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2220Mothers speak out on their sons' unjust incarcerations; December 1, 10AM EST

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  • don bryant
    Nov 29, 2013
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      This interview has been changed to Dec 1st, 2013 at the same times. 10am est (USA) 5pm (Jordan) time. Link to Live Broadcast is attached & More Information about the Interview that has been written out by Siraj Aidan Davis schedule Change:

      On Sunday, December 1 at 5pm on Luna Live Network two Palestinian mothers on diametric sides of the Atlantic Ocean will traverse time and distance to encounter each's tragic story for the first time, on the same show.

      Ziyad Yaghi was incarcerated in America for his thoughts and associations, without evidence, and because he traveled to Jerusalem. Alaa Hammad,a father of 6 young beautiful children, also was imprisoned without evidence for visiting Jerusalem. Both convicted for the specious and ambiguous conspiracy to commit terrorism allegation. The former threatened to plea guilty and falsely bear witness against other defendants he never knew or face a longer incarceration conviction and the latter beaten mercilessly into a confession.
      The cases of both are strikingly similar, and simultaneously disturbing for the few constituents remaining in the world who respect justice and humanity.

      Laila Yaghi and the Sabah Mohammed will augment the fight for their sons' freedom, by joining forces against nearly impossible odds. Both of their sons were imprisoned for a mass paranoia and Islamophobia fueled by a war of terrorism in which thoughts and associations attached to the identity of Islam are the sole premises necessary for a preemptive conviction or discriminatory disenfranchisement, such as the case of Palestinian Tareq Abufayyad who was banned from visiting his family in the US because FBI agent Robert Miranda claimed that Tareq would possibly be an attractive recruit for Hamas at an unspecified time in the future, as a result of the latter's educational achievements. 

      They are struggling tooth and nail against a disgustingly and blatantly hypocritical media that publishes a plethora of articles on one imprisoned military Israeli soldier such as Gilad Shilat yet refuses to publish or purposely omit pertinent facts on cases of Muslim political prisoners wrongfully imprisoned, in order to marginalize the humanity of Muslims. 

      This duo of motherly love are standing against the inhumane treatment of their shackled children, torture easily classified as cruel and unusual punishment with derivatives similar to the shameful horrors of Abu Ghreib, whom are suffering under the talons of an evil eagle (America) under a brightly lit five pointed star (Israel) that is searching for its next innocent prey while circling around an axis and flapping its wings proudly in an atrocious flaunting in the face of the world and Lady Liberty, dissembled as heroism and strength, but in reality only a display of cowardly impunity upon its weaker prey and rogue immunity toward international human rights laws.

      These mothers are fighting not only for their beloved sons. They are reminding an indebted world that the humanity of logic and reasoning over error and oppression is worth sacrificing, for families and friends, for rights which God granted to us all and belonging to no government or modern tyrant. They are resonating a bugle call to a world that finds it easier to protest injustice half way across the world instead of a block away from their own homes, to regain humanity suffocating under the insanity of another archaic witch hunt like King James I's in the barbaric late 16th century Europe; wherein such discordant and harsh injustice of the times then and now can be exemplified in a comment by Noor Elashi, daughter of Ghassan Elashi of the Holy Land Foundation, “My father is a political prisoner...We live in a twisted time. A time when humanitarians are pursued relentlessly.”

      To remain silent, to excuse the crimes against millions of innocent humans perpetrated by a Kosher and Pork alliance because of the thousands whom died in the September 11 attacks, is only to respond in an affirmative with a raised hand to the query 
      Mark Twain, "who prays for Satan?"
      Link to Luna Live Media Network Live Broadcast

      Hosted by Luna Live Media Network