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Lucasville uprising prisoner hunger strike starts tomorrow - rally, Jan. 15 at OSP at 1:00 pm

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    ... From: People s Fightback Center Subject: Lucasville uprising prisoner hunger strike starts tomorrow - rally, Jan. 15 at OSP at 1:00 pm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
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    --- On Sun, 1/2/11, People's Fightback Center <pfcenter@...> wrote:

    From: People's Fightback Center <pfcenter@...>
    Subject: Lucasville uprising prisoner hunger strike starts tomorrow - rally, Jan. 15 at OSP at 1:00 pm
    To: "Martha Grevatt" <reddiemaker_no2@...>
    Date: Sunday, January 2, 2011, 6:51 PM

    Dear family, friends and supporters of the Lucasville uprising prisoners,
    Mark your calendars to come to OSP in Youngstown on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, Saturday, Jan.15, for a rally and press conference.  Gather at 12:45, rally and press conference at 1:00.  Park in the parking lot of the small church next to the entrance gate to OSP (see address underlined below).  We will have reports from visits with the hunger strikers, messages from the prisoners, solidarity statements, and more.  If enough of us gather with enough signs and banners, we can be seen from the prisoners' windows.  So come on down!  Bring your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow students, and your whole family.   To arrange for car pooling, email lucasvillefreedom@...
    By now some of you may have seen commentary about the upcoming hunger strike at Ohio State Penitentiary - much of it reprints of my last email to you! - as well as many important contributions by attorney Staughton Lynd and professor Denis O'Hearn, both of whom are tireless advocates on behalf of this group of prisoners.  The internet age is a beautiful thing so I want first of all for you to know about the facebook page set up by dedicated activists working with Professor O'Hearn.  Hopefully I have provided the link correctly below:
    Become a friend of the facebook site and urge all your facebook friends to do the same.  As we get updates during the hunger strike, they will be posted on the facebook page and tweeted by twitter.  So get involved and spread the word.
    You recall the Bomani Shakur is to be the first to start the hunger strike tomorrow, and I'm sure our thoughts and best wishes are with him.  I have attached his beautiful statement explaining why he is going on the hunger strike: in essence, the conditions under which they have been held amount to torture and enough is enough!
    For those of you who wish to send him cards, letters and other messages of support, be sure to include his "convicted as" name: Keith LaMar, and his prisoner number: 317-117.  The address for all four prisoners is: Ohio State Penitentiary, 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd., Youngstown, OH 44505-4635.  You can also send the prisoners email through the JPay-Ohio system once you set up an account.  It will cost you 25-30 cents per page of email, depending how many virtual "stamps" you purchase at once.
    Siddique Abdullah Hasan will join the hunger strike second, probably after three days.  His "convicted as" name is Carlos Sanders and his prisoner number is R130-559.  Next will be Jason Robb whose prisoner number is 308-919.  And finally, Namir Abdul Mateen will join, to the extent that his health will allow.  His "convicted as" name is James Were and his prisoner number is 173-245.  We wish them all victory and good health.
    Messages of solidarity and support are of course welcome.  In addition, we should be deluging certain officials with our support for the prisoners' demands, which are, very simply, that they be treated like other Death Row prisoners and be afforded the same tiny privileges to the other prisoners held in OSP who are also sentenced to die, such as physical contact with loved ones.  Fair and just annual reviews that took into account these prisoners' 12 years of good behavior would have resulted in recommendations of removal from the highly restrictive "level 5" solitary confinement they have been subjected to for no reason other than vindictive need for punishment - for crimes they did not commit, folks, don't forget that!  This is inhumane, this is unconstitutional, this is illegal, this is deplorable, this is an international disgrace  - and it must stop.  Please contact the following people to speak your mind:
    OSP Warden David Bobby, 330-743-0700 or fax 330-743-0841 or email JoAnn.King@...
    ODRC Director Ernie Moore,614-752-1159 (couldn't find fax) or email DRC.publicinfo@...
    People from Cleveland, please contact state Senator Shirley Smith, who is on the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee, 614-466-4857 or email SD21@...
    The facebook page will direct you to an electronic petition.  Other initiative are in the works.  If you have ideas, suggestions and information, please post them.  There are people working on this cause literally around the world.  But we need to build the strength of support for the very modest demands of the hunger strikers and ensure a swift victory.  So get the word out to all interested organizations and individuals.  Now is the time for not only a nationwide prisoner support movement, but an international prisoner support movement.  Let's make it happen!
    Sharon Danann
    for the Lucasville Uprising Freedom Network

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