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Please post your suggestions for what kinds of events, and what specific events,

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  • crazyhistorian
    Please post your suggestions for what kinds of events, and what specific events, if you can think of any in particular, that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
      Please post your suggestions for what kinds of events, and what
      specific events, if you can think of any in particular, that
      should do, or take part in, or whatever.
      Would you be willing to help to publicize our events?
      That could entail contacting newspapers, using your phone number as
      a contact that newspaper readers could call regarding events listed
      in the events sections of newspapers, etc. such as The Ticket, of
      the Star-Ledger, etc?
      It could also entail posting information about events at appropriate
      groups and sending emails to those in your address book who might be
      interested in attending our events.
      We go to events for many reasons. One of them is to meet other
      The more help we can get in building attendance at events the better.
      This can be done in a variety of ways.
      People can email their friends, they can post information on line,
      they can use a variety of p.r. resources.Some of the p.r. resources
      available are listed below Welcome to the event submission page for
      The Record, Herald News and NorthJersey.com. Submit your event for
      consideration in our online and print calendars.
      Please DO NOT use all capital letters.
      If you need assistance, please visit our FAQ Section,
      which provides answers to the most commonly asked
      questions, or call (201) 646-4380.
      Publicity Packet
      Basic Publicity Instructions
      Either do these things yourself or get a friend to do them. The bare
      minimum (twenty minutes of your time) is the "Three Weeks Before
      Your Event" actions. Also, please share other ideas.
      Three weeks before your event:
      1. Post it on the Maplewood Online Calendar: Go to
      http://www.maplewoodonline.com/ Click on "Main
      Calendar," and follow instructions.
      2. Send simple informational announcements (Who, What, When,
      Where with full address—see below, Contact person with phone and
      email, and Price even if it is free) to:
      • News-Record at essexcty@...
      Star Ledger at event@... and ticket@...
      Two weeks before your event:
      Prepare a short press release (no more than one page) with all the
      information above in narrative form that can be used as an article
      if the paper wants. Send this press release as an email, fax, and/or
      • to Essex section of the Star-Ledger at
      essex@.... You might also call reporter
      Jackie Waller at 973-392-4136
      • to News-Record by Fax to 973-763-2557. You might
      also mail or hand deliver a hard copy to the News-Record office or
      email .essexcty@....
      Two to one weeks before your event:
      • Make a flyer and post on bulletin boards, give to friends,
      • Email/ Call your personal list of people who might be
      Final few days before the event:
      • Remind people by phone and email

      Another possibility we are looking at is cable tv
      Some cable tv stations let you send in information about events
      Would you be willing to send in information about our events and use
      your phone number as the contact for information about them?
      Also, does anyone have any experience regarding
      What are the minimum system requirements for Comcast Chat Events?
      The unofficial minimum requirements for chat are:
      • Pentium 133 or PowerPC 133
      • 32 MB RAM
      • Windows 95 or Mac OS 8
      • Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0
      • 56k Internet connection Could we create our own Comcast Chat
      Events? If anyone knows please post the information
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