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2227Gunmen torch vital records of rights group in El Salvador; End the war on drugs in Mexico and Central America

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  • don bryant
    Dec 4, 2013
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      Date: Dec 4, 2013 5:38 PM
      Subject: Gunmen torch vital records of rights group in El Salvador

      Anti Militarism

      news update

      December 2013


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      Gunmen torch vital records of rights group in El Salvador

      Nov 14 - Gunmen in El Salvador early Thursday burst into the offices of a human rights agency … that had reunited numerous children with families from which they were wrenched in the 1980s. It follows by less than six weeks the abrupt closure of another human rights organization, one connected to the Roman Catholic Church, which had documented massacres and other egregious abuses over several decades.


      Both incidents come as the Salvadoran judiciary reviews an amnesty law that prevented the prosecutions of army officers, right-wing political leaders and leftist guerrillas for crimes committed during the 1980-92 civil war, which killed 75,000 people in that tiny country. The U.S.-backed government at the time used brutal tactics to put down a Marxist-inspired insurgency.

      Gunmen tied up a guard, removed computers and other equipment, then doused the files with gasoline and set them on fire, the organization said on its website… About 80% of crucial documentation is believed to have been destroyed

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      Articles in this monthly newsletter:

      1. Honduras: Military police as a major electoral issue
      2. Repressive memories: Terror, Insurgency and the Drug War in Mexico
      3. Guatemala: Study finds link between land grabs and sexual violence against Q’echís women
      4. Glimmers of Hope in Guatemala
      5. Increasing drone usage in Latin America
      6. The costs of the war system and the economic predicament in Colombia



      End the War on Drugs in Mexico and Central America

      It is time to put human rights and well-being first and rechannel drug war aid to programs for drug abuse prevention and treatment, reduction of arms trafficking, prosecution of money-laundering and drug policy reform within the United States.


      To the US Congress and President Barack Obama: 
      "We call on you to end funding to the bloody war on drugs in Mexico and Central America, which has led to the death and disappearance of more than 100,000 Mexicans and the dangerous militarization of the region. Instead of continuing to waste billions of taxpayer dollars through the Merida Initiative and the Central American Regional Security Initiative, we urge you to join citizens and governments of the region in the search for more just, effective and humane alternatives to the drug war at home and abroad."

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