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    DUBIOUS ABOUT DUBAI DUBAI or NOT TO BUY Our long-awaited series DUBIOUS ABOUT DUBAI DUBAI or NOT TO BUY begins here. Before you read it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006

      Our long-awaited series DUBIOUS ABOUT DUBAI DUBAI or NOT
      TO BUY begins here.
      Before you read it you should know that we supported President Bush
      in the 2004 election. We think that President Bush has been right
      most of the time in the war on terror.
      When we differ with President Bush we ask that people contact
      President Bush at http://www.whitehouse.gov
      to provide President Bush with their opinions, which we hope
      will be in agreement with ours.
      We differ with President Bush over his support for a so-called
      "palestinian state". We totally oppose the creation of any so-called
      "palestinian state"
      We also differ with President Bush over his support for the so-called
      "Dubai Deal". We totally oppose the so-called "Dubai Deal" .
      Some background on the matter begins here:
      "Thursday, February 23, 2006
      Treasury officials say Snow has severed all relations with CSX
      By: MARTIN CRUTSINGER - Associated Press
      WASHINGTON—Treasury Secretary John Snow, who headed CSX Corp. before
      joining the administration, had severed relations with his former
      company before CSX announced it was selling foreign port operations
      to Dubai Ports World, Treasury officials said Thursday.
      Treasury spokesman Tony Fratto said Snow had no financial
      relationship with CSX when the company decided to sell its
      international terminal operations to Dubai Ports World in 2004.
      Fratto spoke after ...a letter" (from a member of Congress)
      "Thursday to Treasury Department inspector general Harold Damelin
      asking that his office investigate the transaction and Snow's links
      to his former employer.
      "Given that Secretary Snow had previously disclosed a deferred
      compensation package with CSX valued at between $5 (million) and $25
      million and $33.2 million from a special retirement pension, one
      would expect that any financial benefit from the sale of CSX World
      Terminals to Dubai Ports World, including stock holdings, would have
      been revealed, especially if there might be any residual from
      subsequent actions such as these," (the member of Congress) "said in
      her letter.
      Fratto said the decision on whether to launch an investigation will
      be up to the inspector general, but that Snow would welcome any
      review of the matter. Fratto said it would show that Snow had
      violated no government ethics rules regarding his relations with CSX.
      The spokesman said Snow received $33.2 million as part of his
      severance package with CSX when he resigned from the company on Jan.
      31, 2003, prior to being sworn in as Treasury secretary on Feb. 3,
      In addition to the $33.2 million, Snow also received a lump-sum
      payment of $8.03 million in 2004 in deferred compensation. After
      that payment, Snow had no further financial relationship with his
      former company except for a fixed annual pension of $79,129.
      "Secretary Snow left on Jan. 31, 2003, and he has had no involvement
      or interest in the direction of the company since he left," Fratto
      Fratto said Snow learned of the sale by CSX of its foreign port
      operations in 2004 to Dubai Ports World by reading about it in the
      Snow told reporters Wednesday that he was not involved in the
      interagency review of the transaction that will allow Dubai Ports
      World to assume significant operations at six U.S. ports. Fratto
      said Snow has followed government ethics rules that require him to
      recuse himself from dealing with any matters at Treasury involving
      his former employer.
      Lawmakers in both parties have questioned whether U.S. security
      against terrorist attacks will be jeopardized by having a state-
      owned United Arab Emirates company operating at the ports."
      In December of 2002 Treasury Secretary to be Snow was in the news in
      some of the items below:
      CSX's Snow Tapped for Treasury Secretary. We have mixed feelings
      the recent Treasury Department "shakeup". The resignation of the
      former Treasury Secretary, long associated with ALCOA ("Thomas Mellon
      and Sons Bank, founded in 1869, helped finance an aluminum reduction
      company owned by Alfred Hunt and Charles Hall, which became known as
      and his replacement with
      a new Treasury Secretary was interesting. The new Treasury Secretary
      is said to be a "deficit hawk". That is a good omen if he is allowed
      to be a "deficit hawk" in his new post as Treasury Secretary.
      Moreover, Snow replaced Paul O'Neill formerly of ALCOA.
      Our series delves somewhat into the history of ALCOA and O'Neill,
      including O'Neill's notorius criticism of President Bush's excellent
      decision to liberate Iraq. A decision we fully supported, and still
      support. When President Bush is right he is right. The liberation
      of Iraq was right then and is still right. Please
      contact President Bush at http://www.whitehouse.gov
      to tell him that you support the liberation of Iraq.
      "CSX's Snow Tapped for Treasury Secretary
      Mon Dec 9th 2002, By Adam Entous
      WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Bush on
      Monday named John Snow, chairman of railroad giant CSX Corp., as his
      new Treasury secretary and promised bold new measures to reinvigorate
      U.S. economy-and the stock market-before the 2004 re-election
      "John Snow will be a key adviser on the economy
      and a key advocate of my administration's agenda
      for growth, new jobs and wider and more
      international trade," President Bush said at a brief
      In January of 2002 c.e. Dubai was in the news in some of the items
      Police link Calcutta shooting to Sept 11
      Wednesday January 23, 3:07 PM
      By Sanjeev Miglani

      NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Police probing a shooting at a
      U.S. cultural centre in Calcutta said on Wednesday they
      were following a trail that led all the way to those involved in
      the September 11 attacks on the United States.
      An official from India's Central Bureau of Investigation
      (CBI) told Reuters New Delhi had prepared a dossier on
      links between militant groups operating in India and those
      suspected of carrying out the airliner attacks on the World
      Trade Center.
      The file had been given to U.S. authorities.
      The probe takes added significance after Indian Home Minister Lal
      Krishna Advani said on Tuesday those
      behind the Calcutta attack may have links to Pakistan's main
      intelligence agency-an allegation dismissed as "baseless" by
      At least four police guards were killed on Tuesday when gunmen opened
      fire on the American Center, which
      houses the U.S. press attache, a trade office and an American
      Another 20 people were wounded, including 18 police, a pedestrian
      and a private security guard. No Americans were hurt.
      The investigation is focusing on an alleged militant-Asif Raza
      Khan-who died last year while trying to escape
      police custody in the western state of Gujarat.
      Police in Calcutta said one group that claimed responsibility for
      Tuesday's attack said it was to avenge Asif Raza
      A senior intelligence official in Gujarat told Reuters Khan had once
      confessed to sending money via an
      intermediary to Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian believed to have flown
      one of the hijacked planes into the World Trade Center.
      Vipul Vijay, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Intelligence) in
      Gujarat, said Khan confessed to sending $100,000 raised through a
      kidnapping to a person named Omar Sheikh, "who in turn sent the money
      to Mohamed Atta".
      Omar Sheikh was one of three men released by India in return for the
      freeing of hostages after an Indian plane
      was hijacked to Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 1999.
      CBI spokesman S.M. Khan said Indian police had shared this
      with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose director Robert
      Mueller was in Delhi on Tuesday.
      Vijay said Asif Raza Khan admitted to kidnapping Calcutta shoe
      magnate Partha Burman in July last year.
