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Catholic Worker calendar: August Storefront repairs, volunteers needed

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    One Item * added for Aug 17. *8/17 Community conversation on priorities for representatives from human service organizations, our customers, & general public
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      One Item * added for Aug 17.
      *8/17 Community conversation on priorities for representatives from human service organizations, our customers, & general public

      Catholic Worker friends:

      You might be interested in some of these upcoming events and meetings and parties.

      Dates in bold are sponsored/co-sponsored by the Catholic Worker


      M Aug 3: welcome home Sister Diane Pinchot from federal prison

      T Aug 4: El Salvador program at La Casa Tazumal Salvadoran restaurant

      W Aug 5: Bible Study. Gospel of Mark. Held at Whitman House

      F Aug 7: annual dance party with Brave Combo at the Beachland Ballroom

      Sa Aug 8, 9am-3pm: Storefront cleaning/repairs

      thru Aug 9: 40 day Fast for the Truth of Gospel Nonviolence. Contact TimBevMusser@... or see www.centerforchristiannonviolence.org

      Su Aug 9, 11am: welcome Olive Ellen Reitz into the community with the sacrament of baptism. St. Pat’s outdoor Mass.

      M Aug 10, 7-9pm: Peace Show planning meeting at Trinity Commons

      M Aug 10: benefit for Cleveland Mediation Center

      Th Aug 13, 7-9pm: Storefront cleaning/repairs

      Su Aug 16, 3-8pm: bon voyage to community member Lukas Fesenfeld, who’s returning to Germany . Potluck picnic at Edgewater.

      M Aug 17, 1:30 - 4pm: Community forum on healthcare and state budget cuts 

      M Aug 17, 7-9pm: Peace Show planning meeting at Trinity Commons

      F Aug 21, 12-4pm: PoorPeople’s March, downtown Cleveland

      Sa Aug 22, 9am-3pm: Storefront cleaning/repairs

      M Aug 24, 7-9pm: Peace Show planning meeting at Trinity Commons

      T-Th Aug 25-27: Mediation Training at Trinity Commons. www.clevelandmediation.org

      Th Aug 27, 7-9pm: Storefront cleaning/repairs

      Sa Aug 29: welcome home Chris Knestrick, on a one-month break from CPT in Colombia . www.CPT.org

      M Aug 31, 7-9pm: Peace Show planning meeting at Trinity Commons

      Th-Sat Sep 3-5: Catholic Worker retreat in Youngstown . Contact Sr Ann McManoman at almhm@...

      F Sep 4: annual prayer to stop weapons of destruction, outside the Cleveland National Air Show

      Sa-Su Sep 5-6, 10am-12noon: peace witness outside the Cleveland National Air Show

      M Sep 7, 12-6pm: Peace Show at the Free Stamp, downtown Cleveland , E 9th and Lakeside . EngagePeace@...

      M-W Sep 21-23: Call to Universal Oneness. International Peace, Justice and Empowerment Summit in Pittsburgh .

      Sep 22-Oct 5: join Chris in Colombia on CPT delegation. www.CPT.org

      Sa Sep 26: Ohio Fair Trade Expo at John Carroll. www.OhioFairTrade.com

      Sa Oct 17: annual Land Trust benefit at Trinity Commons. www.CCLandTrust.org

      Su Nov 1: annual Commemoration of the Martyrs of Central America & Colombia. www.IRTFcleveland.org

      F-Su Nov 6-8: National War Tax Resistance Conference held in Cleveland . Contact Maria and Charlie to help/for info. www.NWTRCC.org

      F-Su Nov 20-22: annual mobilization to close the SOA. Travel from Cleveland with IRTF. www.IRTFcleveland.org




      Spanish Classes

      War Tax Resistance

      Effective Nonviolence

      Every Church a Peace Church

      Simple Living

      Chris Knetsrick in Colombia



      AUGUST 3

      The community is invited to welcome home Sister Diane

      Monday, August 3: A Gathering of Gratitude and Homecoming


      6:30 – 8:00 pm

      at Ursuline College, Klyn Hall, Ursuline Educational Center, 2600 Lander R d., Pepper Pike, OH.

      Please join the Ursuline Sisters for a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the support Sister Diane Pinchot has received. Diane will give a presentation on her experience of arrest and two-month incarceration to raise awareness of the need to close the School of the Americas/Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation


      AUGUST 4

      Tuesday, August 4. 6-8pm: Meet Leslie Schuld, co-director of the Center for Exchange and Solidarity (CIS) in San Salvador .

      “ El Salvador : What’s Next?”


      Cleveland native Leslie Schuld, who has been working in El Salvador since 1992, will talk about the challenges and initiatives of the new left-wing government that took office in June.  She’ll also give her perspective on the current crisis in Honduras .


