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FW: Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross in Dire Straits

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  • robert smith
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008

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      > Subject: Fwd: Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross in Dire Straits
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      > Date: Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 12:25 PM
      > Subject: Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross in Dire Straits
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      > 12/1/2008
      > Dear Prison Abolitionists, Political Activists, Revolutionaries, &c,
      > This letter is addressed to all those who wish to see this
      > misogynistic, homophobic, white settler colonial society of the rich
      > destroyed; to all those who have no intention to compromise or
      > reconcile with the system of violence and oppression which has
      > dominated more and more of the planet these past ten thousand years or
      > so; to those who view prisons and incarceration as an embodiment of
      > the nature of this civilization – of capitalism, rooted in slavery,
      > and of civilization itself, based on subduing and domesticating all
      > living things; to all those who stake your very survival on the
      > outcome of the struggle against this empire. I am Josh from the
      > Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross, and I address this letter to myself
      > as much as to anyone else who comes into possession of it. We want to
      > find you, to work together, and to mutually support and inspire each
      > other. We need more participation and more partnerships!
      > The Anarchist Black Cross is a group dedicated to supporting
      > anarchist and other revolutionary political prisoners, to abolishing
      > prisons, and to destroying the state and civilization, the banes of
      > peace, freedom, and life. The organization has a long history
      > throughout many revolutionary movements over the past century, and
      > currently consists of numerous independent groups around the world, in
      > Europe, South and North America. We are against all forms of
      > oppression, going at it by attacking the root of things, and in our
      > daily praxis in our group and our lives. We are unflinchingly
      > LGBTQUU*-friendly, feminist, anti-racist, and in solidarity with the
      > struggles against oppression worldwide. We work with political
      > prisoners, and we are a machine for political education and propaganda
      > in the anarchist community and in "the Left."
      > The Cleveland ABC is in dire straits! We are short on members and
      > time, and growing shorter by the minute. We need to find the bright
      > minds and hard workers of this region, north-east Ohio, and work
      > together to amplify our message, to impact the community, to build a
      > strong network of resistance in our area. These are bad fucking
      > times. Look at Marie Mason and the Cincinnati anarchist community.
      > Look at the Green Scare. Look at the RNC 8, the SHAC 7, Anna the
      > infiltrator. Shit – look at those still behind bars after twenty or
      > more years – Leonard Peltier, Alberto Torres, Oscar Lopez, Mumia Abu-
      > Jamal – look at Assata. Look at Guantanamo and Gaza. And look at
      > Barack Obama and John McCain. Not to be a-historical — for what other
      > sorts of times has this society seen — but these are definitely bad
      > times. So what are we going to do?
      > So here's what we want to do: we want to organize radical events in
      > the area to put out a message of non-negotiable revolutionary struggle
      > to draw together the community. We want to spread literature
      > throughout the area, to further political learning and discussion. We
      > want to get quality political propaganda – video and audio – on the
      > airwaves and on the internet, to connect with more people and reach
      > out to new folks. And we want to build strong partnerships and
      > alliances with groups in the area that share our vision, goals, and
      > passions; groups that we can support and learn from, so that we can
      > mutually benefit.
      > Yours in love, & till civilization crumbles,
      > Robert Smith, Uma, Joshua Soybottom
      > Cleveland ABC
      > clevelandabc@...
      > http://myspace.com/clevelandabc
      > PO Box 602440
      > Cleveland, OH 44102

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