      Burman was released after several weeks in circumstances unexplained
      at the time.
      Vijay said a ransom of 37.5 million rupees ($777,041) was paid, of
      which $100,000 was sent to Omar Sheikh.
      Born in Calcutta on September 3, 1974, Asif Raza Khan joined the now-
      banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in 1991.
      "He had a burning desire to do something for the Muslim cause," Vijay
      According to his confession, he trained in handling weapons in
      Pakistan-administered Kashmir, returning to India
      in 1994.
      Islamabad has consistently denied training and arming Islamic
      militants and sending them into the Indian state of
      Jammu and Kashmir to join a revolt against Indian rule there.
      Police in New Delhi arrested him in 1994 and he was jailed for five
      years for illegal possession of weapons.
      It was in Delhi's Tihar jail that he met Omar Sheikh and Maulana
      Masood Azhar, head of the now-banned
      Kashmiri separatist group Jaish-e-Mohammad, who was also released in
      the hostage exchange after the 1999 hijacking."They became friends
      and this was a meeting of minds. They planned several kidnappings to
      fund terrorist attacks on Indian establishments," said Vijay.
      The Jaish-e-Mohammad was one of two Pakistan-based groups blamed by
      India for a deadly attack on its
      parliament last month. It was banned by Pakistan after India
      its army to try to force Pakistan to crack
      down on Islamic militants.
      By the time Khan was arrested again in October 2001 there were seven
      cases against him in Calcutta, Delhi and
      Gujarat for kidnappings and war against the state.
      He was arrested in the Indian capital and interrogated by Delhi
      before being sent to Gujarat for questioning
      about the kidnapping of a jeweller from the town of Rajkot.
      A CBI official said Khan admitted working for a Dubai-based man,
      variously as Farhan, Aftab Malik and
      Aftab Ansari.
      India's foreign ministry said on Tuesday Farhan, who it said was
      believed to have links with some Pakistan-based
      militant groups, had claimed responsibility for the Calcutta attack."
      Wednesday January 23, 5:26 PM
      Calcutta attack revives South Asia tension
      By Terry Friel and Simon Denyer
      (Reuters) - The police on
      Wednesday detained five people-
      including three Islamic teachers-
      over an attack on a U.S. cultural
      centre that has stoked tensions between India and Pakistan.
      The five were picked up near the India-Bangladesh border
      north of Calcutta, where gunmen shot dead four police
      guards outside the American Center on Tuesday.
      A police official said the three teachers were from Islamic
      madrassa schools. India has long complained some madrassas harbour
      Islamic militants. The Calcutta raid, a month after a deadly attack
      on parliament, sparked a new slanging match between nuclear-armed
      India and Pakistan, already locked in a tense military stand-off.
      India blames the parliament attack on Pakistan-based Islamic
      and says Islamabad's main intelligence
      agency may also have ties to those behind the Calcutta raid.
      Pakistan has rejected the latest charge as "baseless".
      Pakistan's The News said India's charges were dangerous.
      "Blaming Pakistan needlessly can only vitiate the already tense
      situation and make the work of peacemakers more
      difficult," the newspaper said in Wednesday's editorial.
      India's foreign ministry said responsibility for the attack on the
      American Center in crowded downtown Calcutta
      was claimed by a Dubai-based man, named as Farhan, who had links with
      some Pakistan-based militant groups.
      He is also known variously as Aftab Malik and Aftab Ansari and
      officials Calcutta police say one of the groups
      he has been linked to claimed it carried out the attack in revenge
      the death in police custody of alleged militant
      Asif Raza Khan.
      That group, Harkat-e-Jihad-e-Islami, also reportedly has operations
      Bangladesh, which has tightened security
      along its border with India and around U.S. installations in the
      country in the wake of the Calcutta killings.
      Police investigating the raid said the trail led all the way to the
      September 11 attacks on the United States.
      The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said New Delhi had prepared
      a dossier on links between militant groups in India and the suspects
      of the World Trade Center attacks, which it had given to U.S.
      A senior police intelligence officer told Reuters Khan had once
      confessed to sending money via an intermediary
      to Mohamed Atta, the Egyptian believed to have flown one of the
      hijacked planes into the World Trade Center.
      U.S. Consul-General in Calcutta Christopher Sandrolini said it was
      early to know whether the attack on the
      American Center was targetted specifically at the United States.
      "Whether it had an anti-police element at all, or whether that was
      mixed with a specifically anti-American
      message, it is a little hard to know where to draw those lines,
      given the circumstances of the attack," he told Star News television.
      Extra police and heavily-armed police commandos have been moved in to
      guard the cultural centre, near the
      consulate. Sandbag bunkers have been built and the bloodstains
      away. The area remained cordoned off to pedestrians and vehicle
      traffic and the usually bustling building looked deserted, although
      it was officially open for business.
      While not directly blaming Islamabad for Tuesday's attack, Indian
      officials pointed to patterns of crime and
      terrorism which New Delhi has long alleged can be traced to
      Inter-Services Intelligence (SIS), with
      links to the Gulf.
      India accuses the ISI and the Pakistani army of training, financing
      and inserting guerrillas into the Himalayan region of Jammu and
      Pakistan denies sponsoring terrorist groups, but says it offers moral
      support for Kashmiri "freedom fighters".
      In the wake of the December 13 parliament attack, New Delhi demanded
      Islamabad close down the groups and
      hand over 20 alleged terrorists, including several Pakistani
      The row triggered a massive military build-up-one million troops
      dug in along both sides of the now heavily-mined border-and fears of
      fourth war between the military giants. Pakistan has banned five
      groups, including the two blamed for the December 13 raid, and
      rounded up 2,000 people.
      But the Indian government, weeks away from crucial state polls that
      could trigger an early national election, says
      that is not enough and it has yet to be convinced of Pakistan
      President Pervez Musharraf's sincerity. It says that despite
      Musharraf's promises, guerrillas are still sneaking into Kashmir,
      where both armies are exchanging mortar and small arms fire almost
      daily as winter sets in. The United States, which has been pressing
      for a peaceful end to the stand-off, says the number of militants
      infiltrating into the Himalayan region was falling."
      Wednesday January 23, 5:36 PM
      Police detain five over Calcutta attack
      By Kamil Zaheer
      CALCUTTA (Reuters) - Police detained five people on
      Wednesday near the Bangladesh border over an attack
      outside a U.S. cultural centre in Calcutta in which four
      guards died.
      The five, including three teachers from Islamic madrassa
      schools, were taken into custody in the town of Basirhat,
      north of Calcutta, a police official said.
      Indian authorities have long alleged some of the schools are
      used as a cover for Islamic militants and accuse
      Pakistan-backed guerrillas of sneaking in through the
      Bangladesh border and launching attacks.
      "Five people have been detained... in connection with the attack on
      policemen at the American Center," said the
      police official, who did not want to be named. He gave no further
      Four policemen died and 18 others were wounded on Tuesday when gunmen
      fired on them outside the American
      Center. The attack came during a shift change, which meant twice the
      normal number of guards were outside the building, near the U.S.