      The program will be held at La Casa Tazumal, the Salvadoran restaurant at 3260 W. 105th St. , one block of south of Lorain Ave. The delicious, authentic plates range from $7-$12. We’d appreciate an RSVP by calling 216.961.0003 or emailing IRTF@... .


      We hope you can join us on August 4! Thank you.


      More details…

      As a college student, Leslie Schuld did solidarity work in El Salvador during the civil war of the 1980s. When the Peace Accords were signed in 1992, she was invited back to co-direct the nonprofit Center for Exchange and Solidarity (CIS) in San Salvador . For the past 17 years, the CIS has been the main partner of IRTF in El Salvador . This past March, we took a delegation of 15 people there to serve as election observers.


      Each summer we invite Leslie home to talk about how we can best extend our solidarity to our neighbors in El Salvador . 


      After 15 years of rule by the right-wing ARENA party (the party of the assassins of Archbishop Romero), El Salvador has elected Mauricio Funes of the left-wing FMLN party as their new president.  The FMLN, which was the guerrilla movement during the war, became a legitimate political party with the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992. The FMLN has vigilantly organized for peasant and sweatshop workers’ rights and against the Central America Free Trade Agreement. 


      Some of the issues to be covered by Leslie Schuld include:

      -current social, political and economic climate

      -what the recent election of left-wing party president means for the people

      -the program of the new FMLN government headed by President Funes

      -some of the changes / advances in social programs

      -getting rid of corruption.

      -obstacles for change.



      To show our support for the Salvadoran community in Cleveland , we are holding the program at La Casa Tazumal (Salvadoran restaurant), 3260 W 105th St. , Cleveland (one block south of Lorain Ave. ), 216.688.1803. [Directions: From I-90, exit either West Blvd or W. 117th St. and go either west or east on Lorain Ave to W 105th. Turn south on W. 105th. The restaurant is at the corner of the first cross street, Joan Ave. , on the SW corner).   Dinner on your own; plates $7-$12.    RSVP appreciated to 216.961.0003 or IRTF@... so that we can tell the owner how many to expect for dinner.



      AUGUST 5

      Bible Study. We continue Mark’s gospel, facilitated by Sarah Sommers. Please join us at Whitman House. 7-9pm


      Mike’s analysis of Ched Myers’ interpretation of Mk 1:16-20 and Sarah’s bible study this past July.

       What I understand is that Jesus was part of a movement. It would not be unlikely that Jesus initially was part of John the Baptist’s renewal, which, after John’s arrest, led Jesus to keep the (Israel) renewal movement alive by proclaiming the gospel and repentance and gathering/continuing the movement. That continuing of the movement is seen in Mk 1:16-20. Jesus calls the fishermen to join the movement. Jesus being a carpenter and located in Galilee would understandably connect with fishermen who had boats and boat-repairs which a carpenter would be involved in. Additionally, the fishing industry had become commercialized and oppressive to small fishermen through taxation and regulation. ( http://www.kchanson.com/ARTICLES/fishing.html ) The fishermen were just those who would have been oppressed and would need a message of deliverance/salvation. So, Jesus calls them ‘to leave’ their nets. The greek, aphiemi, would be just the word for this Jubilee action. To leave/release their nets is to leave ‘chronos’, the ordinary time of living in the oppressed fishing industry, and join the kairos, the time of God. It is to join the freedom of the captives, release of prisoners, the new creation that would practice the true ‘ kingdom of God ’.  How naïve. How dangerous. How ridiculous. Really.


      And Jesus calls them to become ‘fishers of men.’   The OT references suggest that fishing is not a benign contemplative practice/leisure, but a bloody oppressed practice. The gutting of fish and the processing for food would be a visceral image of aggression. And according to Ched Myers and Sarah Sommers, the OT references indicate that there are several groups implied: Fish as 1.the religious authorities (in Jeremiah) 2.the rich (in Amos) 3.the empire (in Ezekiel) 4.the lamenting sufferers from unjust empire (in Habakkuk).


      Each one of these images can be seen as more ambiguous than Ched Myers indicates. Reading the commentaries gives more detail to that ambiguity. But commentaries often miss the point, by their scholarly/abstract focus, from on high, rather than from below, in the trench of living experience, being among the oppressed. They miss that in the battle of turf/real-life, unjust practices, while there is ambiguity, the present need/oppression requires a response, and an interpretation. Where is God? What’s she doing/up to? Where might she/he lead us to make our circumstances bearable/better?


