

For what it is worth, my copy of the reprint of the 1910 book: Rock Drills, Design, Construction and Use by Eustace Weston has now arrived. I bought it on
Darryl Huffman
Jul 23, 2015

Re: rock drilln sharpening machine

Ron, If you have a copy of Riches to Rust, A Guide to Mining in the Old West, by Eric Twitty, pages 63, 64 and 65 have illustrations from old catalogs of drill
Jul 22, 2015

Re: rock drilln sharpening machine

Sam, thanks for refreshing my memory of Eureka, UT, and for the gentle warning! I just checked the Google maps satellite view of the town. All that gray rock
Jul 21, 2015

Re: rock drilln sharpening machine

Hart, If you want to meet an untimely end, just mention "remediation" to someone in Eureka, UT. Interesting to note that the EPA wants to do the same thing to
Jul 21, 2015

Re: rock drilln sharpening machine

Hi Ron, I think I do have a photo of it somewhere, just not digitized. I'll see if I can find it. Sam
Jul 21, 2015
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