      But the timing also meant nobody was inside the building, located in
      the heart of India's most congested city.
      The attack comes amid inflamed tensions between India and Pakistan,
      which have mobilised their armies after an
      attack on parliament last month that New Delhi blamed on
      Pakistan-based militants fighting its rule in Kashmir.
      Islamabad has dismissed as "baseless" Indian allegations Pakistan's
      Inter-Services Intelligence agency was linked
      to the gunmen, who fled after attacking the centre.
      Indian authorities have branded the assault outside the imposing
      modern brown cultural centre, set behind a high
      steel pike fence, as a terrorist attack.
      But U.S. officials say it is too early to know if the attack was
      specifically targetted at the United States.
      "We are closely working with the investigative agencies and our
      embassy in New Delhi and the state administration," U.S.
      Consul-General Christopher Sandrolini told reporters after meeting
      senior police. He declined any further comment.
      India's foreign ministry said responsibility for the attack was
      claimed by a Dubai-based man, named as Farhan,
      who had links with some Pakistan-based militant groups. He is also
      known variously as Aftab Malik and Aftab Ansari.
      Security was sharply increased outside the American Center on
      Wednesday as a dozen steel-helmeted commandos carrying automatic
      weapons patrolled.
      High sandbag bunkers have now been erected at both sides of the
      entrance. The bloodstains from the shooting
      are gone but the gates are pockmarked with bullet holes and much of
      the crime scene is still marked out with red-and-white police
      tape.The street which had been shut after the attack was open and
      curiousity-seekers gawked from car windows as they passed.
      The building which houses a cultural centre and library and normally
      draws of hundreds of students, was officially
      open for business. But there were few visitors.
      Calcutta residents were coming to grips with the possibility that the
      city may now be on the militants' map.
      "I was really surprised that this happened in Calcutta. We have never
      seen this kind of terrorist attack," said P.P.
      Bhattcharjee, a computer firm employee.
      Calcutta's The Telegraph newspaper said in an editorial: "The
      that West Bengal is a state where its
      citizens are safe has been dispelled by a spray of bullets from
      There was also public anger that the policemen tasked with guarding
      the centre were equipped only with old .303
      rifles and "lathis" (long bamboo sticks) -- no match for the
      attackers' AK-47 assault rifles.
      "They were sitting ducks. They didn't have modern weapons, they need
      modern weapons and terror training," said Bhattcharjee.
      Police admitted the guards were not ready for such an assault. The
      communist state government's policy had
      been to allow peaceful demonstrations outside the centre, police
      commissioner Sujoy Kumar Chakraborty said.
      "This force was not meant for this sort of an attack."
      "Wednesday January 23, 5:06 AM
      India alleges Pakistan linked to US office attack
      By Terry Friel
      NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has alleged Pakistan is
      linked to gunmen who attacked a U.S. cultural centre in
      Calcutta, intensifying the tense military standoff between the
      nuclear foes.
      Four police guards were shot dead on Tuesday outside the
      centre, which housed the press attache, a trade office and a
      popular American library near the U.S. consulate. No
      Americans were hurt.
      Police in Calcutta, India's most densely populated city,
      rounded up scores of people for questioning and made
      random checks of guesthouses, airports, railway stations and bus
      Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani said a Dubai-based member of a group
      with links to the Pakistan
      government's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency had claimed
      responsibility for the attack, by phone call from
      The foreign ministry said the caller, known as Farhan or as Aftab
      Malik, might also be linked to the militant
      Harkat-e-Jihad-e-Islami group, which Calcutta police said had also
      claimed responsibility.
      Advani stopped short of suggesting the ISI itself was involved.
      A Pakistani spokesman said in Islamabad: "These are totally baseless
      charges. As you know, Pakistan has condemned terrorism in all its
      forms and manifestations."
      New Delhi blamed a December 13 raid on its parliament, in which 14
      people died, on Pakistani-based militants
      fighting its rule in divided Kashmir. It demanded Islamabad crack
      on militant groups and hand over 20
      alleged terrorists.
      There are two Harkat-e-Jihad-e-Islami militant groups based in
      Pakistan-administered Kashmir: the Jammu and
      Kashmir wing, which has denied involvement, and the International,
      which has not spoken.
      Harkat-e-Jihad-e-Islami International fought alongside the Taliban
      says 85 of its men died in the U.S.-led
      war in Afghanistan. It was not clear which group India was referring
      U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Robert Mueller was in New
      Delhi on Tuesday for talks on combating terrorism.
      "I have to wait to see what the facts bear out to see responsibility
      and motivation for the attack," he said. "I am
      unaware of specific information in recent days relating to attacks on
      particular (American) facilities."
      India and Pakistan have rushed troops, tanks and missiles to their
      border and an estimated one million men are
      now dug in along the tense and now heavily landmined 3,310 km
      from Kashmir in the Himalayas to the
      Arabian Sea.
      Pakistan has denounced terrorism, banned five militant
      groups-including the two India blamed for the parliament attack-and
      rounded up about 2,000 people.
      But India says it has yet to see proof of Islamabad's sincerity and
      says separatists are still crossing from Pakistani
      territory into Indian Kashmir, where the two armies exchange mortar
      and small arms fire almost daily.
      The hostile neighbours have fought three wars-two over Kashmir-since
      independence in 1947, when Britain
      divided its South Asian empire into Islamic Pakistan and mainly Hindu
      but secular India."
      India confident proposed Phalcon sale
      from Israel will go ahead
      BBC Monitoring South Asia - January 15,
      [With thanks to Arms Trade Newswire]
      India Tuesday 15 January said it was
      confident that the proposed sale
      of three Phalcon Airborne Warning and
      Control System (AWACS) from
      Israel will go through. Discounting
      media reports quoted to US
      officials that Washington had told Tel
      Aviv to keep on temporary hold
      the sale of these advanced planes,
      India's Defence Minister George
      Fernandes told PTI: "As far as I know
      we are getting them. I have no
      idea where these reports to the
      contrary are coming from," Fernandes,
      who is leaving on a six-day visit to the US on Tuesday night said,
      adding that the issue could figure in his talks with the US leaders.
      He was commenting on reports that US had urged Israel to defer
      arms to India because of the military confrontation brewing between
      India and Pakistan. Last week the visiting Israeli Foreign Minister
      Shimon Peres had indicated in reply to a spate of questions on the
      estimated 1bn US dollar deal that it may go through.
      The Phalcon planes are produced by Israel and therefore do not
      US approval. But because America is a close ally, Israel prefers to
      have all deals cleared by Washington.
      An Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said reports of
      pressure on Israel not to sell arms supplies to India were not
      correct. A similar Israeli deal for sale of Phalcon AWACS to China
      fallen through two years ago when Washington objected to the sales.
      Highly placed Indian air force sources here said that the Chinese
      sales had not gone through as along with the outright sales, the deal
      also entailed transfer of technology for making these highly
      sophisticated planes in China. They said Washington had raised
      legitimate objections to the transfer of technology as a number of
      main and sub-systems of the Phalcons were American. The sources said
      that they did not visualize any such hitch with India as New Delhi
      only asking for outright purchase of these aircraft and not transfer
      of technology.