      Just so, Jesus calls the fishermen to the movement, to become fishers of people. And with the OT references, the range can be wider, though less so ‘saving of souls’, whatever that might mean. The fishing of people would clearly be a suffering image, the gutting of fish and the processing of fish is not a benign, but a visceral image based on the OT references. That seems certain enough. Are the fish then a gathering of more people to the movement? Not likely, not with the image of fishing from the OT. It is likely a visceral violence.  In the OT, there are many images of judgement (e.g. the day of the lord); they have usually a violent association, the just will be saved/delivered, the enemy/the unjust will get their just dues.  There continues to be a lot of difficulty resolving ‘love of one’s enemies’ with a harsh/violent judgement/punishment of the oppressors/unjust.  Many attempt resolution to this challenge in various ways. Generally, Ched Myers’ approach is to read the violent images/outcomes as the logic of violent practices having their practices ‘coming home to roost.” If you play the game of violence, you will be on the receiving end of it in time; you’ll get yours (not to say that the nonviolent won’t get theirs as well, violent and nonviolent). There is no need/necessity in God being the perpetrator of the violent resolution. John Dominic Crossan often describes this as ‘the divine clean up.’ He says that John the Baptist had this image; God will resolve the practices of the oppressing empires by wreaking vengeance/violence upon them. Crossan says Jesus created a nonviolent revolution that didn’t look to God to do a divine cleanup, though this is not always seen/demonstrated in all the gospel passages involving Jesus. 


      In the context of Mk 1:16-20, I imagine this scenario: Jesus calls the disciples to a nonviolent movement that uses the OT references in an ambiguous way. The disciples might drop everything of this world of an oppressed fishing industry, to join a movement that will address the oppressing empires, rich, religious authorities, like the fish those powers have harvested.  (Consider Habakkuk’s lament of the fish). Jesus’ message is: we’re going after the forces that oppress, and they will get theirs. But there’s enough window/ambiguity in those images to point to several versions/practices. An aggressive/violent image which Jesus will turn upside down when the disciples see what Jesus actually does in the rest of chapter 1, 2, 3. The Jubilee/Sabbath practices of Jesus overturn the forces of rich, religious authorities, empire. And while Jesus’ practices are a confrontation and assertive, they are not violent. They don’t back away from the forces that have created the oppression.


      So, the disciples who (in Mark) never understand who Jesus is … ever, they are led into a movement that is nonviolent, but which they could have imagined with Jesus’ image of fishers of people to be violent, to be putting them in charge after the revolution/deliverance/salvation (cf. James and John, in chapter 10, who want to be at Jesus’ right and left when he comes into his kingdom .. right! They don’t know what they’re saying. Also, consider Peter’s confession of Jesus as Messiah in chapter 8. Peter becomes Satan in the next breath/rebuke of Jesus when he denies the way of the suffering Messiah.)


      The fish in Habakkuk are unjust Judah , but who are not as unjust as the oppressing foreign empire, exacting God’s just punishment of Judah ; still there is a lament from Habakkuk for the fish (of Judah ) however unjust they are).  If the disciples understood the suffering of the fish in Habakkuk they might be seeing themselves as lamenting and hoping to be delivered from their fish-like experience. How? By God? Is Jesus then the method/means? What means will Jesus provide/develop?





      Hey everyone, the Storefront will be closed August 1st till September 1st, 2009. We recently compiled a list of things which ought and ideally should be finished throughout the month of August. The list can be found on the fridge in the Storefront kitchen.

      Moreover, we came up with some dates with open hours for volunteers to help with any of these cleaning or fixing shores. At least one of the Catholic Workers will be there to facilitate the shores on these following dates:

      ·        Saturday, August 8:  9a.m. - 3p.m

      ·        Thursday, August 13: 7p.m. - 9pm

      ·        Saturday, August 22: 9a.m. - 3pm

      ·        Thursday, August 27: 7p.m. - 9p.m.

      Also we were hoping to use the last Storefront clean-up meeting (August 27) to reevaluate how we act in the Storefront and to possibly come up with some new ground rules. (This session for people who take responsibility for the Storefront during open hours.)

      If you know of any groups who would be willing to help, please contact Ryan, Peter, Bridget or Elisa at 216.631.3059. If you have any questions or would like to use another day to volunteer your time, please call. Hope to see you soon.  Thanks for all your support.

      Peace, Elisa

      Monday, August 10

      Cleveland Mediation Center benefit at Bier Markt & Bar Cento

      1948W. 25th St . , in Cleveland ’s Near West/ Ohio City neighborhood

      Hours: 4:30pm – 2:30am

      Enjoy a fine selection of beer and wine while enjoying pizza, Ohio Fries, or one of many other unique creations from Cleveland ’s top new restaurant of 2008. Say, “I’m with the Mediation Center !” and 15% of your purchase will benefit the Cleveland Mediation Center . Good for take-out, dine-in, and bar. Learn more about the Cleveland Mediation Center at www.ClevelandMediation.org


      Community conversation on priorities for representatives from human service organizations, our customers, & general public

      1:30 - 4 p.m.

