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    TRI-ZILLA!!!  I am on my way out the door to buy that lottery ticket you told me about, Otmar Actually, I am closing in on a benefit May 10 in Berkeley to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2011
      TRI-ZILLA!!!  I am on my way out the door to buy that lottery ticket you told me about, Otmar

      Actually, I am closing in on a benefit May 10 in Berkeley to raise money for the middle school kids EV/Maker project as well as Marianne Walpert's Tanzsolar and Camilla Barry's STEM instruction project for Afghani teachers with Taj Mahal Trio and Maria Muldaur 
      Still trying to develop a new generation of EV competitors ...
      It would be nice to have some NEDRA presence but I will be happy if the electric cupcakes can show up.. After all, it is happening in BERKELEY

      I don't shop where I can't charge.

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      Plasma Boy Racing's 71.5 kWh Electric Insight Project

      At 12:51 PM -0600 2/21/11, Pestka, Dennis J wrote:
      >Maybe I missed this from a previous post, but where the H#$! did you get an EV1 motor/transaxle !
      Have you been sneaking into GM's bone yard at night ?

      I better speak up here since I know I asked John to be discreet about where he got the motor. Enough time has passed that I believe its not a problem to discuss.

      Many years ago, back when EV-1's were still on the road, Rick
      Woodbury of the Tango EV fame let me know that GM dealerships were throwing away defective EV-1 motors after swapping fresh remanufactured ones into customer cars. I shared this fact with a good friend who went further and discovered we could order the motors as replacement parts through the normal GM parts counter! We managed to buy about half of the dozen of them in stock before GM shut us
      down. John ended up with one of these rare, freshly rebuilt motors.

      Another one went in my blue Insight. In early 2007 a sharp team of Oregon State University engineering students wanted to build an AC drive for a senior design project. I offered to help and to convert the Insight so they would have a vehicle to demonstrate the project in. They performed miracles by getting the controller running before the deadline, but it never got firmware good enough to make it run very well. I never made up a real web page for the conversion, but here is a collection of pictures for those who want to see it:

      Here is a good one of the motor installed:

      As is common for my EV's, it's not the neatest conversion, but it was running in nine days. Years later I drove it some with a large pack of lithium, but ran out of time to finish it. It's sitting in my garage now, Ironically due to a lack of a good controller. I have a couple Solectria controllers, one analog and one digital and I'd like to find a way to fool them into running it, or find something else to run it, since otherwise it's a very nice car. As usual, too many projects! :-)


      914 EV, California Poppy, Zilla research vehicle.

      The Zilla factory.

      Zilla Support is still at:

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