      Fernandes, as well as other defence officials, did not comment on
      other reports that US officials had raised stronger objections to the
      reported interest shown by Israel to sell Arrow-2 anti-tactical
      ballistic missile defence system to India. The system is a joint
      US-Israeli venture for which Washington has provided a majority of
      development funding. The US officials claimed that the Arrow sale may
      violate the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).

      Role of Sen. Dole's Husband at Issue
      By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Friday, February 24, 2006; Page A06
      The lobbying of former Senate majority leader Robert J. Dole on
      behalf of the Dubai-owned company set to take over management of
      terminals at six major U.S. seaports is creating a political problem
      for his wife, Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.).
      The chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Jerry Meek,
      yesterday called on Sen. Dole to remove herself from "any
      congressional oversight" of the Dubai port deal. "The fact that
      Dubai is paying her husband to help pass the deal presents both a
      financial and ethical conflict of interest for Senator Dole," Meek
      (THE LAW FIRM OF) "Former senator Dole (R-Kan.), 82,Â…
      Alston & Bird LLP, helped steer the application of Dubai Ports World
      through the federal bureaucracy over the past few months, and Dole
      signed on as a lobbyist for the company this week. His spokesman
      would not say what lobbying, if any, Alston & Bird is now doing in
      Congress; the firm's spokeswoman did not return telephone messages.
      Dubai Ports World beefed up its lobbying efforts, including on
      Capitol Hill, after lawmakers threatened this week to scuttle the
      transaction. The lawmakers said they feared that national security
      might be compromised by letting a Middle Eastern firm manage key
      U.S. ports.
      Dole's top staff for his 1996 Presidential bid had deep ties
      to the Tobacco Industry. As Federal Budget Surpluses Vanishes and
      Deficits Loom on the Horizon the ability of Tobacco to cause people
      die earlier should be a boon to a cash poor Federal Government. One
      Tobacco company recently made that point to the Czech government.
      " Only a few months before Iraq invaded Kuwait, Senator Bob Dole told
      (then Israeli Defense Minister Moshe) Arens that Saddam Hussein's
      threats against Israel were meant only as an indication of his
      response if Israel were to attack Iraq, and therefore were not to be
      taken seriously."
      Dole visited
      Iraq himself and apologized to Saddam for a Voice of America report
      Iraq that had criticized Saddam. Dole went on to tell Saddam that
      person responsible for the report had been fired. Dole criticized
      Israel for arresting terror gang boss Sheik Obeid. Obeid was one of
      the terror gang bosses who cowardly send fanatics out to do their
      bidding while hiding themselves. Such cowards are often bullies
      attacking civilians. Dole claimed that Israel had "kidnapped" Obeid
      and should release him. Dole was running his own links to terror
      in Lebanon in an attempt to win freedom for Western hostages held by
      the thugs. Dole's vicious criticism of Israel may at least in part be
      due to his own tragic self-image. Wounded seriously in World War Two,
      Dole appeared to suffer from his own version of the Stockholm
      Syndrome. For those not familiar with it, it was coined to describe
      some of the victims of terrorism. Specifically terror victims who end
      up siding with the terrorists who take them hostage. Dole's spirit
      was evidently broken by that trauma for after he was wounded he
      decided that he would "blame the enemies of Germany, rather than
      Germany for his wounds". He went so far as to learn German as he
      rebuilt his persona. Please see : Senator For Sale: An Unauthorized
      Biography of Senator Bob Dole by Hilton, Stanley Format: Hardcover -
      Dust Jacket Publisher :New York St Martin's Press 1995 "
      . http://www. suntimes.com/index/will html
      http://www.sacbee.com/voices/national/will/ "George F. Will is an
      ABC News commentator, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of a
      syndicated column which appears in more than 450 newspapers .He
      a contributing editor of Newsweek magazine in 1976
      and one year later was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. "
      wrote of then US Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate Bob Dole of
      Kansas in 1976 : "People who lie about history
      deserve to be forgotten by it. "Will was responding to Dole's
      in his televised Vice-presidential debate with then US Vice
      Walter Mondale, Dole said in that debate in
      response to a question on the pardon of former US President Nixon
      then US President Ford: " Well, it, uh, it is an appropriate topic I
      guess, but it's not a very good issue, any more than
      the war in Vietnam would be, or World War II, or World War I, or the
      war in Korea. All Democrat wars. All in this century. I figured up
      the other day, if we added up all the killed and wounded in Democrat
      wars in this century, it would be about1.6 million
      Americans, enough to fill the city of Detroit."
      When I saw that
      debate in 1976 I was horrified. Had America stayed out of World War
      Two what sort of world would this be? Clearly it would be one in
      Dole was not wounded in that war. It would also be one that most
      probably would have been won by Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini. Is that
      the kind of world Dole wishes we were in now? "George F. Will is
      an ABC News commentator, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of a
      syndicated column which appears in more than 450 newspapers .He
      a contributing editor of Newsweek magazine in 1976 and one year later
      was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. " wrote of then US
      Senator & Vice Presidential Candidate Bob Dole of Kansas in 1976 :
      "People who lie about history deserve to be forgotten by it. "Will
      responding to Dole's comments in his televised Vice-presidential
      debate with then US Vice President Walter Mondale, Dole said in
      that debate in response to a question on the pardon of former US
      President Nixon by then US President Ford: " Well, it, uh, it is an
      appropriate topic I guess, but it's not a very good issue, any more
      than the war in Vietnam would be, or World War II, or World War I, or
      the war in Korea. All Democrat wars. All in this century. I figured
      up the other day, if we added up all the killed & wounded in Democrat
      wars in this century, it would be about 1.6 million Americans, enough
      to fill the city of Detroit." When I saw that debate in 1976 I was
      horrified Dole was wounded in World War II. Like those suffering from
      "Stockholm Syndrome" who side with the terrorists who take them
      hostage Dole's spirit was evidently broken by that trauma for after
      was wounded he decided that he would "blame the enemies of Germany,
      rather than Germany for his wounds". He went so far as to learn
      as he rebuilt his persona. Please see : Senator For Sale: An
      Unauthorized Biography of Senator Bob Dole by Hilton, Stanley Format:
      Hardcover - Dust Jacket Publisher :New York St Martin's Press 1995.
      Associated Dealer BOOKWORM of Greenville There are other issues to
      consider here. Dole's alleged links to Joe DioGuardi, for example
      Philip F.