      2500 East 22nd Street 

      Cleveland, Ohio 44114 

      Visiting Nurse Association 


      August 17, 2009 

      Please e-mail your RSVP to “ Community Forum” by 

      August 12, 2009 to community_outreach@... 

            Employment & Family Services 

                     216- 987-7000 

                   Ohio Relay Service 711 

            Free Parking Available 

      Update on National Health Reform 

      State Budget Impact on Public Benefits 

      Pending Changes at Employment & Family Services  

      Local County Plan on Prevention - Retention - 

            Contingency (PRC)


      Friday, August 21, 12noon-4pm

      Poor People’s March, downtown Cleveland

      STOP: Stop Targeting Ohio ’s Poor

      Assemble at State Office Building , W 6th and Superior

      March from the State Office Building to City Hall

      Voice your city, county, state and federal issues:

      Economic crisis, unemployment, welfare reform, foreclosures, police brutality, peace movement, end the war, homelessness, education, healthcare, community re-entry


      Celebrate after the march at the Free Stamp

      Poetry ~ Music ~ Dance


      Contact STOP 216.321.1677 or Family Connection Center 216.751.2260


      Basic Mediation Training

      August 25th, 26th and 27th, 9:00AM-5:00 PM

      Trinity Commons, E 22nd and Prospect Ave , Cleveland Ohio .
      Sign-up Today on-line at Mediation Training or contact Training Coordinator Bob Curtis at (216) 621-1919, ext. 500. www.clevelandmediation.org




      September 3-5,  2009


      Sr Ann McManamon- convener




      Thursday, September  3,  6:45 -9:00 pm

      • Retreat Overview
      • His to ry of Youngs to wn CW Initiative
      • Catholic Worker “Aims and Goals”
      • Introduction -  Martha Hennessy (Granddaughter,  Dorothy Day)
      • Opening/Closing Prayer
      • Social


      Friday,  Sept 4, 9am-9pm

      9:00                             Presentation:     “The Mystery of Faith and the Catholic Worker Movement” – Martha Hennessy

      10:00                           Personal Prayer/Reflection

      11:00                           Small Group Sharing

      12:00                           LUNCH

        1:30                           “Experiencing the Wonders of Creation!” -  Walk the Land

                                          (“Rediscovering the proper meaning of our labor and our true bonds with the land…”  CW Aims/Means)

        2:30                           Presentation:  “ Catholic Worker Initiative Creating and Sustaining Communities of Life”  Sr. Barbara O’Donnell, HM;  Frank Romeo.

        3:45                           BREAK

        4:15                           “ Catholic Worker Initiative and Iraq ”          -   Martha Hennessy

        5:15                           DINNER

        7:00                           “Dorothy Day”   -  One Act Play,  Lisa Wagner,  Still Point Theatre Collective


      Saturday, September 5, 9am-1pm

      --meet Martha Hennessy

      9:00                             Prayer

      9:30                             Panel Presentation:  “Creating the Catholic Worker Initiative , Youngs to wn , OH ”

      Frank Cordero about activism

      Chris Knestrick on faith and resistance

      Kate Walsh about hospitality

      local Youngstown parish rep about Youngstown church’s support


      Partners in this Venture

      Elements for Reflection:

            • CW “Aims and Means”
            • Hospitality
            • Roundtable:  Non-violent resistance
              • Local/national initiatives and action
              • Newsletter
              • Internet


      Core Teams

      Other Connections

      11:00 a.m.        Open Discussion/Questions

      11:45 a.m.        Invitation to Participate

      Evaluations and

      Closing Blessing



      Mon-Wed, Sep 21-23

      The National Council for Urban (Formations) Peace, Justice and Empowerment

      Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
Your browser may not support display of this image.announces

      A Call to Universal Oneness!

      The First Annual International Peace, Justice and Empowerment Summit !

      An International Grassroots Response to the G 20 Summit

      Where:  Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

      More Information to Follow

      Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
Your browser may not support display of this image.

      For more information please contact: Amir Khalid Samad at (216) 322-6059 or (216) 538 4043 or PeaceInTheHood@..., Amir T. Rashad Byrdsong at (412) 371 3689,  Abdur-Rahim Wasi at (916) 216-4416, or Peace In the Hood at (216) 283-4400 x 2266



      Sep 22-Oct 5

      Getting in the Way

      CPT delegation to Colombia


      Join Cleveland Catholic Worker Chris Knestrick in Colombia

      Delegates will visit rural farming and fishing communities along the Opón River in the Magdalena Medio region, where armed groups contiue to operate, and families now face economic displacement. Delegates will hear from displaced families living in Barrancabermeja (where  Chris and the CPT team reside) and meet with organizat

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