      SEE ALSO:Senator for Sale: An Unauthorized Biography
      of Senator Bob Dole Hardcover, 320 Pages, Saint Martin's Press, LLC,
      August 1995ISBN: 0312136005 Author: Hilton, Stanley Description: A
      blistering, no-holds-barred portrayal of Senator Bob Dole by a former
      aide. Hilton paints a disturbing portrait of the senator, exposing
      Dole's colossal political money machine which generates $118,000 a
      week. Thought-provoking and compelling, Senator for Sale compares
      Dole to Richard Nixon and speculates on what a Dole presidency would
      be like. I read "Senator for Sale" when Dole was finally nominated
      President. The key element in it for me was the "Stockholm syndrome"
      Dole seemed to experience after being wounded in World War Two when
      decided that he would blame not Germany, but he "enemies of Germany
      "for his wounds & to study German. It would seem that his spirit was
      broken by the event and he sided with those who had wounded him by
      blaming their "enemies"

      "Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006 10:29 a.m. EST
      Jimmy Carter Backs Dubai Ports Deal
      The Bush administration's plan to turn over control of six major
      U.S. ports to a Dubai company suffered another blow on Monday, when
      former President Jimmy Carter endorsed the deal.
      "The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think
      it's exists," Carter told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
      "My belief is that the president and his secretary of state, the
      Defense Department and others have adequately cleared the Dubai
      government or organization to manage their ports," Carter added. "I
      don't think there's any particular threat to our security."
      Carter praised Dubai's handling of ports in the United Arab
      Emirates, saying: "I've been to Dubai, and I've seen the remarkable
      port facilities they have there, perhaps the best in the world."
      Carter's endorsement of the Dubai deal, however, is sure to heighten
      concern that it's the wrong thing to do - especially considering his
      reputation as the worst president of the 20th Century.
      In 1979, the Georgia Democrat helped usher in the era of Mideast
      terrorism against the U.S. by yanking American support from the Shah
      of Iran.
      The shah was succeeded by the Ayatollah Khomeini, whose
      revolutionary guards took over the U.S. embassy and held Americans
      who worked there hostage for 444 days.
      Carter also presided over the giveaway of the Panama Canal, whose
      vital Atlantic and Pacific ports are now controlled by Communist
      Former President Jimmy
      Carter is notorious for his connections with one of Murtha's many
      contributors: Lockheed. Indeed Murtha contributors include Cassidy
      & Associates a contributor which was "registered to represent foreign
      clients from Brazil, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Saudi Arabia,
      and Taiwan." speaking of representing foreign interests:
      Billy Carter, "There's a lot more Arabs than there is Jews."
      Billy Carter (William A. Carter, III) is the brother of former
      President Jimmy Carter. In 1978, Carter met with a group of
      businessmen who were interested in meeting him and for the purpose
      of visiting Libya. The Libyans had advised the group they were
      interested in investing in businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. The group
      finally got together in Plains, Georgia and extended their
      invitation to Billy Carter to visit Libya. A group of businessmen
      and some lawyers from the Plains area went to Libya where they were
      entertained by the American Representatives and some Libyan
      representatives, but never met with Qadaffi, the Libyan leader.
      After the return home, no business deals were ever made between the
      groups, but Billy Carter did secure some personal loans from the
      Libyan Government."
      14th July 1980 Finally registers as a foreign agent of the Libyan
      government after receiving a $220,000 loan from Libya.
      22nd July 1980 Congress announces intention to hold Billygate
      hearings. White House
      admits asking Billy Carter to use influence with Libya to help
      Americans held hostage in Iran.
      26th July 1980 Americans for Democratic Action call for the
      resignation of Attorney
      General Ben Civiletti for his alleged role in Billygate.
      28th July 1980 Sen. Dennis DeConcini says fugitive financier Robert
      Vesco claims
      responsibility for Billy Carter-Libyan connection, which was an
      effort to embarrass Carter administration.
      30th July 1980 Justice Dept. says Billy Carter lied about his first
      payment from
      Libya; documents reveal Billy received access to State Dept. cables
      from his
      brother, the president. White House confirms president discussed
      cables with
      brother. Libya reportedly sought aid from Billy Carter in acquiring
      transport planes embargoed by President Carter.
      31 Jul 1980 Billy Carter denies he saw classified State Dept. cables
      or that he
      lied to Justice Dept. about payment from Libya.
      4th August 1980 President Carter holds a press conference
      on "Billygate." That same
      day, Senate hearings begin on Billy Carter's representation of the
      Libyan government.
      2nd October 1980 Senate subcommittee issues report on its hearings
      into Billy Carter's Libyan connection.
      30th October 1980 White House Press Secretary Jody Powell accuses
      Republican senators
      of leaking Justice Dept. report criticizing President Carter for his
      role in
      Billy Carter/Libya affair."
      "FOREIGN DESK | October 22, 1981
      American pilots and aircraft mechanics, including military veterans,
      are flying and maintaining Libyan Air Force planes in an operation
      organized by Edwin P. Wilson, a former American intelligence agent,
      according to associates of Mr. Wilson. The American flight
      personnel, as well as pilots from Canada and Britain, have been
      recruited and paid by companies controlled by Mr. Wilson and, at
      least since last year, have flown a Libyan fleet of American-made
      cargo and transport aircraft and helicopters, the associates said.
      One Western pilot recruited by Mr. Wilson said that American pilots
      flew helicopters in support of the Libyan invasion of Chad this
      year, but the extent to which Western recruits are involved directly
      in Libyan combat missions could not be determined. The pilot said he
      was paid about $3,000 a month. Coordination in London Some of the
      American pilots and mechanics have been recruited in the United
      States by other Americans. Most of the operation is coordinated
      through a London office that represents several African and European
      companies controlled by Mr. Wilson, according to his associates."
      NATIONAL DESK | October 23, 1981
      Working under a contract to maintain Libyan aircraft and train
      pilots, Edwin P. Wilson, a former American intelligence agent who is
      now a fugitive in Libya, sent a retired Army sergeant here this year
      to offer $60,000 to $72,000 a year to pilots, mechanics and other
      flight personnel if they would work for the Libyan Air Force.
      According to several people familiar with the recruiting effort,
      Kenneth G. Beck, the Army veteran, returned in July to southeast
      Alabama, where he lived before going to North Africa to work for Mr.
      Wilson, in an effort to recruit a dozen pilots and other specialists
      for Mr. Wilson's Libyan operations. Some of those interviewed by Mr.
      Beck said that his main recruiting pitch was that the job was a
      chance to earn a lot of money in a short time. It could not be
      determined how many Americans Mr. Beck recruited. Only one, Richard
      L. Love, a helicopter pilot, is known to have signed on with Mr.
      Wilson's London-based company, Western Recruitment Inc., as a result
      of Mr. Beck's efforts. Officials at Gatwick Airport at London said
      today that Mr. Love and several others left this morning on a flight
      to Libya."
      " In 1989 President Carter interceded *** on behalf of *** Terry
      Boullata, a field worker for the Palestinian Human Rights Information
      Center. Boullata had been imprisoned in November 1987 for allegedly
      belonging to a terrorist organization called the Democratic Front for
      the Liberation of Palestine. Boullata was allowed out in 1989 to come
      to the United States *** The Carter Center: Follow the MoneyBut it's
      the financing behind Georgia's Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter
      Library that raises serious doubts that the former president is, in
      actuality, a wholly neutral intermediary in the troubled region.
      NewsMax has reviewed annual reports that indicate millions of
      charitable dollars have flowed into the center from His Majesty
      Qaboss bin Said Al Said of Oman, Jordan, from the Kingdom of Saudi
      Arabia, and from the Government of the United Arab Emirates.
      Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to
      center by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. H.R.H.
      Prince Moulay Hicham Ben Abdallah of Morocco has also contributed
      of thousands of dollars. There are no corresponding contributions
      apparent from Israeli sources, however. As the center's literature
      describes, "The Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Library were built
      in large measure thanks to the early leadership and financial
      support of the Carter Center founders." Three of those generous
      founders: Agha Hasan Abedi On July 5 1991, banking regulators
      targeted Abedi's Bank of Credit and Commerce
      International (BCCI)," "triggering a worldwide financial tidal wave.
      To date, accountants
      and lawyers have managed to recoup (discounting fees) $7 billion
      out of the $12 billion money pit that fueled the BCCI fraud. Agha
      Hasan Abedi, a banker and self-styled mystic on first-name terms with
      Carter, created BCCI in 1972. Abedi had charmed seed money out of
      Arab sheikhs, organizing camel races and hunting trips. The Bank of
      America bought into BCCI as a way of buying access to the Middle
      holding a 30 percent stake at one point before dumping its holdings
      in the late-1970s His Majesty King Fahd of Saudi Arabia Last month
      Saudi Arabia transferred $15.4 million in advance aid to the
      Palestinian Authority. The transfer was made to a controversial Arab
      League fund, a product of the recent Arab summit in Beirut. According
      to Arab spokesmen, the money was hurriedly contributed due to the
      dire plight of the Palestinian people as a result of "vicious Israeli
      aggression." King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah and Defense Minister
      Prince Sultan jointly donated $4.8 million to launch the fund pot,
      while Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz sent an estimated
      $800,000 to the families of "155 Palestinian martyrs" killed in the
      current Israeli offensive. Hasib J. Sabbagh Sabbagh is the chairman
      of Consolidated Contractors Co. of Oman, Jordan. He is also the
      Fellow for the Middle East of the Council on Foreign Relations.
      Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is a membership
      organization contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. The Council
      publishes Foreign Affairs, a leading journal on global issues.
      Individual, foundation, and corporate donors, together with
      multilateral development assistance programs, support the Carter
      Center's current annual operating budget of around $30 million.***.
      Carter on the Record *** Carter *** roundly lambasted Ariel Sharon
      for actions and attitudes, past and present: "- sounds to us like
      arafat, back from the grave. or maybe Hitler, back from the grave,
      ghost wrote this disgusting anti-Semitic garbage: "His rejection of
      all peace
      agreements that included Israeli withdrawal from Arab lands, his
      invasion of Lebanon, his provocative visit to the Temple Mount, the
      destruction of villages and homes, the arrests of thousands of
      Palestinians and his open defiance of *** demand that he
      comply with international law have all been orchestrated to
      accomplish his ultimate goals: to establish Israeli settlements as
      widely as possible throughout occupied territories and to deny
      Palestinians a cohesive political existence," Carter said in a recent
      New York Times piece. "It is time for the United States, as the sole
      recognized intermediary to consider more forceful actions***," Carter
      added. "The rest of the world will welcome this leadership." U.S.
      Leverage Over Israel Carter also said that U.S. aid of $10 million a
      day should give the U.S. some leverage over Israeli policy, noting
      that former president Bush had threatened to cut off this assistance
      in 1992 to discourage the building of Israeli settlements between
      Jerusalem and Bethlehem :***
      One of the world's biggest sweet teeth is in the mouth of the
      Coca-Cola Company, user of vast amounts of sugar. One of the world's
      potentially biggest sweet teeth suppliers is Cuba, producer of vast
      amounts of sugar ".In 1991 Cuba was still a one-commodity country, as
      dependent on sugar cane exports as it had been before the revolution"
      "Cuba's sugar mono-culture, amounting to around 4/5ths of total
      exports, and the country's heavy dependence on the US for both trade
      and investment, made Cuba extremely vulnerable to the whims of the US
      sugar market."
      American "friendship" with Cuba could potentially mean that vast
      amounts of cheap Cuban sugar, produced by workers under guess what
      sorts of conditions, might well end up in Coca-Cola and similar
      products. Looked at that way Jimmy Carter's trip to Castro's Cuba may
      well have some interesting underpinnings. "Excerpt from Speech of
      Jimmy Carter November 12th, 1974 Commission on Foreign Relations In
      Georgia: "Georgia has a particular advantage over some states in that
      we have our own built in State Department in the Coca-Cola Company.
      They provide me, ahead of time, with much more penetrating analyses
      what the country is, what it's problems are, who its leaders are, and
      when I arrive there , provide me with an introduction to the leaders
      of that country in every realm of life in which we have an interest."
      "Jimmy Carter Speaks to Fulbrighters (excerpted from a transcript of
      President Carter's address.) I also want to thank Coca-Cola, who have
      made it-who has made it possible for this foundation to be successful
      and stable financially. When I was governor of Georgia, The Coca-Cola
      Company was my State Department. And everywhere I went, on missions
      trade and commerce and understanding, when I got off the airplane,
      Coca-Cola people would be there with a nice limousine, and the next
      morning they would arrange a meeting with all the business leaders of
      that country in its capital, and I would speak to them about the
      benefits of investing in Georgia and buying Georgia products, one of
      which, notcoincidentally, was Coca-Cola."
      "1906 ~ The first two countries outside the United States to bottle
      Coca-Cola were Cuba and Panama."
      "In 1992 US Senator Torricelli introduced the Cuban Democracy Act
      which extended
      the trade ban to overseas subsidiaries of US companies, although this
      did not prevent firms like Coca Cola sending supplies to Cuba via
      Mexico ." . http://www.labor.net.au/worksite/cuba.html
      "Cuba's Coke, for example, comes from the Coca Cola Company of
      Mexico.*** Coca-Cola (is among the companies which have registered)
      their Cuban trademarks" http://mediastudy.com/articles/bdcuba3.html
      "stores in Cuba have numerous US products, including Coca-Cola"
      "soda pops account for one-fourth of the annual sugar consumption in
      the United States"
      Carter took a 3 week Latin American trip on Lockheed planes.
      Also please do a search for Lockheed Scandal in any internet search
      "Speaking Notes for The Carter Center Board of Councilors
      Meeting concerning the role of faith groups in health"
      "Influential economic groups lobby the US against most of its actions
      opposing Khartoum. First, Sudan is the primary and by far the most
      important world producer of gum Arabic, a product indispensable to
      fabrication of candies, soft drinks such as Coca-cola, and
      pharmaceuticals.*** most probably under the influence of these the
      and gum Arabic lobby groups, the US has begun softening its
      position on the issue of terrorism in Sudan. *** on September 27,
      2001, the US abandoned its veto on the lifting of UN sanctions
      Khartoum, and the multilateral sanctions were finally revoked."
      "Back in 1996, when the U.S. slapped economic sanctions on Sudan for
      its alleged sponsorship of terrorism, one exception was made: gum
      arabic. This little known substance derived from Acacia trees is a
      critical ingredient in consumer products from soft drinks to candy
      bars and cosmetics to the ink in our daily newspapers. The CEOs of
      the huge corporations which manufacture these products lobbied
      for the gum arabic exception to the Sudan trade sanctions. It seems
      that Sudan is the source of some 80% to 90% of the world's gum arabic
      supply. Ban all trade with Sudan and your corner grocery would be out
      of Coca Cola within a week. The exception was granted. Now comes the
      hard part. Although Osama bin Laden's ties to the pharmaceutical
      factory were "fuzzy," it appears his ties to the Sudanese gum arabic
      industry may be more substantial."
      "In November of 1997, President Clinton issued an Executive Order to
      stop all trade and foreign investment in the country of Sudan.
      However, Sudan produces and exports 90% of the world's gum arabic, a
      raw material used in Coca-Cola and newspaper. An exception to the
      Order was made. Ironically, in August, (Osama bin-Laden) a man who,
      according to the Washington Post, controls the gum arabic industry,
      suspect in the bombings of two U.S. embassies."
      "Former President Carter met with 10 of Osama(bin Laden)' s brothers
      early in 2000 on a fund-raising trip for the Carter Center in
      *** After Mr. Carter and his wife followed up with breakfast with
      bin Laden in New York in September 2000, the bin Laden family gave
      $200,000 to the center.***
      CARTER LIBRARY. BCCI was deeply involved in financing the
      Presidential library, charities, and travel of President Jimmy
      Jimmy Carter was no fan of George McGovern. Carter called McGovern's
      proposed defense cuts "a radical departure from America's 200 year
      desire to be able to defend itself". Carter said McGovern's proposed
      cuts in defense would have " a devastating effect" on Georgia. Carter
      was flown to Brazil by Lockheed while still a Georgia politician. Nor
      was Carter a big friend of civil liberties. His 1976 position paper
      crime quotes him as saying that: "Defendants who are repeatedly out
      bail commit more crimes. The best deterrent to crime, from within the
      criminal justice system is the certainty of swift, firm punishment.
      That doesn't exist now." On August 14th, 1970 Carter told the Atlanta
      Journal "All the policemen and firemen in the state are for me and
      Lester (Maddox) . I'm not kidding, you ask `em." Lester Maddox was
      Carter's running mate in that election.
      http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/9487/cvlrts64.htm "Lester
      Maddox, an Atlanta, Georgia restaurateur distributes axes to white
      customers and encourages them to scare off the three Negroes who want
      to enter." Carter referred to Maddox as "the essence of the
      Party" and said "I'm proud to be on the ticket with him." On
      15th, 1970 the Savannah Morning News reported that "Carter
      triumphantly tripped across Georgia, and along the way picked up the
      support of segregationist Roy Harris of Augusta. Harris , chairman of
      the American Independent Party ( George Wallace) In Georgia broke a
      self-imposed silence and said he will vote for Carter. Harris rode in
      a car with Carter From his law office in Augusta to a television
      station. On the way said Harris, "he asked me what I thought he
      do and I told him to just keep doing what he's been doing. It appears
      now that most of the men who supported Wallace in 1968 are falling in
      behind Carter."
      "In 1970, political experts gave Carter little chance of winning the
      Democratic nomination for governor. The heavily favored candidate was
      Carl E. Sanders, a liberal who had served as governor from 1963 to
      1967. During the campaign, Carter opposed the busing of students to
      achieve racial balance in schools. He also took other stands that
      important to Georgia's rural, conservative voters. Carter's critics
      charged he was appealing for the support of segregationists." The
      14th, 1970 Atlanta Constitution reported that: "Sanders is fighting
      off a determined Carter And a double-barreled anonymous smear
      that is saturating the mails. Two weeks ago thousands of photographs
      that Sanders says were
      `doctored' were mailed out, showing Sanders receiving a champagne
      shampoo from a Negro basketball player. The photo was taken when
      Sanders was an owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and a member of his
      team was giving him the traditional treatment. The champagne soaking
      picture was mailed to white Baptist preachers and white barber shops
      all over the state." Ray Abernethy, a former vice president of
      Carter's ad agency was quoted in a March 7th , 1976 article in THE
      DETROIT SUNDAY NEWS, : "Abernethy says that some Carter campaign
      operative incorporated the newspaper photo in a leaflet and
      distributed it in white conservative areas in an attempt to emphasize
      Sanders' harmony with blacks." Abernethy Was quoted as saying: "We
      an operation jokingly referred to as the `stink tank'. The objective
      was to help King take black votes away from Sanders. One of the
      we did was to produce a series of last minute radio ads for King, (an
      African-American candidate used by Carter to divide and conquer).
      They ran on stations all over Georgia during the last few days of the
      campaign. The King radio blitz was financed out of Carter campaign
      funds. We laundered the Material through a small ad agency so the
      thing couldn't be traced back to the Carter campaign." (JIMMY CARTER
      http://www.zoa.org/pressrel/19970923a.htm "The State Department's
      opposition to Jews living on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives on the
      grounds that it "changes the character" of the mostly-Arab
      neighborhood is reminiscent of Jimmy Carter's 1976 remark about
      protecting the "ethnic purity" of some American neighborhoods, the
      Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) said." In 1976 Carter told a
      Boston rally that it would be all right to send children to
      private schools. While Governor of Georgia Carter supported a one day
      school boycott to pressure the Georgia legislature To pass an
      anti-busing resolution calling for an anti-busing amendment to the
      Constitution. The Georgia NAACP said that during Carter's
      administration "the number of blacks (hired) have not significantly
      increased" and noted "little progress" of hiring blacks in the
      Highway Patrol Department, the Governor has
      ignored a telegram if necessary the NAACP will take action in court."
      Carter said on February 17th, 1972 that the Georgia legislature
      pass a resolution stating: "No student shall be assigned to
      nor compelled to attend any particular public school on account of
      race, religion, color or national origin",
      Carter said that "If the legislature does not act on this amendment,
      it would be all right for Georgia parents to hold their children out
      of school briefly. The massive forced busing of students such as that
      now taking place in Richmond County is the most serious threat to
      education ." A few months AFTER the Kent State massacre
      http://www.may4.org/ "the May 4, 1970, tragedy at Kent State
      University: four students were killed and nine other students were
      injured when members of the Ohio National Guard fired 67 bullets into
      a crowd of unarmed students under the noonday sun during an anti-war
      demonstration" Carter said that as Governor of Georgia he would
      authorize the National Guard
      to : "take whatever action is necessary including shoot to kill
      to restore order.- I will not permit disruptions in our cities and on
      our college campuses." "Coke's $1.5 million gift will give Latin
      America a leg up Wendy
      Bowman-Littler The Coca-Cola Co.'s Latin America Group has given $1.5
      million to The Carter Center and Emory University***.
      The grant money will carry forward a new initiative that was
      in December 1997 by former U.S. President and head of The Carter
      Center Jimmy Carter, Emory President *** The grant will be
      to Emory and The Carter Center in increments of $300,000 a year
      the next five years (through 2002) to strengthen ties with Latin
      America and Caribbean communities, Diaz said. Half of the $1.5
      gift will be used to fund annual high-level conferences at The Carter
      Center during the next five years. The Carter Center's Latin American
      and Caribbean Program will bring together
      leaders in the areas of government, business and public service from
      throughout North, South and Central Latin America to establish a
      for developing countries to strengthen investment potential in the
      region, Diaz said.*** "
      "The Center established its board in 1994. Chaired by former
      Jimmy Carter with Rosalynn Carter as vice chair ***" the Board
      and supports the Center's mission and manages its property and
      Members of the Board are appointed both by The Carter Center and
      University, with the president of Emory serving as an ex-officio
      member. Jimmy Carter, Chair Rosalynn Carter, Vice Chair (other
      include) Claus M. Halle, International Consultant The Coca-Cola
      Company" http://www.cartercenter.org/trustees.html
      "President Carter gave the green light for covert support to the
      Mujaheddin six months before the December 1979 invasion. In the words
      of then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, a major
      architect of Carter's policy, they were "drawing the Russians into
      the Afghan trap." The US supported seven fundamentalist extremist
      groups throughout the 1980s and into the early 90s with cash,
      sophisticated weapons, and training to the tune of $5
      billion-according to official figures. The secret Black Budget of the
      CIA reportedly quadrupled to $36 billion per year when Reagan became
      president in 1980, and some of this money went to support secret
      operations in Afghanistan. Some of the earliest training exercises
      took place inside the US, including rifle shooting at the High Rock
      gun club in Naugtuck, Connecticut. More technical training took place
      at the CIA's Camp Peary, nicknamed "The Farm," northeast of
      Williamsburg, Virginia. Among the topics covered by training sessions
      were surveillance and countersurveillance, counter-terrorism,
      counter-narcotics and paramilitary operations. Around the same time,
      source of private funding was sought for the war. Osama bin Laden, a
      man with "impeccable Saudi credentials" (his father's construction
      company had just been awarded a contract to rebuild and restore the
      holy sites in Mecca and Medina) was given "free rein in Afghanistan"
      by the CIA. Using his share of his family's business empire, he built
      training camps and airplane landing strips, and carved underground
      bunkers in the mountains of Afghanistan, all with Washington's
      approval. Just across the border, bin Laden's base in Pakistan was
      Binoori mosque in Karachi. The prayer leader at this mosque was one
      Mullah Mohammed Omar, now "supreme leader" of the Taliban After the
      Soviet withdrawal in 1989, the Mujaheddin groups began turning their
      US-supplied weapons on each other, and on the civilian population of
      Afghanistan. In 1990, the CIA began supplying the Mujaheddin
      rather than using Pakistan's ISI intelligence service as a conduit
      According to then chief of ISI's Afghanistan branch, Mohammad
      the CIA's aim was to "play on differences between the various
      and their commanders," in an effort to "curb the power" of the
      factions and make way for an unknown "Transition Regime," perhaps the
      Taliban. The CIA's propping up of the fundamentalist terrorists in
      Afghanistan began to show its consequences during this period. The
      first victims were the people of Afghanistan. The group getting the
      most US aid, led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, began rocket shelling Kabul.
      A close friend of bin Laden, Hekmatyar was understood by his
      benefactors to be "a nut, an extremist, and a very violent man" (US
      ambassador to Afghanistan Robert Neumann). In the 1970s he gained
      notoriety for throwing acid on the faces of women who refused to wear
      the veil. Journalist Michael Griffin writes of Kabul under
      onslaught: "no city since the end of the Second World War *** had
      suffered the same ferocity of jugular violence as Kabul from 1992 to
      1996 ***." From 1990-1994 45,000 civilians were killed, 300,000 had
      fled to Pakistan, and Kabul was "turned into a rubble "*** Most
      Afghans are now without livelihood, reduced to begging from
      international aid agencies. They currently live under the fascistic
      Taliban, who keep bin Laden safe. Terrorists trained and armed by the
      CIA to fight in Afghanistan have since been implicated in attacks on
      the World Trade Center in 1993, and in US embassy bombings in Kenya
      and Tanzania in 1998, which killed hundreds of people. These efforts
      pale in comparison to the recent destruction in Manhattan,
      and Pittsburgh. If proven guilty in fair trial, bin Laden should
      certainly be held accountable . ***. It was our officials who
      originally unleashed these forces of destruction on Afghanistan.
      Perhaps the faces of Zbigniew Brzezinski, William Casey, Jimmy
      and Ronald Reagan should be on the TV screen too, next to Osama bin
      Laden's and the empty holes in the ground where twin towers stood.
      author is on the Board of Directors of the Afghan Women's Mission,
      is a Staff Scientist at the California Institute of Technology."
      http://www.zmag.org/ingallscalam.htm " U.S.: Cuba Has Bioweapon
      Program Mon May 13, 4:56 PM ET
      By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The State
      Department held Monday to an assertion that Cuba has at least a
      limited biological warfare program and has provided such
      biotechnology to other nations. "We stand by every word of
      (Undersecretary of State) John Bolton's speech," Otto Reich, the
      assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere, told The
      Associated Press. Besides, Reich said, Carl Ford, the assistant
      secretary of state for intelligence and research, had given some of
      the same information to Congress at a March hearing."
      "May 16, 2002 U.S. Challenges Cuba to Disprove Bioweapons Charge
      By REUTERS Filed at 6:31 p.m. ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United
      States, which has accused Cuba of trying to develop biological
      under the cover of its advanced pharmaceutical industry, said on
      Thursday Havana should open its laboratories to the international
      Another axis of evil: Carter, Castro, Arafat and his evil Holocaust
      Denying successor, Saddam, bin Laden
      Carter has proven that he is a vicious enemy of both Jews and of
      African Americans. He fits in well with bin Laden, "Arafat Sends
      Letter Of Thanks To Castro By Jim Burns. CNSNews.com
      Senior Staff Writer. June 15, 2001. CNS News (CNSNews.com) -
      Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat sent a letter of thanks to Cuban
      Leader Fidel Castro for the communist leader's support of the
      Palestinians in their conflict
      with Israel. The Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba read the letter
      a pro-Palestinian rally in front of the U.S. Interest Section offices
      in Havana on Thursday night. Castro along with Cuban Foreign Minister
      Felipe Perez Roque and Otto Rivero, president of the Cuban Union of
      Communists, as well as thousands of Cubans attended the rally."
      "If Saddam was using another country as a surrogate in his
      efforts to develop biological weapons, the most logical one
      was Cuba. There are several reasons: i) Cuba has been
      developing biological weapons since the 1980s and has
      thousands of scientists and technicians working in its
      bioengineering and genetic industry, which is attached to
      Castro's office; ii) Castro is an ally of Saddam Husseim and
      shares with him a pathological hatred of the US; iii) Cuba is
      not subject to UN inspection; iv) it is an Stalinist society
      where there is no freedom of the press and an o<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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